Remember When Fullerton Tried to Sue us for Exposing The FPD Perv?

‘member when Mayor Jesus Silva and Mayor Pro-Tem Jennifer Fitzgerald looked the other way when the City Attorney’s office, at the behest of City Manager Ken Domer, threatened us with civil and criminal prosecution for telling you about the FPD School Perv?

I ‘member.

I member

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  1. I REMEMBER ! What do they have to say now? And, lets not let Fullerton HS administrators off the hook here either. They need to be investigated to see how many warnings, red flags, and complaints they received from parents and students that they dismissed, ignored, or turned a blind eye too. Silent for a whole year ? This officer checked how many students/ girls phones? And, FPD was auditing him / his body cam, video, photos …. a laundry list of things and charging him with just one incident ?! I’m sure there are plenty of stories from students and parents with administrations lack of transparency that has put many in students in danger or at risk. Fullerton HS administration has yet to address their out of control on campus drug problem where kids were dropping like flies in class, out of class. Everything done hidden and quietly. Principal and administration has nothing but ignorant well rehearsed “ nothing to see here” folks complete denial responses for any parent who has questions. All to save their asses and jobs for not being transparent in the first place. Cultural of dishonesty, corruption, lack of transparency not just runs within the City but within FUHS too. And the sick part. He will probably get a plea deal , not have to register as a sex offender, and be let go for “ time served” behind the desk.

  2. This legal threat is Domer attempting to create a cover-up for one of his clown employees. You think he’d learn from watching his predecessors fail. Nope. He just created another shit show.

    1. Exactly! How about all other potential victims of whose student phones he checked throughout the course of his employment as school resource officer. Where’s every student and parents rights to be informed in regards to this.

  3. If there was questionable behavior on Officer Paez part that resulted in a 5 year investigation of him….. how in Gods name did he get employed with Fullerton HS as a resource officer where he interacted , engaged, and was put in a position for students to trust and respect him?? Whose taking responsibility for this? FPD, the City of Fullerton, the mayor and his wife, Fullerton HS, or Todd Spitzer?

  4. Why do we put up with a police department so out of control and deal with law suit after lawsuit while our roads are crap ? We live in one of the most affluent cities in Orange County yet we can’t fill a pot hole. We need to step away from having our own PD and go with the sheriff. This will never happen because the sheriffs dept will not lie and cover up city halls BS

    1. We put up with it because we have to. Crooked and corrupt politicians, law officers, and other people on positions of power and authority have other people in higher authority who are also corrupt and crooked. We need to figure out a way to infiltrate these people’s positions so they can no longer use authority and power in a wrong manner. It can be done. We just need people who won’t cower like the ones who just look the other way when stuff like this happens. It’s definitely possible to weed out the bad cops and crooked people in office positions. We gotta take a stand and figure out how.

      1. Agree. This City is tired of cowering to the sidelines because of corrupt officials, leaders, and administrators who all have this inner circle of everyone owing each other favors. This school resource officer abusing his power and trust with minors is vile. But, even more vile are all the city officials who fought to keep this hidden and FUHS administrators who have kept this well hidden and in the dark from parents and students. Not sure what the answers are but the behavior from leadership, administrators in this city is just as criminal and should be investigated as well.

    2. So sad!!I grew up in Fullerton from 66 to 87.You fellow Fullerton peeps need to be heard,do something about it!! One voice can grow to thousands if you stand together!! And as for your streets, contact your local city hall ,I dont think they have been touched since the 80’s and I’m serious
      Fullerton has great History ,bring back the locals of being proud of their city and city government officials!!!!

  5. Just another example of unsatisfactory behavior by Fullerton police and cover up by mayor
    They lie 4 each other
    They plant evidence
    Did we already forget about the poor girl who was recently gunned down??? 91 fwy


    1. You mean the poor girl who rammed the police car then pointed a gun at the officer? Who was suicidal, on medication and was reported as a missing person by her father who described her as suicidal? That one? The reason you don’t here anything moron is because the officer did nothing wrong! The blame is on the “poor girl” who used the officer to commit suicide! And the family and attorneys know it that’s why you don’t here anything!

        1. Exactly! Another officer NOT trained how to deal with a minor suffering through a mental, emotional breakdown so just kill a minor child rather than TRAIN the officer put in place to protect and serve.

        2. What would you do if someone just walked up to you and pointed a gun at you or at your family and you were legally armed? Talk to them, use deescalation techniques? Then they shoot you or your family as you are talking! What good does that do! There is a time and place for deescalation but not when they point a gun at you! It’s either you or them in that type of situation, but it’s easy to critique and blame the officer when you are sitting safe in your moms basement typing on your computer!

            1. Yeah, that’s the FPD. Make a bad situation worse. Take a non-situation and turn it into a murder like with KT.

              Really, somebody at FPD HQ is deliberately telling cops they can get away with anything.

      1. No the a-holes who beat kelly Thomas and the jack boot thugs who jumped my fence pointing a gun at my dog in my yard looking for a guy who stole gum . I went to school with one of the officers involved with the jelly Thomas situation and I don’t know how he passed any exam
        Or the cover up of the council member drunk driving
        Not all arrests or situations are bad but when they are it’s handled wrong
        I’m sure you are a city employee

  6. Principal Rubio, Assistant Principals Ms. Mountjoy and Mr. Garcia need to look at every student , girl in the eye who came in contact with Officer Paez and felt uncomfortable, intimidated, threatened, eye goggled , received texts from him through Instagram DM and explain why they’ve kept this hidden from students , girls. and parents. And, explain why they still haven’t acknowledged or ask for any to come forward with additional information. They are just as criminal for knowing they received complaints warnings, and red flags from parents and students and ignoring, dismissing, and sweeping things under the rug and should be investigated too. In fact that whole administration needs to be fired and better leadership brought in who are able to be truthful, transparent , and honest. They are administrators looking out for their own asses and jobs and hiding , covering up everything bad at that school at the expense of all the students.

  7. Fullerton is the worst police department … Officers like Cantino and Botzheim probably wouldn’t be asked back for second interview at Goodwill but Fullerton PD says, “welcome, bring you crumby friends too…”
    Rip Kelley Thomas deffinetly didn’t deserve to die. With no accountability when Botzheim shoots a young weaponless kid will anyone even care at Fullerton PD or Fullerton City Hall?
    Greatful I no longer live in Fullerton though, but look at Orange (city) police they turned their department around and they have been able to accomplish amazing things within that older part of the county. It’s hard work and Fullerton just can’t break a sweat …

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