Jan Flory’s Poisoned Park

Maybe it was the fumes…

Just the other day Fullerton City Council candidate Jan Flory was heard to remark about needed reform: protecting the poor, underpaid and overworked city staff that used to bring her all those important projects when she was “on council” right after the last ice age.

Well here’s a staff-driven project that her beloved staff dumped on her and which she happily voted for: The Poisoned Park.

Don’t go there…

We did a whole series on this fiasco that you can read about here and here. In a nutshell, the City bought contaminated property from the Union Pacific Railroad on West Truslow for a community park. Forget the basic fact that nobody in the neighborhood wanted a park, let alone a gang hang out; the land was there and a private party wanted to buy it.

Fullerton’s stellar bureaucracy led by Susan Hunt (Parks Director), Bob Hodson (City Engineer), Jaim Armstrong (City Manager), Gary Chalupsky (Redevelopment Director), and Paul Dudley (Planning) just couldn’t get in the way of a pending deal fast enough. The City steeped in and bought the land for over a million bucks, then they built their park. More millions spent. All approved by Jan Flory.

And then disaster. It transpires that there was a toxic flume under the site. A fence was set up around the offending park and it remains closed to this day, over ten years after it was purchased, falling into decay. Nobody had ever bothered to to a proper environmental assessment and make the sale contingent upon its results.

The Poisoned Park may well be the exemplar of an incompetent collection of boobs from whom no accountability was ever demanded and from whom none was ever delivered.

But to Jan Flory’s “lights” these are the “heart of the City.” Hmm.



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  1. “. . . the City bought contaminated property from the Union Pacific Railroad”


    “couldn’t get in the way of a pending deal fast enough. The City stepped in and bought the land for over a million bucks, then they built their park. More millions spent. All approved by Jan Flory.”

    It is unlikely such is a simply random purchase or mistake.

    There was likely some type of political or monetary/financial kickback from the Union Pacific Railroad to someone connected to the deal on the “city’s side” as well as kick back from those who built the park to at least some of city employees.

    Stupid decisions of this magnitude very seldom happen by accident. I suspect the “private party” was going to have the proper environmental assessments done and the Union Pacific Railroad pulled some political strings to get Fullerton tax payers to not only purchase the property but at twice the fair market value.

    Typical local government stuff when unethical people are in control of the local government . . . not just a Fullerton problem.

    1. Hazardous Waste Disclosure: California Health and Safety Code (§ 25359.7(a)) requires owners of nonresidential properties to disclose to prospective buyers or lessees the existence of hazardous substances on or beneath a property. So my question is who signed off on that and handed our money over anyway?

    2. When did a bunch of mexican who can’t speak proper english think a park Richmond park is theirs. You should be embarrassed that your kids can’t speak properly and put effort into their english instead if keeping a soccer field that’s not yours. Your parents speak improperly and you can see their kids do the same. If you fought for their education like the field maybe people would take you more serious. The two ladies who spike spanish to the crowd is an insult to your cause andour town

      1. American your English is not well expressed or written maybe that was to prove your point about the kids and parents who spoke like crap when their English was tested. There are typos in it about Richmond park and the soccer fields. I see your point I was in shock when three women came to the podium and spoke in Spanish to the crowd instead of English and disrespected the community as they tried to fight for their Richmond soccer field. These families pay less than $100 a year for 4 plus teams to play on a field for the last 7 years that they claim is theirs and they pay no more than that. They seem to not want to share the field and park with no one. The parents and coaches want the park and fields back for them ad them only. One kid who spoke such bad English stated claim that once grass and lighting were put in there as upgrades tax payers paid for that now someone is trying to take the park from their kids because its nicer looking now so they who ever they is wants it now. These free loaders had a mother go as far as to say if there’s no soccer field her kids and if this is not dealt with now, not 3 to 4 months from now, but now, her kids would become gang members and drug users and be a problem for our community and become our issue. Al I could think is what a crappy mother these kids have, It seemed to be more of a threat if they did not get their soccer field back that we would be sorry because she as a mother can’t control her children or the teams parents could not as well without their soccer field at Richmond park and can’t drive a mile or two to another field for some reason to hold practice or games because they cant share the field. Have fun driving to visit your kid in prison when they join a gang and do crimes that carry real time. They do not want to share the Richmond soccer field, they want it for themselves what message that that send to your uneducated kids who see the way your acting out in a city council meeting. Some of the kids claim to be students of Sharon Silva, I am shocked not one child spoke proper English as well as their parents. One 7 year old boy with a mo hawk was reading and speaking so badly I felt bad for him because his parents failed to give them their time to educate him better than just going to school and relying on a teacher like Sharon Silva. It clearly showed when he read his notes he wrote it was depressing to say the least. In this case the apple does not fall far from the tree and Sharon Silva should be ashamed for any of her students that spoke and their lack of proper English speaking skills. Fullerton shares their community parks they’re not yours because you live by that park (Richmond) and can’t drive, bus, or walk to another local park for soccer games or practice. These parents are not fighting for their kids to learn to speak English well enough to be taken serious in society but their fighting for a a park thats not theirs. Something is wrong here. In America we focus on education then sports. When immigrants come to this country like our parents did from Germany they strived to become the best Americans possible and learn the language to become productive members of society to communicate with their fellow citizens. Mexicans come to this country with no intentions of living here and have no intentions on becoming legal citizens. They come for money and don’t pay taxes and the money home then leave back to Mexico when they have sent enough home to live off of for a while. Then the cycle is repeated. They don’t learn the language as seen from the 3 Mexican ladies who spoke of Richmond park and their issue in Spanish to an American crowd and wanted to be respected and to be taken seriously?. Mexicans usually come here and take from America and go home never wanting to contribute, stay, and live in this U.S.. Many Mexicans go home to their states the boast on their cars or tatoos they have like Sinaloa, Chiuaua, Jalisco, Baja Mexico, they have more pride for their home Country that treats them like crap where they can’t make a living, they can’t support thir families, they can’t live freely, cartels shoot and kill women lie nothing so what doe they do? They come here where many American parents fought and died for their children’s freedom they take so lightly because they don’t have a clue what fighting for freedom is about they just know they get it free when they get here. Their only fight is to not get kidnapped,raped, murdered or asked for more money to be sent by their family by gang members or coyotes when they come here. . Here is an idea go fight for Mexico like your doing for the communities soccer field, take your country back and fight for your freedom like Americans died for in the Civil war, Korea war, Vietnam war, Iraq war, and Afghanistan war, go die for your country if need be but fight for it be a county of pride not freeloaders who depend on others like the U.S. to live.. Take it back from the drug cartels, corrupt police, corrupt government and your fellow citizens who you can’t trust because they have been bought off. Some of you might be saying that this is impossible this person does not understand why we came here for a better life for our families this is a park and you went this far this deep. Well its not your park its the communities park if we give in and say it yours then we lost the communities park as a whole. Your kids will get by with sharing the Richmond park soccer field and not become gang members in Fullerton because there are no gangs here do to our great police department. If you cant share the park with others then you don’t deserve to be at the park at all. You had it for yourself for over six years and now you have to share it and claim that its yours and sharing is not a option.
        What’s this teaching you children that already speak poorly in their home countries language? Whats this saying when an uneducated mother says her kids will become a gang member and use drugs if Fullerton does not help them now and not 3 – 4 months from now or else and threatens the community? Whats that tell you when 90% of the people asking for help in getting their park back are Hispanics who don’t want to share the park they want the park for themselves? Whats that say to the kids when they see their parents acting like selfish adults who speak broken English at a city council meeting asking for help, respect, and support? Whats that say about the school Sharon Silva works at where they teach these kids English? Whats that say to these kids about sharing and paying your fair share for lights, grass, and maintenance, that cost more than $100 a year for 4 plus teams that put wear and tear the field? Teaching is common sense is important and these children’s parents are not teaching their kids the seriousness of these issues aside from their field being split up to be shared by other local community soccer teams. They’re teaching their kids that selfishness is the way to be and not to share with others. This is teaching them not how to make due with what you have when you’re given something for free or when you’re not paying enough to cover the true cost of maintaining the soccer field and others have to be asked to help cover the cost so they (Your kids) can remain there for practice and games. Maybe the parents don’t know the true economics of the situation and maybe just maybe they’re not educated on the subject matter because they have not been told the truth. As a parent it’s their duty to find this information out. Just don’t come looking for community support when you speak Spanish at a city council meeting and only come to a meeting when you have a selfish issue about your park that you claim cant be shared. Never have I seen any of these parents before for other important and tough community issues like Kelly Thomas, F.P.D., Water tax ect…, You only see them now because they want something for themselves not for the community as a whole [please keep that in mind. It’s hard to support people who are selfish like this and it’s because they are not educated they have let their true colors be seen. Question? Is this your park or can Asians, Whites, Black or any other race aside from Hispanic join the soccer teams? It does not seem to far of a stretch to say these people don”t like outsiders of any kind on their soccer team or their fields.

  2. Where is this park located? I want to go see it for myself, send my Fullerton neighbors, and extended family members…

  3. It seems Jan Flory is an enemy of the state. I just hope ffff spends this much time on Seabourne. That piece of crap needs to be done away with.

    1. How did Chris Norby vote on this one? He was on Council at the time, right? And he’s running for office now — so could this just as easily be entitled “Chris Norby’s Park”?

      1. By the way — in trying to find the answer to this question in this site’s capacious archives (http://www.fullertonsfuture.org/2009/norbys-got-real-competition-in-2010/), I noted that there was a different prevalent attitude expressed here towards Norby not so long ago:

        #1 by Norby Must Go… on May 14, 2009
        …back to teaching school. He can’t manage anything and is just trying to feather his nest at our expense. Chris – your 11th graders at Brea High are waiting for you.

        #2 by Travis on May 14, 2009
        The photo is not accurate. I think the clerk-recorder’s office uses this high tech doohickey called microfiche.

        #3 by Sound Reveille on May 14, 2009
        Can’t be Norby. He’s awake.

        #4 by Andy on May 14, 2009
        Chris Norby is just looking for a job and we as citizens should elect a harding working individual like Mr. Nguyen who has the experience to do the job. Mr. Nguyen you can count on my families and all my friends to vote for you.

        #5 by Pink Slippers on May 14, 2009
        I wonder if he could still get his old job back?

        #6 by Norby on May 15, 2009
        Dear Must, Sound, Andy & Pink–

        Hey, you guys who take pot shots at me–can we talk for real? My cell # is 714-813-5899.

        If you have some substantive beef, tell me about it. I’m all ears.

        –Chris Norby

        #7 by Pink Slippers on May 16, 2009
        Mr. Norby, I appreciate that you showed up here to defend yourself but I’d like to see a little more substance to your comments. Perhaps you could…. tell us why you are better suited to the position of Clerk-Recorder? I realize that it’s a little early in the campaign season and your consultants may not have all your talking points lined up, but I bet you could explain it to us in your own words.

        #8 by Norby Must Go… on May 16, 2009
        …back to teaching school.

        Substantive beef? What are we going to do, argue about whether you are qualified to run a government department? That’s a no-brainer.

        #9 by Anon on May 16, 2009
        Has this office got a lawn to sleep it off?

        Can one of you old-timers explain to me what THAT was all about?

        1. I’m not aware of sentiments having changed much. Norby’s definitely a flawed character, and if he ever gets a pass I suspect it’s because, unlike some local politicians, he’s actually been right about a couple of big things, unlike most of the scumbags he runs against who have never been right about anything. Redevelopment is the biggest one, the other is getting on the right side of an airport at El Toro which is what got him on the Board of Supervisors in the first place. I will say he’s the only person on the board of supervisors I know of who’d actually pick up a phone call in his office and have a substantive conversation with a normal (non contributor, non power broker) constituent. I think that when he’s engaged or invested in a cause he can and has been pretty effective, there just aren’t very many of those causes.

          1. I said only that there was a “different prevalent attitude” expressed about him, which I found unexpected. I didn’t say anything about fickleness or hypocrisy.

            If there were 9 negative comments about Norby today, there would be 90 hysterically defending him. That’s apparently a change.

      2. Also Norby didn’t just shoot off his mouth about Fullerton’s great staff being the heart of the City, and all their wonderful projects and how underappreciated they are, yadda, yadda, yadda.

        1. This does appear to be one mark against them.

          Out of how many hundreds by which to judge them? I don’t know.

          Look, Flory thinks that the City government often helps its residents. Travis thinks that they don’t at all — and if there are exceptions to that, I haven’t noticed him mention them. That’s the difference; the rest of the discussion is just noise. Voters should vote for whichever of them they think is right.

          I wish that this were a fair fight financially, in which case I’m confident that Flory’s side would win.

          1. “Look, Flory thinks that the City government often helps its residents. Travis thinks that they don’t at all — and if there are exceptions to that, I haven’t noticed him mention them. That’s the difference; the rest of the discussion is just noise.”

            This statement is so idiotic that even you must recognize it as so. You don’t have to be an anti-government zealot or teabagger cretin to recognize both the arrogance and incompetence of Fullerton city bureaucrats and that ol’ Jan is a hare-brained shrew who just likes having some mantle of authority and will coddle or cater to whomever she thinks she has to in order to plop herself into a council seat.

            1. The Fullerton City bureaucrats may have their problems, but the ones I’ve met don’t stand out as more arrogant and incompetent than their peers elsewhere.

              As for “hare-brained shrew” — uh, I’m trying to be objective and fair in my above comparison between Flory and Travis. You?

  4. well you know, when the media asked for the opinion of Fullerton’s pillar of society, life-long resident of fullerton, Rusty Kennedy on the Anaheim police shootings and resulting mini-riot in July of 2012, predictably Rusty blamed the Anaheim police shooting of an unarmed, albeit gangmember, in July of 2012, on “disenfranchisement” and not enough “parks” and “the summer is hot”in Anaheim’s Latino communities (YouTube “Violence in Anaheim exposes divisions” July 27, 2012, ).
    Rusty Kennedy’s sister’s extremely local newspaper “Fullerton Observer” is a devotee of Jan Flory so may I extrapolate that Jan Flory has mutual admiration for Rusty Kennedy and Sharon Kennedy and acted upon Rusty Kennedy’s advice that the best way to curb civil rights abuses by a community’s police force is merely make a park for people so they may frolic in them.
    I envision the three wise heads coming together, Rusty Kennedy, Jan Flory and Joe Felz who once was director of fullerton’s parks and recreation and now Fullerton’s city manager, trying to find a solution to fullerton PD’s irksome habit of: molesting female detainees, perjury, excessive force, false arrest, theft.
    The solution to end Fullerton PD’s civil rights abuses committed upon the good people of Fullerton would be making a park in a low-income neighborhood.
    The good people of fullerton are so fortunate to have these three pillars of their city, rusty Kennedy, Jan flory and Joe Felz, upholding the peace and tranquility of Fullerton.
    If this park had been open and not closed because it posed a toxic threat to the community, Kelly thomas may have been beaten to death here instead of at the bus station where it was recorded on cctv and seen by many persons, and another civil rights abuse by fullerton PD would have been put to rest at a rinky dink park.

  5. Momof4js… This piece is at Harbor and Truslow. Just south/west of the “Welcome To Fullerton” RR bridge underpass. How fitting.

  6. How is this any different from our current council approving Measure W and saying adding “nature preserve” to the Measure will get votes? Please tell me people remember Richmond catching on fire on Chevron land?!? Do you guys really believe that this same incident won’t happen if Coyote Hills is developed? Why isn’t FFFF discussing this or are there other developing motives with it?

  7. I wonder if theres any correlation between the the contaminated property and Tbush’s adjacent building to the west (the pool table place/fashion clothes)lol

  8. Flory and her crony bureaucrats should have to reimburse the citizens of Fullerton every last dime from their personal funds for buying a pig in a poke.

    But these decrepit incompetent leaders can fart money away with zero personal accountability and then, like bad pennies, come back later and bellow “VOTE FOR ME!”

    If Fullerton reelects Flory you deserve whatever you get. She has a track record that follows her and you can’t change the spots on a leopard.

  9. On Tuesday night, the League of Women Voters had a candidate forum at City Hall. It was kinda cute when Travis Kiger proceeded to bang on Rick Alvarez because he was endorsed by the FPOA (Fullerton Police Off’rs Ass’n) and the FFA (Fullerton Firefighters). I am proud to be endorsed by them too. Kiger’s point was that nothing would get done if council members represented special interests.
    Does anyone see the irony of Kiger’s entire campaign being supported by one man who spent $260,000+ to foment the recall and get two of his boys elected. I think I’d rather have the FPOA and FFA endorsement than Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform, i.e., Tony Bushala. Really? I seem to be saying that a lot these days.


    1. Madame – If FPD had not given Bushala a ‘perfect storm’ in which to ‘foment’, Bushala would still be one of those crazy fringe people who had a blog that attracted other crazies. Point is: KT was beaten to beat, on digital video. And more people are starting to say — ‘maybe he’s got a point’?

      I think you’ve had your chance to make a mark on Fullerton. Please step aside for others to move this city forward, not backwards.

    2. Jan’s point hinges on your subjective definition of the word “nothing”. My objective definition of the word “nothing” means exactly that. “NOTHING” can get done about busting pipes, busted up roads, illegal taxes, strobe light street lights, graffitti, skid row downtown, rogue officers, lawsuits up the ying yang and out of control payroll and pensions if she takes the 30 pieces of silver at the table. She must be talking to a 3rd grade class or those who care only about their spot at the taxpayer funded trough. Kelly Thomas was murdered by the FPD on camera in front of the whole world and she gets up to the mic and expounds about transparency over some library appointments on the night his name was cleared. That is creepy. How many millions has or will The Kelly Thomas murder cost this city? Tony’s 250k was a gift to the taxpayers of this great city as it put an end to the $27 million dollar illegal water tax and has begun the steps to address the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of unfunded liabilities that will NEVER go away without slight of hand accounting tricks and from the clutches of a self serving SMALL group of people that has had their fangs on the jugular for far too long. Fullerton is on the decline and in my opinion we don’t need leaders that are too.

      1. Truth seeker, you speak the truth . Flory and her ilk only seem to use their positions in government to personally profit or flatter their vanity or push through their distorted vision of a better society . Flory’s legacy seems to be the renovation of Fullerton library’s architecture without any improvements in IT. A total waste of money, but not Flory’s or her pals Jones and Bankhead because it wasn’t there money wasted on this project, it was ours. Flory’s legacy to,our community is a cosmetic facelift to,a library that primarily serves only the homeless or geriatric population while our city’s water system crumbles underneath us.

    3. Madam, I’d like to remind you that Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform have murdered exactly zero people in the last 2 years. They’ve been charged zero times for sexual assault, zero times for obstruction of justice, zero times for manslaughter, zero times for theft, and zero times for excessive use of force.

      Still rather be endorsed by the FPOA? I already wasn’t going to vote for you, but now I’m going to do my best to make sure that others don’t as well. You’re a shill and your actions make it very clear that you have absolutely no interest in helping this community heal and move forward. You just want to win, you want to spite those citizens who don’t agree with you, and worst of all– you think that most of us are stupid.

  10. I’m a little confused… Isn’t Jan Flory an attorney? Shouldn’t her mind be thinking defensively, as in making the sale contingent upon a positive environmental assessment?


    SANTA ANA – A third former Fullerton Police Department (FPD) officer was arraigned today after Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) Tony Rackauckas obtained an indictment from the Orange County Grand Jury against him for his criminal participation in the July 2011 beating-death of 37-year-old homeless man Kelly Thomas.

    Former Officer Joseph Wolfe was indicted Sept. 24, 2012, on one felony count of involuntary manslaughter and one felony count of the use of excessive force. He faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison if convicted. Per the statutory bail amount, Wolfe surrendered on $25,000 bail. The defendant is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing Nov. 2, 2012, at 9:00 a.m. in Department C-40, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.


    1. Very strange. It took the DA over a year to push for Wolfe’s indictment? Usually this results from new found evidence. What new evidence could there be? It’s all been on the table now for months, eh? It seemed pretty obvious from the videotape that Wolfe should have been initially charged. But why the delay? The stategy used so far by the prosecutor defies logic. It appears very disjointed and inconsistent.

      1. Or maybe the DA is a cop licking douchebag. If not for RT & this blog, he wouldn’t have charged anyone.
        San Clemente?

  12. You know, as much as I love reading about what an idiot Jan Flory is, it seems like there are a few other major things re: Fullerton that warrant discussion like the Chevron development plan masquerading as an open space intitiative, the Orwellian Measure W.

    1. Nipsey – I agree. My assumption is the writers choose not to write about it because they support candidates who endorsed the Measure like Whitaker and have friends like Chris Thompson so also endorsed the Measure. And the old rule of “you are whom you hang around” screams loud and clear. Also with your buddies on council, if and when the Measure gets the AYE vote…there are developing contacts some may be interested in by putting in bids. It’s not rocket science.

      1. Yeah that’s possible, but they’re usually pretty good about posting regardless (like when Chris T. stupidly used the recall mailing list to advocate for his preferred slate of candidates), and of course the three morons on the city council that this site helped to overthrow were all for development there as well, so..

        And “putting in bids”? For what? Chevron isn’t selling anything except a bill of goods.

  13. I remeber the days after that incident when everyone thought the protestors where over reacting. Now AI see it all in a different retrospect. Its over a year later and Joe Wolfe is being indited on murder charges based on a grand jury of 10’s findings. Some of the candidates are still running on this platform of bringing civility back to fullerton that these crazy protestors started. The lack of civility if there was any was a result of silence. That silence got three city council members with good credentials booted.

    OC register reports ” Joe Wolfe, the first officer to land a blow on mentally ill Kelly Thomas has been indicted by the Orange County grand jury.
    Wolfe was accused in the indictment of one felony count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of the use of excessive force.

    The grand jury heard testimony from 10 witnesses and examined 113 exhibits of evidence over three days.
    If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison.
    Wolfe surrendered to the court. He is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing Nov. 2 before Superior Court Judge William Froeberg.

  14. I witnessed part of an incident involving police last night next to the bus terminal. The other part was witnessed by the homeless people who where there over a period of 2 1/2 hours when three… what looked like juviniles where detained for what appeared to be messing around in the parking structure. nobody ever saw any backpacks being searched. they were all three seperated on the curb. and questioned individualy. in the las moments of the ordeal a female police officer arrived. The other officers allegedly all stood around her blocking the view while the previously cooperative restrainee began to vocally yell and protest the search that was being done on her. An ambulance alegedly showed up according to eyewitness accounts and straped her down agains her will and took her away. Shortly after the other detainee looked like he was walked and place in the back of the squad car that drove off.
    Without a citizen reivew board in place I don’t think there is much hope for any of us that witnessed that of knowing what happened there last night.

  15. Streets – simply not true! Your 35 years on the force, Acting Police Chief Hughes will be glad to be transparent and tell you all about the incident. Just call and ask for a meeting! Tell them that you are upset about the incident and I am certain that since he wants to become the new Chief, he will be glad to tell you what you desire to know!
    Obviously, the young lady did not want to be searched by the police lady. Was it a good search? Well ask Acting Chief Hughes. Now if that does not work, write to members of the City Council who are now in charge of the Chief’s contract. City Manager Felz (yawn), is no longer in charge of the Chief.

    1. thank you. point well taken. I’m wonder if I would be a distraction as these questionable incidents seem to happen all too often and Cheif Hughes I’m sure is a busy person and may not have the time to pull police reports and then get back. I hope a citizen oversite committie could help with this process of citizen concerns. It seems like a more proper way than for any Joe to have direct access to the Chief. I respect him too much to approach him and take his time.

  16. The Union Pacific park is similar to a number of other former dump sites around LA and Orange County. Some were started and go back to W. War II. All have similar characteristics. In the years when California was a major producer of USA hydrocarbon requirements, a number of leaks and dumpings occurred of outright cancer causing chemicals. Benzene, Naptha and other nasties have a long half life in the soil.
    In one Orange county city, I testified to requiring a pattern of drilling for soil samples at various depths. The city went ahead with the Oil Company’s blessing. The land was selling for approximately $70 million and the clean up cost was estimated to be the same. Net profit = 0. A third party testing agency was hired to be the neutral party to assure clean up.
    When Jan Flory was on the city council in Fullerton, they could have had Union Pacific pay for the cost of cleanup. They did not. They could have hired outside consultants to find out estimates of the cost of clean up based on soil samples. They did not.
    What they did was take the good old Ol Boys Network, we look the other way and Union Pacific gives us the land. We tell everyone its for a park and all get re-elected! Thats the Fullerton way of the past. Who gets screwed? Fullerton residents, Fullerton Parks users expecting a nice park to picnic at and play ball when they get a toxic mess. Who makes out? Union Pacific RR who get another dump off their hands. Who else makes out? Jan FLory and city council members who received Union Pacific “political donations”. Thats the OC good ol boys system. So vote for Jan and Don for more of the same for your children.

    1. Did Flory receive even one political donation from Union Pacific RR? Gotta cite for that? I don’t know if that’s true — and I’m guessing that that makes both of us. (If you look it up, also look up whether Norby got one — or more.)

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