City Council Hearing on McDonalds $6 Million Subsidy

Oh boy, it's McSpanish McMission Revival
What's that in the background, more McSpanish McMission Revival?

On July 7th at 6:30, the Fullerton Redevelopment machine is revved up and ready to shove the $6 Million Dollar burger plan, fake old and all, down the public’s  throat.


A request to construct an approximately 4,400 square-foot drive through fast food restaurant for McDonalds in a Community Improvement District, which includes applications for a minor (doesn’t sound minor to me) development project for the site plan and architecture (fake old crappola that people are sick of), and a tenative parcel map for lot consideration and lot line adjustment purposes, on property presently located (and owned by the Redevelopment Agency, ie. tax payers) at 501 N. Pomona Ave. (N.W. corner of Chapman and Pomona,  across the street from Fullerton High School), (Categorically exempt under Section 15332 of CEQA Guidlines).

How could this project be exempt under CEQA? It’s a proven fact that this project will be detrimental to the health, safety and general welfare of the kids attending Fullerton High School and injurious to property or improvements to the area. This McD’s project is a part of a larger project which must be considered ONE project! I smell a Mclaw suit ! ! !

Smile now, cry later
Smile now, cry later

6 Replies to “City Council Hearing on McDonalds $6 Million Subsidy”

  1. If neither the developer nor the McDonald’s Corp. put a dime into this $6 million move, why should Fullerton taxpayers?

    Is this some kinda Ronald McDonald joke? Or the Ghost of Galvin? Earth to Don/Sharon/Pam–why would you even consider this fiasco?

    Jones & Nelson–hold your ground!

  2. Hello capable administrator,

    If McDonald’s Six Million Dollar Redevelopment expenditure indeed requires more Council or Planning Commission oversight, then your effort to continue to stump this issue hasn’t gone in vain.

    I’m ambivalent to the entire Fox Redevelopment scheme. I do applaud Jane Reifer and her plucky band of preservationistas, who’ve demonstrated grassroots organizing works. That they’ve chosen a suspect architectural specimen, probably unworthy of conservation, when so many other proud period pieces already exist in Fullerton, never ceases to amaze me. We need lovely older buildings to be reminded of our storied past, but not in a way to paralyze or jeopardize our futures.

    Burning issue at hand isn’t whether to painstakingly save or lovingly adorn Fox Theater, but that City of Fullerton has willfully chosen to throw its largesse–our money–to a global corporation who intends to do us long-term harm.

    Maybe Fullerton doesn’t need another so-called insipid condominium complex in its downtown, but residents could also use a little relief from expensive, potentially unproductive, even unsuitable public consumption of its street corners and taxable parcels.

    McDonald’s and its franchisees have rights to lawfully locate restaurants, subject to necessary approvals, and operate them based on prevailing laws and regulations. This isn’t in dispute.

    What’s at issue is an apparently poor job by City staff on cost-benefit breakdowns, on a proposed large public expenditure. Three Council members–Bankhead, Quirk, Keller–who voted for this initiative, no doubt did so with confidence their vote was supported by extensive analysis which prudently considered what was best for Fullerton’s voters, its children, and its future.

    Contrastingly, Redevelopment staff, in cloven effort to accommodate McDonald’s Corporation, might well have well had Golden Arches emblazoned on its shirt pockets! No thought was given to ask one of 100 largest global corporations, under guise of a local businessman, to pay going rate for another adjacent lot! No thought was given to impropriety of giving one restaurant special preference over others! Lastly, no thought was given to absolute wrongness of financially aiding and abetting a company which thrives by reducing long-term health and longevity of its young customers!

    As I did before on this important civic issue, I again ask our three esteemed but errant Councilpersons to carefully reconsider their votes to provide relocation and redevelopment assistance to McDonald’s Corporation. I ask Council Members Bankhead, Quirk, and Keller to do the right thing, and put Fullerton first!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    The Enabler

  3. Enabler to Jacaranda jay; Breaker breaker, One Nine!

    Give or take a few venerable icons and epithets of Fullerton’s past, I generally like what I see and hear from our Council dais. Efforts to communicate with our elected officials, in a way they may listen, and accede to dissenting viewpoints, is what needs to continue to happen.

    Friends for Fullerton’s Future is a useful, productive way to share good ideas, engage in rough-and -tumble debate on sticky issues, and hopefully
    reach out to our Council members in a way which a sometimes stressful three minute public comment, or hurried street-side meeting may not allow.

    But I appreciate your vote!

    The Enabler

  4. enabler “esteemed but errant Councilpersons” enabler do you like to put e words in sentences or are you making an oxymoron? Esteemed and Errant does not spell Exonerate quirk the jerk and her cohorts bankhead and keller from wasting our tax dollars on silly projects. considering our unemployment is at critical levels, more fullertonions are dependent on food banks, clothing from charitable organizations and churches and are facing poverty. I would rather my tax dollars directly help our residents during these dire times instead of worrying about making dowtown look pretty to the councilmembers. quirk, keller bankhead selfishness hurts our community. These three fools need to be ousted from our government.

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