Fullerton Police Chief Accused of Whistleblower Retaliation

In a recently discovered set of claims [Link HERE] it is being alleged amongst other things that the Fullerton Police Department, up to and including Police Chief Dunn, retaliated against a former officer for exposing wrongdoing and corruption.

The Officer is claiming targeted harassment.

Hamel - Victim Card Female Whistleblower

Is Fullerton now in the business of retaliating against women to hide corruption? Has our city stooped so low as to attack whistleblowers?

There’s a lot to unpack here but first…

I should probably mention that the officer in question is former Lieutenant Kathryn Hamel and that she’s claiming that Chief Dunn gave us, the Friends for Fullerton’s Future, info about Hamel in violation of several laws.

Hamel Lawsuit - FFFF and Dunn

Let that sink in.

Sgt. Kathryn Hamel

Did Chief Dunn give us the very information that the city is suing us for having posted? Inquiring minds want to know.

If nothing else, seeing Hamel claiming damages for a million+ samoleans does seem to explain why the city is trying to shift the blame onto us for their gross negligence. Not that that plan is even going to work.

Her claim states that even IF Chief Dunn didn’t expressly retaliate against Hamel, the city is still screwed for being negligent (which by their own accounts in their lawsuit against us – they were).

Hamel Lawsuit - Negligence

Officer Christopher Wren, the dude who was seemingly banging his subordinate in a PD bathroom, is likewise claiming damages from the City of Fullerton over FFFF reporting because it’s his right to use his department issued phone to send nude photos while on the job without you knowing about it.

These claims for damages, usually the precursor to lawsuits, are just more examples of completely avoidable stupidity chalked up to the incompetency of Jones & Mayer and City Staff. Not to worry though, Jones & Mayer has likely investigated Jones & Mayer and found they did nothing wrong and will rectify these problems by billing the city countless hours (at $200/hr) to cover up for their own ridiculously negligent behavior.

25 Replies to “Fullerton Police Chief Accused of Whistleblower Retaliation”

  1. It looks like everyone agrees. The City of Fullerton is grossly negligent across the board. Who is running the show?

  2. Truth Always Prevails! Shame of them! EXPOSE THEM ALL! Get rid of the lies. We the people DEMAND truth!

    We all need to take a stand for what is right!

    weed out all the people in positions of power that use and abuse that power, when they should be using that power to keep the city SAFE!

    They’re guilty of corruption its obvious.

    How can we have trust in a system, who employs thw very ones who cause the crimes?

    NO MORE chances… They should have already been fired


  3. Wren has been in trouble for other things he has done. He has never been suspended. Not even a slap on the hand. But a pat on the back.

  4. I always love these formal cop pictures. They always have TWO pens in the pocket, just in case one doesn’t work, I guess, when filling out a fraudulent report.

  5. My daughter worked there and they bullied her. They opened up BS accusations against her and then gave her an option to quit or be fired. I emailed you guys about her case a while ago hoping to expose them.

    1. I reached out to this org as well after what the FPD did to me which almost caused me to take my own life. I was very supportive of this group and of Josh. What they did to him was wrong. I followed the story for a while and I went way down the rabbit hole and I was so happy to know that this organization existed. And then I needed their help and I was shunned by Josh himself. If we don’t all work together to fight each other’s battles that it’s not going to work.

    1. We don’t know.

      We do know that local Democrats have universally condemned the people at the capitol charged with battery and vandalism.

      Exactly zero have condemned Democrat Ahmad Zahra, charged with battering a woman and destroying her cell phone.

      We’re not surprised.

      1. Demos are such bullshit hypocrites. Cancel Ahmad. Remember #MeToo. Never forget. Resign woman batterer AmanHitsWomenad.

      2. Senor Pescado, one would hope at least one of the new city council members insist the 911 call be made public.

        I’m 100% sure if one of the Friends of 4F was charged with battering a woman and destroying her cell phone, that 911 call and mug shot would have been publicly promoted the night of the arrest.


        By now, Chief Dunn must realize that releasing the 911 call is an act of transparency.

      3. why hasn’t the blog or the observer asked the others on council for their opinions on another council person being charged with a crime? why doesn’t the voice of oc do a story? how much money is ahamd paying you guys

  6. If you work for FPD, you are an evil human being. There is no good to be found anywhere in the halls of the Fullerton PD.

  7. Why does Fullerton allow it’s police officers to get morbidly obese? The Chief MAY be blowing whistles but he is DEFINITELY eat lots of cheeseburgers and junk food and NOT exercising.

  8. If Fullerton were a state, it would be New Mexico; a perennial loser filled with toxic waste run by idiots and demagogues.

  9. This department is as corrupt as they get and have no problem with lying tampering evidence fabricate allegations retaliation act as mafia organization and no one does a thing about it. I take the liberty to name and shame some of them as follow:
    Officer Elkabbara
    Sergeant Heying
    Lieutenant Craft
    Shameful really

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