We Get Mail

Dear Madam Mayor & Council Members, We cannot pretend that Fullerton is serious about reform when those involved in the murder of Kelly Thomas, the illegal arrest and imprisonment of Veth Mam, and the many other documented cases of police misconduct, are still employed by FPD. We contend that you as our representatives at city […]

We Get Mail

Here’s an e-mail we got from a chap calling himself Michael Corleone. He hit the nail right on head. When the Godfather talks reform, the FPD should listen. Name: Michael Corleone Privacy: You may publish this under my name Subject: FPD Reform I was wondering if you could forward this to The Desert Fox: Thanks […]

Has the FPD Been Withholding Evidence?

Take a look at one of our downtown police spy cams – just like the one that captured the Kelly Thomas killing at the Fullerton Transportation Center. This one is located on the south side of Amerige Avenue almost exactly where Veth Mam was assaulted and arrested for no reason by Kenton Hampton about two […]

Unity Versus Justice

I spent a long time listening to the comments at our City Council meeting on August 7 on getting an RFP from OCSD.  There were some good remarks pro and con.  But I also heard a lot of the following: “Support your Community!”  “Strength in Unity!” “Unite, don’t Divide!” “We need to Come Together!” Listening […]

Release The Phone Call!

At last Tuesday’s council meeting, freshly minted councilman Travis Kiger let it be known that he had received a request from the public to hear the phone call made from the Slidebar that summoned the cops that eventually beat Kelly Thomas to death. The nature of the call has been the topic of much speculation […]