Hanger 21 is Still Illegally Operating at the Airport

Back in 2017 the city of Fullerton kicked Air Combat USA out of the airport and after a legally questionable bid process the city leased the hanger to a company called Hanger 21. We covered this briefly HERE and HERE.

Here’s some of the backstory from the City Manager himself:

Domer Hanger 21 PL

“The problem is that regardless of the lease term, it is the use that is non-conforming.  However, what is the remedy for a non-conforming use?  Cessation of the use, which could happen if the PL amendment is not approved or the lease is not.”

Realizing that the city had approved a bid for a business that wasn’t legally allowed to operate, the city swung into action to fix the problem. The remedy was for Fullerton’s City Council to chang the municipal code in an effort to make Hanger 21’s then-illegal use conform to local law.

And because this is Fullerton – they failed spectacularly.

On December 05, 2017 the city council approved Hanger 21’s lease AND then on March 20, 2018 they changed the zoning at the airport.

PL Zone Change 2018

“H. Other similar public facilities, commercial amenities, and special events on City-owned property when in conformance with the purpose of this zone and approved by the City Council.”

Read that and then think about the timeline because the city didn’t and hasn’t. I’ll point out the obvious problem:

“and approved by the City Council”.

The City Council cannot legally be said to have approved Hangar 21’s usage since they haven’t visited the issue since the municipal zoning change. This is a cart before the horse problem with the council just assuming that they’ve de facto approved Hangar 21’s lease and use through the zone change but that’s an ex post facto problem and is quite an illegal interpretation.

Score another blunder for Jones and Mayer.

Here we sit a year and four months later and the council has YET to fix this problem.

This is another case of city staff, consultants, attorneys and the city council being incompetent and hoping nobody catches on which of course has led to the city being sued.

14 Replies to “Hanger 21 is Still Illegally Operating at the Airport”

    1. Yes, Helicopter rides and events. Many airports have event venues. FAA loves them as they help keep the airports viable. Fullerton is jumping on the bandwagon.

  1. figures Fullerton is so messed up they cant even repave their streets.. Lets kick out Air Combat USA that generates maybe revenue for the city. and have em leave to another airport.

      1. It’s a zoning violation, and from what I’m reading here, they’re working out.

        Why should anyone care? Is it a safety issue? Quality of life?

        1. You can’t work out a zoning issue and they aren’t working it out. The use is illegal, much like a pot shop is illegal in Fullerton. You don’t work it out, you stop the activity.

          Moreover, the FAA explicitly bans this type of use at Federally Obligated Airports.

          Fullerton is breaking not only it’s own laws, it’s breaking Federal Law.

            1. To whom?

              Our airport manager’s BFF at the local FAA office?

              The only thing that results in is a big fat massive bill for the Fullerton Taxpayer. I don’t want to cut off our nose to spite our own face.

    1. Fullerton isn’t the only airport to kick them out. Air Combat has been burning their bridges all over the area.

    2. It’s a win win for both parties.
      Another over litigated pi$$ing contest.
      Air Combat should have left alone in the first place.
      Just because you can sue doesn’t mean you should.

  2. How can we get together and vote the crooks out of office?
    I have lived in Fullerton 30 years and I the town is going to crap. I have a vacation home in the mountains and the streets are ten times better, actually they are closer to perfect and they re paved the whole place anyway. As it was time. They didn’t wait till people’s cars fell apart. And don’t get me started on the law suits and homeless and if you want to open a car dealer then it’s FU but a tattoo joint or bar it’s come on down . I guess it’s because the city council members like to drive drunk and have the cops cover it up.
    I’m either leaving town and the crooks win or we need to take the city back. Starting with kicking out the police and bringing in the sheriff

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