Last December we posted about a character named Ajit Mithaiwala who had built a heavily subsidized low income housing fustercluck project in Fullerton in the 1990s that epitomized the futility and incompetence of Fullerton Redevelopment Agency.

Remember? His name popped up on a host committee list for a fund raiser thrown by high speed rail impresario  and con man Curt Pringle, in honor of his boy, Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu. Since the name appeared to be mispelled we had fun with the notion that it might be somebody else.

Oh, no, no, no! That is another guy, I tell you. There are hundreds of them. Thousands of them.

In the post we wondered aloud what had become of Mithaiwala, and what he had been up to the past ten years.

It turns out we weren’t alone. Federal government auditors, prosecutors, and the FBI have been wondering too, according to an L.A. Times article forwarded to us by an alert Friend.

All sorts of misbehavin’ have been attributed to this guy and his development company that found a niche building subsidized, low-income housing projects, including fraud, failure to report income, and building shoddy, unsafe buildings. His politcal contributions have been scrutinized, too.

Here are a few choice morsels in the article from the Federal investigator:

“virtually no financial records,” no general ledger, no balance sheet and no bank reconciliations. Working with forensic accountants, he said he had discovered “potential fraud and criminal activity.”

On Tuesday, he told the court he was still trying to gain control of company assets and had identified 400 bank accounts, as well as $600,000 in gold bullion and three cars, including a Bentley.

It transpires that besides Fullerton, Mithaiwala has left a trail of tears behind him in cities across Southern California, including our neighbor to the south, Anaheim,  where the Mayor Pro Tem is none other than Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu.

I know nothing. Nothing!

Yikes. You don’t mess with the Treasury Department, boys. Even Al Capone could tell you that.


  1. Ajit Mithaiwala included among his good buddies Fullerton City Hall’s F. Paul Dudley, Joel Rosen-Rosen, james F. Armstrong, and of course the comical Gary Chalupsky, Chief Architect of the City Lights SRO fiasco.

    1. Well it seems you seem to know everything. So look at all the city is doing for all the homeless now. Rampant mentally ill people like yourself. Find a place.

  2. That SRO structure was put together like tinker toys. Wonder what will happen when the next big one hits.

  3. Just what we need a knowledgeable muckraker to reveal the corruption in our area. Just as the muckrakers brought down the monopolies in the early 20th century so too will the truth of these self serving rotten representatives and their supporters see the end of their reign.

  4. Chris Street’s endorsement, this guy and wasn’t there someone else in legal hot water that was a Sidhu host? What will you guys do for fun when the election is over?

  5. Don’t forget I warned everyone about the prostitutes and drug attics. It was Terry Galvin’s backrupt “Developer” Kalib that got bailed out. I didn’t want to go along with putting those kind in our town. Just cause I stuck my foot in the City’s mouth Mithaiwala got his way. I didn’t want to give that feller all those millions. Ya’all know that it was that City Attorney Oderman who made me vote for it. I was agin it, really.

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