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  1. All kidding aside, this is shameful and embarrassing to the citizens of Fullerton. It’s seriously time to disband this department and let someone else take over. Every day it’s something new.

        1. Nice try…I’m from an agency that laughs at you clowns too. Don’t you have toilet paper and fish kits to hand out?

  2. You can’t get drunk and start fights at concerts, regardless of who you are.

    Smh, and all I did was have sex with an informant in the backseat of a police car.

  3. It’s all good boys. We are hiring at San Manuel. I’ll get you all in as Sergeants. We have a canine unit. Tell Chris Wren to come over also. Wait a minute, you don’t qualify yet. Call me when your fired.

  4. I smell a rat.

    The Cheif was doing a good job.

    He probably got set up – for removing too many bad (apple) cops from the dept. and got ousted for doing so?

  5. Can we request to contract our law enforcement OCSD or Brea PD? Our city doesn’t have money because of the Fullerton Police, plus our council voted for the staff to have a raise + cheaper health insurance costs. The council needs to advise the public what happened to the chief that caused him to be placed on leave.

    1. How would the council keep the public informed? They prefer to remain in the dark themselves so they don’t have to take responsibility for the misdeeds of their employees.

  6. I’m sure it’s all just a big misunderstanding. City managers have to put their police chiefs on paid leave in the middle of the night all the time. Please don’t rush to jusgement of our fine law enforcement professionals.

  7. Reply to the comment left by Andrew at 23/08/2018 17:37 That is madness, you should raise a legal action against them; in fact, we should all be raising them all over and create chaos! There seems to be no rule book anywhere that all should follow and what is happening with the influx of Syrian refugees here is shocking. No homes for the tenants that have been put out due to s24 landlords having to sell or for the local families not able to get on the property ladder yet they can house 1000 refugees (third time I know of this year) at the drop of a hat! How does that work???? They are in the country for a minute, get a flat/house and all the help they need whilst the locals sleep on the street. No benefit because no address but no address because no benefit to pay rent. Why are the Syrians not put on the housing list like all the others and go into temporary housing rather than those who have been on the list for years getting dumped in hotels with their kids. Nothing against Syrians, just the establishment who have no ruler. Rant over for now lol Time to leave the sector right enough!!!!

  8. The PD called in their forensic analyst person… let me guess; phone record-“oliverias to Katy please answer ur phone. Tell. Ur 3rd husband to cover this up. Nah, I want to promote”

  9. Meanwhile while this is going on the Wilshire Ave. Open plaza, attached Starbucks parking structure , and the 2 story parking structure across from the Wilshire open plaza is being overran by drug dealers selling and distributing drugs to the Fullerton students during Fullerton’s HS lunch. Independence Park off Valencia (aka Indy) is crawling with these same drug dealers who have set up residence at the skate park morning, noon, and night selling, distributing , doing drugs , openly drinking with kids as young as Jr. High, Highschool students , and any other degenerates who find their way to these guys who openly post on their Instagram live stories to come “HMU” at the open plaza and skate park so all our community Highschool , jr. High kids can buy weed, cocaine , acid, ecstasy, YOU NAME IT. And, YES Fullerton HS is aware of the problem as well as Fullerton pd and not a police officer in sight during Fullerton’s lunch hour or a police officer patrolling our skate park. Don’t believe me. Go to Instagram and check out the open page of elwubluntgang. Aka Ariel Santiago . Homeless man dealing to all our neighborhood kids and highschools. Known to Fullerton pd and he is openly living a drug dealing life here in Fullerton. But, carry on. Looks like Fullerton pd has more important business.

    1. Why don’t you place the responsibility where it squarely lays. Go look in the mirror. You’re the one who voted the powers that be in. The ones who choose who oversees the PD, the ones who decide what policies shall or shall not be followed. For all the bitching and whining in here it never fails that theres one person who wants to complain up and down about their community, yet your community as a whole voted the powers that be in….and keep them there. You got no one to blame but yourselves…

  10. I bet Kat 5 is behind this entire thing and will be extra helpful during the investigation since she has connections in Irvine.

    1. Ok, FFFF. Let’s quit being cryptic and give us the story. I’ve heard rumors but surely someone knows what happened at the Kid Rock concert.

        1. **In Irvine, where the Irvine Chief of Police is married to a Lieutenant at FPD. Hmmm, one less chief and captain at FPD means a possible promotion for a certain FPD LT… Irvine cooperating? Uh, yeah

          1. I’m glad our training classes can facilitate a married man (Irvine Chief w/two kids), meeting his future wife(FPD LT).

  11. Boys, didn’t I teach you anything Oli!!!
    You only drink in town. That way you can call and get out of these situations. It’s too bad Chocek isn’t their so he can investigate and clear you. Just ask Pedram how to get out of this. He has experience.

    1. Dad, I tried to cover it up. I’m sorry I let you down but I’m still a probationary Officer at IPD instead of an under qualified Sgt at FPD…. At least ur other son got Officer of the year for station 18!

  12. I’d like to hear more about the incident before “rushing to judgement”, what led up to the altercation, etc..

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