God-awful “Fox Village” Gets Even Worse!


Remember those horror movies when the outraged villagers grabbed their pitchforks to have at the monster? What the “Fox Village” monster could use are a few more angry villagers.

At the City Council “workshop” on Tuesday the new plans for the existing city-created empty space behind the Fox Theater were rolled out. And while the reception by the public wasn’t pretty it wasn’t enough to kill off the monster, either.

What was rolled out were several elevations that raised the curtain on a hideously confused jumble of themes and materials that were supposed to be modernish, but that had that certain flavor of architectural renderings done by crazy people.

Egad. What a freaking mess...
Egad. What a freaking mess...

A hodgepodge of shapes and veneers with no apparent cohesion and not a whiff of aesthetic originality. Stone veneer on the first floor obligatory.

Oy Vey!
Oy Vey!

Have Fox Villagers gone insane? What a mish mash!

Say what?
Say what?

Why are they still trying to move McDonald’s? Didn’t the Council put that idea to rest? And yet here it is again! Can anyone say “insubordination”? Guess not – in Fullerton! And look a parking lot on the corner. Just what downtown needs – another permanent hole in the building fabric of downtown Fullerton.

Send in the clowns...
Send in the clowns...

Ah, the inevitable “pedestrian paseo.” Just lookit all the happy, bedazzled consumers. And that fountain! Precious. Makes you want to make a wish and toss three coins in.

Folks if you aren’t ready to go grab your pitchforks by now, we suggest that we stick a fork in you –  because we think you’re done.

13 Replies to “God-awful “Fox Village” Gets Even Worse!”

  1. back to the future with the fox village of the damned should be the name of this presentation. I cant make sense of this bad move to preserve/restore(?) fullerton’s downtown. In an inane effort to save the fox theatre, fullerton city council stumbles in the architectural dark grasping at anything shiny or sharp

  2. Wasn’t the whole point of “saving the Fox” to preserve this “historical landmark”? What’s the point of preserving a historical landmark if you’re just going to build something new on top of it.

    Now, I’m not entirely opposed to making the area more appealing, but we could’ve bulldozed the complex and just put up a shopping center for a lot less money.

  3. Circus, circus.. Isn’t the point to showcase the Fox Fullerton? Shouldn’t the Fox Fullerton be the “star”, “centerpeice”?

    Could Redevelopment/City be angry at the Fox? City didn’t want to play ball w/Fox all these years, now has taken over one piece of the prize (all retail space), looking to take over the whole project? Maybe it’s a suble way of saying, if you don’t give us the whole pie, we will surround you w/the worst project imaginable…

    Also, I understand the developers taut their Fox Pomona expertise/experience. Has anyone seen the Fox Pomona lately? I have, drove by it yesterday.. It’s just massive, almost a 10 story box, sits on 1/2 city block in downtown Pomona. Outside? has no asethetic value that I can see, big marquee is all.. The more attractive Fox is in Riverside which is being restored..

    And, as for a 7 screen Laemmle Theatre.. As much as I’d like not to drive to Irvine, Costa Mesa for the more independent films, why 7 screens? Has anyone seen the new City/Laemmle space in Claremont? I drove by that yesterday too.. It’s west of downtown, says low to the ground, maybe 3 big stories, has only 5 screens.. Fits nicely into the surrounding neighborhood, doesn’t tower over the exisiting homes, businesses..

    As for Claremont, there’s a real Education community. Darling downtown, vibrant, NOT ALL bars, restaurants.. A place we’ll go more frequently, now that we’ve discovered a 50 year old Greek restaurant w/amazing food…

    Also, see the new renderings move McDonalds to the Pomona/Chapman corner, thought this was defeated, they stay where they are?

  4. Anonymous, at the most recent meeting Rob Zur Schmiede said that it is not possible to complete this redevelopment project without rebuilding the McDonalds.

  5. Holy shit!
    What is this?
    I’ve seen this –it’s in every city from Santa Monica to Irvine and beyond.
    This is over the top for that location.

  6. This project is a farce! The only reasonable behavior would be for Fullerton residents to boycott the supposed “community” meetings.. FFFF could make signs saying – – I’m not a stupid Fullertonian, NO to Fox Block nightmare..

    As for Mr. Z’s statement, why isn’t McDonalds rebuilding itself? They are a $$$$M corporation.. However the real puzzle, is the City Council voted NO to moving the McDonalds but in the new plans, the McDonalds is at the Pomona/Chapman corner.. So, it’s being rebuilt w/Redev funds and moving… Hm….

    1. Mr. Z doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, unfortunately. I’m hoping the FFFF redevelopment lawsuit settlement will include resettling Mr. Z elsewhere.

    1. My alternative design is to sell the property with the understanding that future development will be designed by a published architect and will be free of RDRC review.

  7. I would support any design that did not require a taxpayer subsidies to build. Bonus if the businesses that reside in the project were self-reliant and did not need government handouts to operate.

    Of course none of this is possible as long as the redevelopment agency owns the property.

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