Complaint Against Officers Involved in Felz DUI Cover-up Sustained

Back in 2016, FFFF filed a personnel complaint with the Fullerton Police Department against the officers involved in the attempted cover-up Joe Felz DUI accident. The complaint offered a tiny bit of hope that a quasi-legitimate internal investigation might be carried out. It also entitled us to a legally-mandated notification as to whether the complaint was “sustained” or “not sustained.” Sadly, this process represents the absolute limit of public visibility into the California system of police self-governance that has drawn the ire of FFFF for a decade.

Well over a year later, this letter shows that some of the accusations leveled at Sergeant Jeff Corbett and Lieutenant Goodrich, under the leadership of the since-departed Chief Danny Hughes, were indeed sustained.

While state law prevents the public from knowing what disciplinary actions were taken as a result of the investigation, sources inside the Fullerton Police Department indicate that Sergeant Jeff Corbett was terminated in February. Lieutenant Goodrich, who once considered himself a promising candidate for promotion to Captain, was pushed into an earlier-than-planned retirement beginning this Tuesday.

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13 thoughts on “Complaint Against Officers Involved in Felz DUI Cover-up Sustained

  1. 2016 to 2018? That’s a long-ass time for these two turds to be on-duty after participating in a criminal coverup.

    But it’s better than nothing.

    1. Please tell me that Goodrich wasted his time with a fake online masters degree before he attempted to become captain….

  2. Corbett was the guy who was caught by another cop having sex in his patrol car while on duty. Hughes made sure he was never disciplined. What a great bunch of public employees.

  3. Corbett and Wren all fired in a span of a month!! Things are looking up!!! …. Tong fired also… The bad apples must be scared or retiring on Tuesday (Goodrich) …..

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