Fullerton Looking to Re-Appoint Racist to Regional Board

Adan Ortega
If you don’t look like him, he won’t represent you.

Fullerton is currently represented by Adan Ortega on the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Board of Directors. Tomorrow the City Council will vote to keep him on as our representative or replace him with somebody else.

Normally I don’t care about commissions or regional seats but this guy bugs me for two reasons. First, his company “Ortega Strategies Group” looks to be a lobbying firm in the municipal water industry and that just stinks of regulatory capture / cronyism.

Second, he’s a racist peddling racism to get his way.

To quote Adan Ortega from last week’s Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District meeting (approximately 20:10 into the audio link, emphasis added)

“Finally, as a Latino and Latina majority board, you outta ask yourselves if it is right to let white people representing Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Foothill and La Canada to choose the winner when people of color on the MWD board disagreed. If you choose this path, then nothing has changed in the empowerment of Latinos, Latinas, African-Americans and women and we are inviting more injustice.”

More “injustice” because somebody disagreed with you. GTFO.

This is naked racism on the part of Adan Ortega and it has no place in Fullerton or elsewhere. If “white people” can’t represent “people of color” it would be logical that “people of color” cannot represent white people. There goes 2 council votes for Adan right out of the window. Also, it is laughable on it’s face to think that a hispanic person can represent Asian, Middle-Eastern, African-American or any other non-Hispanic group or person simply by virtue of not being white when different peoples have such different backgrounds, cultures and histories. This would mean that, per Adan’s own argument, the only person Adan would be representing on council would be Jesus Silva and he would only be representing approximately 35% of our population.

Now, it doesn’t matter that Adan is hispanic here as I don’t believe the horseshit that he’s peddling. Anybody who puts the interests of the Fullerton ratepayers first is who should be on this and every board representing our city. But the important part is that Adan believes the racist horseshit he’s peddling (otherwise he’s a disingenuous liar). Therefore taking him at his own word, Adan believes that race dictates who you can and cannot represent. Adan believes that you are defined by your skin color and sexual orientation and other characteristics of birth. Adan is channeling the Klan like talking points of naked discrimination in his rhetoric and it’s time we moved away from the ugly racial divineness of the past.

Racism is racism even when you try to hide it behind “equity” and other fashionable vulgarities. It’s time to tell this racist to kick rocks and appoint somebody who wants to represent all of Fullerton.

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  1. Can’t wait for Jesus and Ahmad to defend racial identity politics and the cancellation of anyone who has a skin tone different than your own.

    There are no acceptable flavors of racial superiority or gender superiority.

    Unless, apparently, it suits your politics to only color with one kind of crayon.

  2. Never let a person who operates as a consultant represent the taxpayers on a regional board. His motive is obvious. He is using the good will and appointment from Fullerton as a means to monetize influence. Sit on a huge regional board and gain access to all measure of large contractors looking to gain favor. Meanwhile, since he is not an elected, he is actually accountable to no one.

  3. You should have started with my quote, not your commentary which seeks to distort before reporting. I think that you would agree that when people of color disagree, we ought to be judged by our characters just like anyone else. When white people decide if the Latino or African American wins based on race that’s identity politics. I’m sorry you are lending yourself to the culture of retaliation and race politics that is plaguing our society.

    1. Hold up Adan! Who are you man? Slow your woke purity test dude. Beware of false prophets! Color has nothing to do with the decision of removing a polarizing water district director. That is the prerogative of that council. You are making it about race because it is easy to fool the masses when you cry foul. Didn’t work though. Director was still removed.

    2. I’m not white.

      You’re a straight up racist.

      People like you make all this shit so much harder for the rest of us.

    3. Excellent response, and you’re sooooo right. We need to use our diversity claims to make sure white representatives don’t get to vote.

    4. “When white people decide if the Latino or African American wins based on race that’s identity politics.”

      And how, Mr Ortega, do you know that the white representatives are making their decision based on race? Did you ask them? Did they say that? Or did you assume it because they’re white?

      Enjoy your last day on the job, racist.

    5. Notice that this racist assclown offers ZERO evidence that “white people” decided if somebody won based on race, he’s just projecting that b/c, well, he’s a racist assclown.

      1. I’m not hiding…here’s some context:

        “I understand that some of you are citing the fact that several directors from San Gabriel Valley cities and agencies voted for Director Trevino’s unsuccessful opponent for the executive committee to justify his removal

        You ought to be asking those other directors why they favor higher fixed rates and charges for constituents of the Upper District even in years when you purchase little water from MWD

        You ought to ask why those other directors had to be persuaded in the middle of the COVID crisis in April not to approve 10% water rate increases recommended by staff that Director Trevino worked to reduce?

        Finally, as a Latino and Latina majority board, you ought to ask yourselves if it is right to let white people representing Pasadena, Sierra Madre and Foothill in La Cañada to choose the winner when people of color on the MWD board disagree. If you choose this path, then nothing has changed in the empowerment of Latinos and Latinas, African Americans and women, and we are inviting more injustice.”

        1. Why don’t YOU ask the people who live there? Oh, I know why you didn’t because they don’t give a shit about your crusade to be a somebody. STOP trying to put your personal vision board on the backs of Fullerton taxpayers. Get over yourself man!

        2. So you’re a racist AND an idiot? Congrats, I guess?

          Nowhere have you offered any evidence that the people voting to remove Trevino were racist outside of their being white.

          That makes you… drum roll please… a racist.

          1. Throwing the term “racist” and “idiot” around with twisted logic is your thing not mine. I think that arguments of public policy ought to be judged by the merits of the policy not by race. That was the point. I’ll be more careful next time with the use of the term “white people” given how it triggered you into a rage. Sorry about that.

            1. Wow.

              That’s even more embarrassing than your original racist rant.

              Racist? Yep.

              Idiotic? Yep.

              Condescending? Yep

              Hypocritical? Oh, double yep.

              Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

            2. You’ll be more careful the next time with the use of the term “white people”?

              You’re really an arrogant prick, aren’t you?

            3. You’re the asshat who used terms like “people of color” as though there is such a collective and you’re the asshat distinguishing those people from “white people”, in words I quoted directly, which is a categorization based on nothing but race, because you’re a racist. I’m not triggered by your asshatery, it’s sort of the de facto norm with grifters, hustlers and self-dealing assholes such as yourself. I’m just making sure the people of Fullerton know what’s what before they get stuck with you pretending to represent them for another term.

              That you’re pretending to be too stupid to understand this is why I called you an idiot. That assessment stands until further evidence is submitted.

        3. Days the guy married to a white blond hair and who bragged about how happy he is that his son has blonde hair

      2. Hey Adan,

        You seem to be having a hard time with this.

        That addition to the original quotation makes you look like an even bigger racist.

        Do us all a favor and resign.

  4. The mayor Jennie Fitzgerald is a lobbyist. This guy’s a lobbyist. Fullerton must have the biggest concentration of lobbyists on earth. LOL what a joke

  5. I wonder if any council member has ever thought “you know what we need? A water board member who knows how to use his position to stoke racial tensions and cause needless division.”

  6. “You took my quote out of context” = “You quoted me accurately and claimed I said what I actually said.”

  7. C’mon Adan everybody knows you’ve been making lots of calls to your buds to keep this job. Won’t work.


  8. File under calling out crony racist politics from a undisguised lobbyist. Using race as false premise is just another tool from a man there to advance his own agenda.
    Thank you Joshua Ferguson and FFFF for the best and most well stated read I’ve seen.
    Bonus for comments that nailed Ortega.

  9. Very clearly raciest comments from Adan. I also find it hard to believe that he would come on here and try and defend himself – not explain. There is a difference.

    But how could the Fullerton appoint him in the first place, given his Ortega Strategies Group tie to the MWD and water industry in So. CA? Furthermore, how could he run (and loose) against the standing chair to become the chairman of the MWD’s board? If he would have defeated the chair, the first black woman to serve as the chair, how could that not have been a conflict of interest with his Ortega Strategies Group? No agency should ever hire this guy.

    Clearly, Adan’s for Adan – F’ everyone else.

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