Ken Domer’s Arrogance Peaks Through his Emails

City Manager Ken Domer really is just another petty bureaucrat who doesn’t want people to know the truth. When our own Joshua Ferguson put in a record’s request asking for emails about this very blog and his own self, the city worked to limit the scope but not before throwing some shade his way.

Either Ken Domer is ignorant regarding how boolean searches work or he’s just being petty and mocking Joshua’s attempt at thoroughness.

Joshua Boolean

“Ivy, I know Josh, or Joshua, or Josh Ferguson, of Joshua Ferguson, stated no timeframe –”

I guess if you assume your messages will never be made public you’re free to be arrogant and condescending about those members of the public you don’t favor.

2 Replies to “Ken Domer’s Arrogance Peaks Through his Emails”

  1. Domer isn’t concerned about specificity or thoroughness. He works for Fullerton where is no need to do a good job and no consequences if you don’t.

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