Suicide by Cop vs. Murder by Cop

17yo Shot on Freeway

For some people the release of video showing  the “justified” July 5th shooting of a female teenager by a Fullerton policeman is cause for celebration. Well, we can store that information in the Sad Troll folder and move on. Really, though, one must linger over the sad state of affairs when the FPD has to broadly publicize the fact that their man didn’t kill anybody illegally, with malice or by incompetence.

What a difference eight years make, right? For on July 5th, 2011, and in the months following, the FPD made every effort to hide, lie about, obfuscate, deflect, and misdirect information in the wake of their illegitimate killing of the homeless man, Kelly Thomas.

Has the FPD opened a new chapter in its relationship with the public that supports it?

Maybe. I don’t know, but I doubt it.

When there is exculpatory evidence, it seems, the police are only too happy to release information; thus, within one week of the recent event, the dead teenage girl’s demise was the subject of an FPD press video, complete with  slow motion footage showing what happened. And yet when police actions are reckless, incompetent, or even criminal, the PR apparatus retreats into the bunker and cannot say a word.

We’re gonna kick your ass…

This is the twisted legacy of former Chief Pat “I Hired Them All” McKinley and the goon squad he imported from the LAPD.

What we have here is failure to communicate…

As we saw with McKinley’s second successor, Chief Danny “Galahad” Hughes, when something bad goes down the department has taken the position that the best medicine is not overdue reform, clean-up and real accountability, but a stiff dose of community relations and departmental tours. This, even as Hughes himself participated in the most dubious undertakings.

We aren’t very nice, but we sure are expensive…

Maybe someday police departments like FPD will come to realize that covering up for bad police work is itself bad police work; that the public that pays for their salaries, benefits and early “retirement” ought to be served instead of abused; and maybe, just maybe, people in California will start getting honest answers and timely, truthful information instead of phony or non-existent “internal” investigations, shifting stories, and outright deception from the police.


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  1. Rather than trotting out the corpse of Kelly Thomas for the umpteenth time perhaps you should apologize for the previous article which dragged the FPD officer through the mud on what was a justified shooting where medical care was quickly administered by that same officer to the suicidal girl. The silence by all the shit talkers after the release of video is notable.

      1. That never happened, chief. That post had absolutely nothing to do with the officer involved.

        Go back and read it again. We’ll expect your apology soon.

        Unless of course you equate frustration with lack of information with specific accusations against an individual. In that case, you’d be right.

        You’d also be an insane person.

    1. +1

      Count on FFFF for a rush to judgement, and zero fucks or apologies to give.

      When you have zero integrity, it’s easy to be first to press and judge/jury.

      1. Please quote the rush to judgement.

        We’ll wait, because there isn’t any.

        Stop celebrating the death of a child, you sick freak.

        1. And you call yourself a Hero. Who’s closer to the truth? FFFF. Not even a close call. Now run off and study for that jen-u-wine hi skool daploma so you can keep your “job.”

    2. “..perhaps you should apologize for the previous article which dragged the FPD officer through the mud”

      And perhaps you should re-read the post. Nobody got dragged through anything. I’ll apologize for questioning the honesty of the FPD when they stop hiding, lying, obfuscating and deflecting.

  2. Hey, where’s the video of Felz being interviewed by cops after his hit and run?

    It’s been YEARS.

    Transparency when it vindicates, brick wall when it validates.

    1. “It’s been YEARS.”

      30 months, in fact. Well, hang tight, no rush to judgement, the internal investigation is ongoing, the DA is also investigating (maybe, maybe not), let justice run its course.

  3. Without the bodycam in this incident, you would still be hanging a good cop for good work, as you do daily here. Stop trying to backpedal and save face. Just admit. You hate cops, good and bad.

    1. The community wanting transparency is now to blame for FPD past history of bad behavior and cover ups? Unfortunately, it’s FPDs past actions and history of not doing things the right way, and serious matters coming to light or being exposed after the fact, that has conditioned the community to question, demand transparency , and answers with anything controversial that involves our officers. FPD has lost a lot of trust with the community they serve because of their past history of bad behavior and covering up. The community, public demanding answers , clarity, and wanting assurance things are done within policy and following law enforcement is our right to do. How sad and unfortunate there is mistrust within the community based on FPD past actions and history that YES going forward everything will be scrutinized and questioned. Be clear though FPD put themselves in that position. And, that is not the community or public’s fault. They want to build trust within the community they were hired to protect and serve….. then going forward every controversial and every day situation should look like this one. Immediate transparency and releasing of footage, statements, etc. As law enforcement they are held to a high standard ….. lying, covering up, hiding facts, giving free passes, protecting their own, being bullies, acting like thugs, battery, assault, sexual assault, saving nudes, etc. to their phones, protecting city officials, not following protocol or policy…. the list goes on….is not a part of what this community is about and will stand for anymore. The officer in this specific situation followed policy, protocol, and FPD releasing the body cam footage is how it should be done. Let’s see if going forward they can maintain that same high standard. The community can only hope. And, if they don’t….. YES it will be on fault FPD not the community.

    2. No we wouldn’t

      Now if the video showed a summary execution, you’d be on this site wearing your mask telling all of us how cops have to make snap decisions and sometimes people die. Oops, no accountability, because hero and deserve.

      Keep your one sided hyperbolic view goin buddy! Nice to have a predictable fan defending the indefensible.

  4. What kind of asshole gloats over the death of a disturbed girl at the hands of a cop?

    A fucked up sadist cop, that’s who.

      1. You understand you just admitted to being a shitty person, right?

        No, of course you didn’t. You can’t read.

  5. FFFF screams for transparency. Demands the release of body worn camera footage. FPD releases body worn camera footage. Now, FFFF is pissed because video shows the shooting, while absolutely sad and tragic, was 100 percent justified. If the video showed a gang of terrorists pointing bazookas at the cop, I’m sure FFFF would the say the cop was too quick on the trigger. Amazing.

    1. Someone needs to call Bushala. He will invest $500,000 again and they will edit this video to match what FFFF morons said in the first post.

      FFFF and Josh eating crow again. This shit never gets old.

      1. What’s really awesome is that you genuinely think that anyone here is disappointed. You really believe that, like if it weren’t true, the universe would implode.

        We asked for the video. We got the video. It is what it is.

        You are literally celebrating the death of a seventeen year old girl.

        Get help.

    2. No FFFF wants transparency in ALL cases. Your reading comprehension is abysmal. RELEASE THE FELZ VIDEO!!

  6. Literally no one here is upset. Community asked for transparency and the release of the video and community, public got it. The silence now is out of respect for the family who tragically lost their 17 year old daughter due to suicide by cop. Mental illness in a young adult that results in death, suicide by cop is not anything to celebrate. The fact that the “ I told you so” are on here behaving in a disgusting , disrespectful manner and seemingly celebrating the death of a child….. take a lesson from everyone else and be quiet and show some respect. A child died. Period.

  7. Proper procedure in situations like this:

    Cops command on police cars loud speaker…all while sitting inside his car: “put both of your hands outside the window so I can see them…once I see your hands, I’ll tell you when to exit the vehicle”.

    Next command from the cars loud speaker: lay down on the ground and put both hands behind your head.

    It’s that easy folks.

    But, when you are trained to kill knowing there’s a nice two week paid vacation, who would bother with proper Police policy.


    Family: $2,000,000
    Tax Payers: More pot holes, close library, more taxes, more stupidity, etcetera, etcetera.

    1. If he did say put your hands out the window he woudn’t see her. PD car was facing the passenger side and could not see in. It seems he put himself in a vulnerable possition. The audio on the police release is cut off for this part for 30 seconds not reporting what the officer is saying on the horn. It could have been sompthing that caused her to panic. approaching the back of the car the officer went directly in to line of gun sight possibly not realizing she was outside the car? It seems if he knew a suspect was out of the car with a gun he would not round the back of the car or immeadiatly back up at the first sight of a gun and yell out commands to drop the gun
      .Did you notice after he shot her she thru the gun away from her. When the police went around the other side of the car he could clearly see the gun away from her and yet he kept her in handcuffs till medics arrived despite her stating she could not breath. though this is police policy it may have contributed to her fatal trama.

      1. You, Sir or Madam are the only one here who sees this. This video shows horrible police tactics. To begin with, an officer out of his area should not be chasing down a traffic violation, unless it is immediately life threatening. Observe and report, unless immediate action is required. In this bad decision making, even with the vehicle collision, the officer’s solo tactical pursuit on foot after an unknown threat was “cowboyish”, if not dangerous at least. This is not how officers are trained to react. His shooting of someone pointing a handgun is warranted. However, placing himself in that location by himself without cover or concealment is bad tactics. Unfortunately, bad police tactics are not against the law, but when a death is the result, a serious re-evaluation is needed.

        1. I couldn’t agree more they have policies and procedures for a reason… save lives and minimize the danger to bystanders. . According to reports the cop was taking his dog to a Vet at 7pm on a Friday in Anahiem. I have checked and there is 1 Vet open till 8pm in Anaheim, by involving himself in a incident outside of his jurisdiction he must remain there and makes me question the story of the dog needing to see a vet. It just so happen North OC overnight Vet is located in Fullerton and could have seen his dog since they open at 5pm. He might be justified in the shooting but he might have been out to see his side chick or other personal business on the depts time.

  8. The blogger makes the point that the FPD is happy to air the video and share details with the public in situations where the actions of the police are justified. So by that argument, maybe FPD should not have shown the video at this time or share any other information about the incident with the public. That way, nobody can accuse FPD of having some sort of motive when showing the video in a timely manner.

  9. Why did they cut off the critical first 30 seconds of audio? Or, why did they buy cameras that “buffer” audio for 30 seconds while the video rolls?

    Even the shittiest $5 Chinese video cameras don’t do that.

    The cop seems like he did what had to be done, but the audio thing is suspicious.

    1. Because the cameras have the ability to capture the 30 seconds prior to activation. So when he hits record, maybe during the crash or when he exits, the camera goes back 30 seconds and starts there. No audio for that 30 seconds because it’s only recording the video. All of the systems are setup that way so it captures what they saw prior to when they hit record.

      1. So it always records video but not audio, even when it’s not in record mode? Is that due to wiretapping/consent laws?

  10. Reality is i bet you have more chromosomes than an average person that’s why you are always on this site. Dude get a life you virgin. UwU

  11. In my opinion the tragic outcome could have been prevented. It seems the officer did exactly what she was expecting he would do. If this played out on live TV I think the officer would have waited for backup before singularly choosing to approach the blind side of The SUV vehicle with all tinted windows and no sightline of the subject and cornered directly in the open. If the suspect was a good shot the officer would not have gotten off the first shot. I don’t believe she really wanted to end it… when she went down the alleged weapon was away from her appearing to have been tossed aside… but all in all hard to say based on how the officers are trained.

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