Fix The Streets Damn It!


On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act which
programs over $1.9 trillion in relief funding related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Councilmember Jung requested, with concurrence from Mayor Whitaker, to hold an initial
discussion of local funding opportunities.
Provide direction as appropriate

On tomorrow night’s council agenda we see that Item #20 is a discussion about what to do with the Democrat’s Federal relief dough, estimated to be in the neighborhood of $35,000,000. That’s a nice neighborhood, especially if you’re a stumblebum city manager like Ken Domer who is hanging on to quarter mil per year job by the skin of his teeth.

Hitching to Blythe…

This pile o’ cash is undoubtedly already attracted the attention of the Hero unions who will be clamoring for equity, parity, and any other ity they can think up. And of course Domer has been complaining about his poor, overworked skeleton staff crew, too, so there’s that.

Measure S Covid Lie

I know that the bureaucrats will be applying pressure to use the money for payroll and pensions. How do we know this? Because that’s what they were pushing hard with the late and not lamented Measure S tax. We can be sure that staff will be doing the usual song and dance about what the Biden Bucks can and cannot be spent on.

Well, here’s what I say: $35,000,000 will pay for a whole lot of paving and a whole lot of sidewalk.

Can these two help bring some accountability to Fullerton?

It’s painfully obvious that Councilpersons Zahra and Silva will do whatever they’re told by the City Manager. Fortunately, Councilmen Dunlap and Jung know who they work for. And it isn’t the public employee unions. That leaves Mayor Bruce Whitaker who actually helped Jung get this item on the agenda for public discussion.


13 Replies to “Fix The Streets Damn It!”

  1. Any jackhole can hold the helm when the sea is calm. Fullerton is a mess. We finally have some leadership willing to do the business of the people and not the work of lobbyists. Dunlap + Whitaker = change.

    1. I’m not sure if Whitaker can even change his shirt, Dunlap hasn’t done much yet but talk. Well, we’ll see.

      1. Dunlap voted yes to another new affordable housing development (code name for homeless shelter) at 1600 Commonwealth. Right in line with Silva et al.

  2. Jung belongs to us and he’ll give us whatever we want just like Silva and Zahra. We already proved that when you wanted him to vote against the OCFA bid and we gave him the orders he followed. He’s a proud booster of government unions and in our pocket, not yours.

    When it comes to staff, Jung is our new Fitzgerald which is why Domer isn’t going anywhere, we’ll get our pay and bonuses and Jones and Mayer are still suing you.

    1. String Puller must be a union flunky because they think the run Fullerton. Jung is the “new Fitzgerald”?? Wait, what happened to the old Fitzgerald. Idiot Fullerton unions! You had a perfectly good Fitzgerald and you replaced it with a new one?? Should have lobbied for the lobbyist to stay on you big dummys.

  3. I read the Agenda and almost threw up over all the Housing and Homeless groveling. Big Government is out of control with creating endless positions to cater to all the losers out there. Staff and the Union goons love having all that money to bleed the people to death.

    1. But if we build at $35M homeless luxury camp, it will solve the problem! Not to mention give a much deserved raise to all our homeless honchos who so far have failed in their 35-year quest to end homelessness forever. And who then support the politicians who toss the money their way.

      This time it will work!

  4. Sad to say Jung did it again. He opined about how important his Mama is to him (this being women’s month) while saying he’s a Daddy’s boy then voting full on union flunky votes.
    He’s too green to know how to vote in the interest of Fullertons people, or too lazy to read the agenda, so he lets the Dem powers that be tell him how to vote. Sad times for Fullerton once again.

    1. Only Fullerton would bring outsourcing that costs more and saves no money to tax payers. Only in Fullerton. Sad times are the idiots who can’t see the stupidity there.

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