What Happened to School Resource Officer Jose Paez


Something untoward may have been happening at Fullerton High School and the entire community appears to have been once again kept in the dark.  Your children may have had their privacy invaded & may be the victims of somebody they were told to trust.

We’ve received what looks like part of a Body Worn Camera audit and it shows some very questionable information.

Paez BWC Audit

Highlights are as follows (emphasis added):

  • Father reporting his 13 year old daughter having inappropriate relationship with 16 yr old boy. Paez takes photos of text messages from father’s phone with an iPhone.

  • Returned to a home, asked teenage boy and girl if he could get their mother’s phone number. He wrote it on an envelope he was holding with name “***”.

  • Texting on freeway while driving to CHOC with a suicidal teenage girl in backseat.

  • With an iPhone he takes 13 photographs of text messages between 422 victim and suspect from victim’s phone using an iPhone. Unsure if his own or PDs.

  • While investigating Snapchat Hacking report, he takes picture with iPhone of victim girl’s phone screen that has text messages and what appears to the girl in the shower. Girl is 17 years old. At 8m 30s he asks the girl to take screenshots of the conversation (presumably the one he had just photographed) and send it to his work email so he can add it to the case. Why did he take photos with phone?

  • Talking with an 18 year old woman – about some sort of sex crime involving her ex-boyfriend . He tells her there was mention of a sex video. She said it was deleted. He asked to see her phone to confirm the video was not there. She tells him she has “inappropriate” pictures of herself on her camera roll. He takes her phone and scrolls through the pictures. He spends 4 minutes 20 seconds scrolling through her phone.

  • Talking to teenage boy about oral sex video on his phone. Stops recording before interview is over. Next video is 2 hours later with boy’s mother in the room.

  • Talking to girl who took videos and pictures of herself and her boyfriend having sex. Paez pulled the video from his own iPhone to show her. (Not sure if work phone)

  • Takes picture of a teenage boy he is interviewing at a school. Appears Paez adds a caption to the image and sends it to multiple recipients.

  • Takes photos of juveniles phone text messages. Unk if work phone or personal.

  • (17-68541) Paez investigating one juvi with another juvi’s nude pictures on phone. On this case he called CSI to take photos of the images he discovered on the phone.

  • Interviewed a female teacher wearing a skirt. Had his BWC on his belt. Of the 200+ videos I watched of his, this was the only time I’ve seen footage with BWC on belt. Had pretty clear view, under the table they were sitting at, of her knees to hips. Fortunately, nothing “candid” was captured on his BWC. I checked audit trail and discovered he watched the video only once about a month later. Interestingly, the video that preceeded this one was deleted. The deletion occurred because the category was changed, by Paez, from “Arrest” to “Radio Calls”, which changed the deletion schedule from August 29, 2019 to March 04, 2018. Attached is the audit trail for the deleted video.

Make of all of that what you will but quite a bit of it seems like questionable behavior at best.

It is interesting that Officer Paez was able to delete files from the system by changing categories. It would be enlightening to know how often this happens at FPD. That there seems to have been no oversight on this process up this point is problematic to say the least.

Fullerton Officer Jose Paez may or may not be with the Fullerton Police Department anymore, we’ve seen no confirmation either way, but we do know that he was a School Resource Officer (SRO) at Fullerton High School.

This is confirmed though an March 2, 2017 article in the Fullerton Union High School Tribe Tribune.

Paez Tribe Article

We also know that this status as an SRO is no longer current based on FPD’s website about the School Resource Officer program.

FPD SROs 2019

I understand the premise of innocent until proven guilty, but unfortunately, Fullerton PD does not — as they parade names and faces on social media to brag about their arrests while they themselves hide behind the Police Officers Bill of Rights and other such laws. I’d love to give officers the benefit of the doubt but they, through their unions, fight tooth and nail to stop disclosure of criminal acts amongst their brothers and sisters in blue, and enough is enough.

It’s possible that Officer Paez did nothing wrong and I’ll leave that up to the readers to demand answers from City Hall, Fullerton High School and FPD. It seems inappropriate at best to be using a Body Worn Camera to potentially video record under a teacher’s skirt, under a table, or taking screenshots and photos of underage nudity on a phone that might not even be department-issued.

It should be remembered that just a few days ago I showed Christopher Wren was terminated, partially, for having a nude photo of himself on a department-issued phone. Now square that with the above. I’ll share more as I know it and hopefully somebody can demand and get answers as to what is going on over at FPD and City Hall.

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    1. You work at FPD…. so is Officer Paez still employed by the dept. or on leave while this gets looked into? Innocent until proven guilty … sure….but, as you stated sick indeed.

  1. Let’s hope FPD does a better job of investigating this than they did the teacher at Nicolas who was having sex with jr. high boys.

  2. Following. Administration at Fuhs has not been transparent with many things on that campus . Saving their asses , jobs, and not being held liable for their lack of transparency and out of control problems is far more their concern. Seems to be a theme in our city with officials, FPD, and school administrators… hiding, lying, and covering up things. Sickening to say the least. Administrators, FPD, and school resource officers are there to protect and serve our communities and students. Hopefully whatever investigation is going on doesn’t lead to any malice intent at the expense of our community of students. But, doesn’t look good…..

  3. uhg…. a preditor on a school campus wearing a uniform with a badge. I wonder who’s decision it was to place this particular officer on campus? hopefully not prospective chief Dunn. I would think there would be some red flags on this particular individual…

  4. The community already knows there’s no accountability or transparency from city hall or FPD. And, good luck getting answers from Fullerton highschool administration. All they do is keep the community and parents in the dark. Any questions, concerns are met with very well rehearsed answers. If you can even get them to admit to any of the out of control problems they’ve dealt with hush, hush behind closed doors. Their lying , hiding , covering up , keeping parents in the dark measures up equally to city hall and FPD. Administration is just as criminal ….but, at the expense of the community of students . From a total out of control drug problem, fights on campus, and so much more. You want to know anything ask the students. They know everything going on at that campus. Their transparency is the only reason parents hear about all the things administration tries to hide, lie about, cover up. Smiles, nothing to see here folks, from that office yet the community of parents has heard of all the bs they’ve dealt with hush, hush. As far as Officer Paez. Also, referred to as Pervert Paez by many of the female students. What does that tell you. Hope there’s some clear answers from someone. Especially for any and all potential victims of photos, videos saved and viewed.

  5. He certainly possesses the obligatory FPD endomorphic body type.

    Jeezus, that kid couldn’t run down a chlamydia virus.

  6. If this was true about Officer Jose Paez do you not think this would be on the TV news or the OC Register. They love this kind of stuff. As this took place over a year ago, don’t you think the OC District Attorney would have filed charges.

    More Fake News on the internet

    1. Righttttt , because everything FPD and City Hall hides and covers up to protect their own makes it on the TV News and OC Register. This site is trying to expose the ongoing corruption within City Hall and FPD that somehow prevents all these little things from seeing the light of day. Thank goodness someone brought this too light . Transparency is a good thing

      1. I agree with the original Anonymous. This site often uses portions of confidential police investigations to show “corruption”. If FFF wanted to become an actual credible source, it would do its due diligence and completely look in to an article before posting. This post leaves a lot to the readers imagination. News isn’t supposed to be fantasy.
        Though this document clearly shows a lack of training, by probably those higher than himself, If this officer really did commit such awful crimes, this would have been a slam dunk for the new police chief. (One I’m sure he would have used to secure his new spot.) Clearly, that was not the case. Maybe what this article should be focusing on is why proper training is not taking place in FPD. That seems like a much bigger issue than “exposing” a fake crime, with no evidence.

        Do a little more research FFF… you lack of actual journalism training is beginning to show.

        1. Research into what exactly? What is there to research?

          Fucking zero. Because any request for records or comment from the city will be met with a denial and a citation to Government Code 6254f (or other). You will learn nothing from the city as is always the case. So we have to go on what we DO know and CAN PROVE.

          The “no evidence” you’re upset about is literally a document produced by the city. Go lick boots elsewhere.

          1. Unfortunately for you Lonnie, your response only greater proves the point that you truly have no journalism skills.
            You stated, that this is “literally a document produced by the city”, yet before that state that the city will hit you with statements of code violations if asked.
            So my question for you is… which is it? You can’t do research because you can’t get information? Or you have all the information, because clearly you have inside sources such as those who produced this document, and just a) chose not to publish it because it makes your story less interesting, or b) don’t choose to get the full story before publishing.

            Your articles are lazy at best and it’s a shame that you feel this type of reporting is actually helping fullerton build a better community.

            I’m all for your right to publish, I just wish that in a day and age where there is so much division, someone with some power, such as this blog, actually gave a damn about posting the WHOLE story.

            1. “…it’s a shame that you feel this type of reporting is actually helping fullerton build a better community.”

              Well I think it’s actually helping “fullerton” build a better community.

              P.S. Fuck you, asshole.

            2. So tell me again how anybody can post “the whole story” when the cop union and the City Attorney fight tooth and nail to hide the truth?

              You complaint rings hollow.

            3. Your insult of “lazy” is pathetic at best. That we don’t push our source(s) into a position to get compromised and prosecuted is justified especially considering the Cease and Desist letter we received. We verify what we can to make sure it’s factual and don’t waste our time with perfunctory records/comment denials from staff that we’ve seen 100 times in the past.

              If government flunkies such as yourself cared one iota about truth and the “whole story” you would point your vitriol and concern at the city that tells you NOTHING and not at this blog for telling you something you think isn’t enough.

            4. Let’s see, where should I start. One comes to mind, FPD Police woman April Majia. She stole an iPad at the Miami airport and was arrested in Miami. Only got published in the Register cause the blog published it. Later the Ragister wrote about and never sited 4F for the story. That, and countless other I’ll doings by our boys & girls in blue would have been brought to light had it not been for 4F. FPD’s PIO has incentives to make things appear to be on the up and up. Had it not been for 4F Mejia a thief would still be working the streets of Fullerton, with a badge and a gun. As well as you see these gloves Ramos, I beat his face to hell Cicinelli, rapist Rincon, sex addict/obstruction of justice Colbert, punk ass Wolf, lunch man Mater, adulteress Wren, lying Salciiceo, EMT choking Hendricks, & Oliveres, Hit and run DUI’n alcoholic Felz, pervert Bair, the list goes on, and on.

                1. TGwh4F, “FPD’s PIO has incentives to make things appear to be on the up and up”. In other words, FPD’s PIO has an incentive to be deceitful, lie, and mislead the public.

    2. He was charged. Still fake news? Lol. This is fucking true. Everyone female student on campus new he was a petvert hence his nickname.

  7. More proof that to be a FPD officer you don’t need to have any morals or integrity whatsoever. Hell, they admire and promote this type of behavior!

  8. say what you will the guys a creep all day long . fuckin weirdo, and those defending him look just as dumb. you know what he is borderline sex offender dont fool yourselves.

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