On the Agenda: November 3rd, 2009

This might become a regular feature: an FFFF reader just sent in a quick summary of interesting items up for discussion/vote at tonight’s Fullerton City Council meeting. If there is anything else that needs to be brought up before tonight’s meeting, this is place to discuss it. ——————– Nothing too exciting for the open session. […]

“Loophole” Linda Ackerman Dives Headfirst Into Political “Slush Funds”

Yesterday Rogue Elephant posted this over at the Orange Juice blog. The gist of the post is that a loophole in state campaign finance laws permits politicos like Repuglicans Jim Brulte and Dick Ackerman to cook up “putative” campaign committees for future office in order to transfer existing campaign balances, raise tons of money from lobbyists for these supposed […]

Redevelopment Hard at Work on South Raymond? Big Toy #1?

Fullerton has a whole gaggle of Redevelopment “project managers” looking for something to do. One of them, Nicole Coates, was quoted in an August 4th, 2009 Barabara Giasone Register article with regard to the sale of the old Stone Container plant on S. Raymond Avenue –part of the new redevelopment expansion area. Hmm. Supposedly the property is being sold out of […]