Ahmad Zahra Charged with Battery & Vandalism


Fullerton Council member and wannabe Mayor Pro-Tem Ahmad Zahra has been charged with battery & vandalism here in Fullerton.

You can find a copy of the complaint as filed by the Orange County District Attorney [HERE]. The counts are as follows (emphasis in original):

“Count 1: On or about September 20, 2020, in violation of Sections 594(a) / (b) (2) (A) of the Penal Code (VANDALISM UNDER $400), a MISDEMEANOR, AHMAD ZAHRA did maliciously and unlawfully deface with graffiti and other inscribed material, damage, and destroy CELL PHONE, real and personal property belonging to MONICA F, in an amount less than four hundred dollars ($400).


“COUNT 2: On or about September 20, 2020, in violation of Section 242 of the Penal Code, (BATTERY), a MISDEMEANOR, AHMAD ZAHRA, did willfully and unlawfully use force and violence upon the person of MONICA F.”

The incidents appear to have taken place on 20 September 2020 with nary a word from anybody at City Hall to the public. It looks like Fullerton is once again up to their old Joe Felz & Chief Hendricks tricks.

Before anybody question is there is perhaps ANOTHER Ahmad Zahra being charged, here’s the incident log from Fullerton PD (with Ahmad’s address redacted by me):

Ahmad Zahra PD Arrest

Here is the case detail should you want to confirm it yourself with an OC Courts Criminal Case search:

Zahra OC Courts Charges

He was arrested for assault but charged with battery as seen in the arrest report versus the criminal complaint filed by the DA.

The arresting officer put “240” which is:

240. An assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another.

The Courts have him charged with “242” which is:

242. A battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.

When Zahra was whining and preening that he deserved to be Mayor Pro-Tem he was lying by omission and not telling you that he was, AT THAT VERY MOMENT, facing charges for battery and ticketed with vandalism in what looks like a possible domestic violence crime.

Seems that Zahra was sanctimoniously complaining about what he himself called a “ceremonial” position all the while hoping you wouldn’t find out about his apparent criminal conduct.

We’ll continue to follow this story as it develops. If nothing else it should be interesting to see which OC Dems run to Zahra’s defense or if they’ll stay quiet while hoping, just like with everything else that smears their team, if they ignore it long enough maybe it will just go away and inconvenient victims, including #YesAllWomen, be damned.

If we’re lucky we might get a patented CA (D) “I made a bad mistake, I should have stood up and … drove back to my house” or maybe the “I was set up” defense. Who knows, maybe those are only reserved for the higher-ups in the party.

41 Replies to “Ahmad Zahra Charged with Battery & Vandalism”

  1. I don’t usually rush to judgement, but I’m going to just put this out there: council members shouldn’t batter people.

    1. You won’t have to wait long.

      You’re all just meanies being mean. That’s what the fan club is going to say.

  2. Well here’s an ugly Tuesday morning surprise?

    How many Council meetings has this lying piece of garbage attended since this happened?

    When did Jesus Silva, or for that matter Sharon Quirk Silva, find out? Why haven’t they done anything?

  3. This is disgusting!

    How can he still try to run the city two months after this happened?! What’s wrong with Fullerton?

    1. Two months?

      This has already been swept under the rug. We’ll never hear from the victim and the bodycam footage will go on the same shelf as the Felz tape.

  4. Why is this person still on the council?
    Give him the boot and take Silva, Flory and what’s her face with him! Horrible unethical and immoral people.

    1. Why??? Because everyone in Fullerton City Hall are afraid to make any REAL CHANGE.
      The so called mayor says there is nothing he can do…. We need new people to be employed there that have ethics, morals and a spine.
      I will cage match all of them for charity.

  5. Please alert the Fullerton School District. This man should not be allowed on or near any school campuses until this is resolved.

    1. The Fullerton Collaborative will continue to work with Ahmad Zahra even if he does take a swing at a woman every once in a while.

  6. What a coverup.

    The city put out a press release on Chris Norby when Martha told a cop that Norby supposedly beat her up.

    Which the DA invested and did NOT file charges because it was proven to be a false police report.

    That didn’t stop Quirk Silva from using a false police report against Norby to end a good mans career.

  7. No doubt his unscrupulous handlers at the party will rush to his defense and sweep this under the rug. Can’t wait till he plays the victim and tries to shoot the messenger. (Insert fake outrage here). What a disgrace to our city. This two-faced, duplicitous, opportunistic diva has to go.

  8. “People are very tense these days,” he said. “I hope everybody just takes a breath, with or without a mask, and takes a step back and sees how we can get through this all together.”

  9. These sick FULLERTOON Characters don’t give one flying F about anyone but themselves…
    Rincon was a rapist cop that was allowed to walk away from the job with no punishment after raping handcuffed woman on duty. Of course Zahra battered a woman. The way that little B through a fit at council when he didn’t get pro tem. He is a cry bully that makes weird videos of torture and FYI his film company is closed down. He doesn’t even have a job. That freak has got to go and take Silva, Domer, Lucida, Tricky Dick Jones and that chief of the pigs with him.

    1. Well Well Well, it’s very interesting that that bag of bones and saggy skin Mayor run to protect a woman abuser… wittacker you were useless and a traitor to Kelly Thomas, remember when you took a grand from Jeremy PissOff at the slime bar for your campaign. Right where you and I both know the Fullerton pigs beat Kelly to death after slimebar made a false police call??? You and your wife told me you would give a grand for bus passes for the homeless… guess what??? It never happened!!! You are a liar and just as sick as Zahra.
      Boot Lickers Unite
      Zahra should not be allowed to vote on anything or sit on council while being investigated!!! Guess what else Bruce, you have the power to do something, but just like Kelly you will sit back and watch it happen. What do you care??? It’s just our city…

        1. It’s nuts on about the douchebag Popoff. Its nine years later and the man has only gotten lazier.

  10. Holy crap Batman.

    This is breaking news!

    Good thing for women beater Ahmad the phone wasn’t the new iPhone or grand larceny for you m*therf@cker.

    Yippee ki yay.

  11. Well???? Where’s the “I’m the victim” rant? He must really be working those contacts to try and rally up support. Who’s he bringing in? Gloria Allred? Wonder who else will come out of the woodwork to support this impulsive narcissistic psychopath loser. Gee, it’s great to see we’ve got such a levelheaded representative for south Fullerton. Shameful

  12. “Don’t let a meme or anarchist blogger disguised as a ‘journalist’ decide the fate of our city or nation,” said the accused abuser Ahmad not that long ago.

    It turns out, the Scooby Doo villain was you all along Ahmad. Take off your mask and your disguise as the champion of the poor, the custodian of gay rights, and the protector of children.

    You aren’t any of those things.

    You’re a loser bully. You big fat liar!

    Violence against women isn’t cultural Ahmad. It is criminal in this country.

  13. I noticed in the Complaint Body Worn Camera Protective Order Filed.

    If the case was dropped, the body cam is a public record, as the video is no longer private.

  14. This guy might be the biggest zero ever elected to city council. First, Godmother Hero Sharon QS supports him and he backstabs her. Then, he comes out hard against appointing in favor of a special election only to later cave. He cuts a deal to get the water board seat, cuts deal after deal with lobbyists over cannabis, real estate and more. Doesn’t listen to constituents he claims to represent. He brings identity politics to city hall and if you don’t agree with him you’re racist, homophobic or both. Now this? Right, surely he’s the victim. Get lost, fraud boy.

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