Is Fullerton PD Illegally Destroying Records?


Last September it was revealed that the Long Beach Police Department was using a phone app, known as TigerText, to send encrypted and self-deleting messages. From the article:

Two of the officers claimed that they were also instructed by their superiors to use the app to “have conversations with other officers that wouldn’t be discoverable”.

The City of Long Beach paid for an independent review which found no wrongdoing, owing that the city and investigator claimed that the messages were “transitory” and thus exempt from disclosure.

This transitory argument should sound familiar as it’s the same argument which was made by the Orange County Supervisors, including now District Attorney Todd Spitzer, when they voted to destroy “transitory” records including texts and emails.

So what does this have to do with Fullerton PD?

TigerText was being used in Long Beach when our now former Chief David Hendricks was Deputy Chief in that department. The idea that he wasn’t using or didn’t know that TigerText was being utilized for years under his command is laughable.

Knowing the above, one of our friends put in a records request asking if the city of Fullerton was using Tigertext or a similar app known as Signal and what the policies and procedures were around such software.

From Chief Dunn himself:


“Hi ma’am…this question was floating around here last week…I am not familiar with any use of either of those messaging apps…I am aware that we use other apps that may do the same thing however…”

According to our Current Police Chief the city does in fact use similar software, in what capacity it is unknown, and they have no policies or procedures in place over how to use such software or to help mitigate abuses.

Now let us skip ahead to this last week when a Superior Court Judge ruled against the OC Supervisors in the ongoing case over their transitory records policy. The County’s argument fell apart because the word “transitory” exists nowhere in disclosure laws.

With that ruling it certainly looks like the OC Supervisors broke the law to hide as much as possible which is pretty much par for the course from that legislative body.

Let’s circle back to Fullerton with that ruling established thus far.

Is Fullerton PD is still using a similar app to TigerText, as Chief Dunn admitted, and are they also using it to destroy “transitory” records illegally?

Will the City Manager or City Council even bother to investigate this issue and further will they follow the law if PD is found to be in violation? Don’t count on it.

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  1. are you surprised? The real surprise would be if they weren’t illegally hiding all kinds of things they do, say, etc.

  2. The fact that FPD is releasing little to no information on their Officer involved shooting and killing of a 17 year old female is further proof their probably trying to conceal the truth from coming out. Like…. the officer was trigger happy and what appeared to be a gun… really wasn’t. Or, maybe the officer was harassing a minor and she wasn’t having any part of it . Will be interesting to see what they finally release.

    1. Female? Female what? Maybe you mean girl? Woman? Child? Here’s what I said on Citizens Against Police Brutality:
      Murder by cop back in Fullerton again, shades of Kelly Thomas
      Notice the —— headline is 17 year old WOMAN not 17 year old girl or 17 year old child. I suppose the coward was “afraid for his worthless life.”

      1. Yes, he feared for his life! His life is precious just as yours. But unlike some 17 year-old he spends his nights seeking out criminal activity while you sleep safely in your bed!!

        The heroes in blue must be supported by us they defend.

          1. I thought she was (over 18) trying to take over the 91. Homeless look’n biatch …why else would anyone in law ENFORCEMENT shoot to kill?

            2 weeks paid vacation, it’s not that easy. Go F-yourself, 4F!

            La-Tour will not write about this KILLING in the non-observant throw-up paper.

            Baxter loves J.L.T. And, Visa ver’sa.

      2. Agree and exactly my point. The statement released was so vague and limited. So many holes in the released statement and unanswered questions. And yet no public outcry of transparency and releasing of more information. Will check out the other outlet mentioned above for further commentary.

    2. You really want a full release ok I gotta take a shit and you dumb asses can have the entire thing No charge. I hope the city takes you apart piece by piece in their law suit. Sweet dreams ass

  3. Speaking of lack of transparency…. on a different outlet for Fullerton. People within the community are reporting EV Free church , FPD, and the City covering up a dead body that was found in EV Frees church parking structure. Apparently someone just leaked the info. or got hold of it and the neighboring community is questioning why the City and officials covered it up in the first place and are looking to find the public records. Lack of transparency runs deep and is never ending in this city.

    1. Here’s true transparency. When you are soon standing in front of a superior court judge and he orders you to disclose where you acquired some of your information and illegally obtained documents

    2. Or how about it was never your fucking business in the first place. If you wann know everything then run for public office. Or is it that you felony convictions prevents this or your just to stupid. Which is it

    1. If moron can’t tell a phone from a gun, and is so f-king anxious to shoot someone that he blasts away without verifying. Such a f-king coward should not be a cop. Of course the FPD will say he did exactly the right thing murdering a girl with a PHONE in her hand.

    2. I call bullshit! There’s a lot that is unknown but that’s not one of the issues. Read the press release. If that’s too much, look at the pictures.

      1. Yes, read the police report! Then you will see how our New Centaurians keep us safe while doing their incredible job of managing crime.

      2. That incident although tragic is as obvious justification for the officers actions as you can get. You have to get over your personal bias for the police and move on from this one. But you won’t because your stupid

        1. That cop set himself up for a no-win confrontation. That’s where the culpability is. FPD incompetence from a GED dog sitter.

      1. Under the 2nd amendment citizens have the RIGHT to own and carry guns. As a Benefactor level Life Member of the NRA I support that right. The question really is when is a citizen going to be allowed to use the right to carry a gun and not be murdered by some f-ing lunatic with a badge who perceives anyone with a gun as a personal threat to his/her life. When did police become such a cadre of cowards? Crying to anyone that’ll listen “I was in fear for my life,” as they shoot and unarmed girl. If he’d taken the time to investigate he’d have recognized the gun if she really had one and it’s not some kind of throwaway, as a replica but he apparently wanted an excuse, any excuse to use his gun and shoot something, anything. As to protecting us and managing crime, that’s a f-king joke. They’re tax collectors writing traffic tickets to fill the coffers of whatever city they work for.

    1. Probably, or erased it later, wouldn’t want the world to see him acting like a coward or committing murder. Kelly Thomas all over again.

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