City Manager Felz Involved in Potential DUI Accident After Election Night Celebration

We at Friends for Fullerton’s Future can report and confirm that Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz was involved in an alleged DUI accident last night.

Coming home from the Downtown Bar scene where several election parties were taking place, Mr. Felz allegedly lost control of his vehicle.

According to the internal memo below, outgoing Police Chief Dan Hughes was informed of the situation and having allegedly passed a field sobriety test Mr. Felz was driven home by officers and his car was towed.

We are awaiting details as to the length of time between accident, phone call to the chief, field sobriety test and ride home.

Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald was informed at the time per procedure but no comments have been forthcoming.


View the memo from police chief Danny Hughes

Thankfully it looks like nobody was hurt when Mr. Felz lost control of his vehicle as the only injury seems to be the death of an unsuspecting city tree.

Sad Tree
Sad Tree

Mr. Felz may have left a piece of his vehicle behind after doing what looks like considerable street damage. There was no word in the memo about potential charges for destruction of property, littering or the like.

A piece of the vehicle
A piece of the vehicle

A different car was in his parking spot today at City Hall suggesting the seriousness of the damage to his Subaru.


We will keep you posted as this story evolves.

Oh and in case you missed it the Friends For Fullerton’s Future are back.

72 Replies to “City Manager Felz Involved in Potential DUI Accident After Election Night Celebration”

    1. What so awesome about a good man getting his career ruined by a pack of hyenas? Is this some sort of juvenile houligan’s accomplishment? He was not drunk and that is why he was not arrested that night. You will all see just how horribly you all have treated a very good man who has done wonderful things for our city. Just a tad curious Erik, why are you rejoicing in this?

      1. Um, okay. So who made this “good man” quit? He did that all by himself. Of course he left a trail of disasters behind him that really should have gotten him fired. But in Fullerton no-fault government prevails.

        P.S. if he wasn’t drunk why is the DA prosecuting him for DUI? And why was poor Sappy McTree sent to the maintenance yard wood chipper? Just bad driving skills?

      2. “He was not drunk and that is why he was not arrested that night.”

        Incorrect. He was not arrested because he was the City Manager, not because he wasn’t drunk.

    1. Bastard didn’t even come back the next morning to hide his mess. What an arrogant fool.

      This is grounds for immediate termination.

  1. 1:30 in the morning, guy crashes (and then tries to drive away?), smells of alcohol, but he’s not intoxicated? I smell a coverup. Hopefully Hughes is doing the right thing. He has a lot to lose on his way to Disneyland.

  2. Hughes you have 4 officers present who have received awards from MADD in past for their DUI expertise and arrest rate but you direct the Supervisor, Jeff Corbett who has not conducted a DUI test in years to lead Felz away from the other officers and conduct the FCT out of the earshot and view of those offcers..without a witnessing officer present a violatation of policy…and guess what Felz passes Corbett’s FCT test.

    Was Felz given a PAS test? Why not?

    COVER UP….OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Hughes let me guess Sgt. Corbett’s video and audio recording device was not working at the time of the evaluation. Release it and let the public see.

    Hughes Disney will not put up with your lies.

  3. This explains why Joe attempted to drive off but the vehicle was to damaged. Not being able to drive away Joe fled on foot. Nice twist of events Dan.

  4. Welcome back boys. We missed you.
    Felz was seen drinking at three different election parties last night. Joe’s, SlideBar, PJ23. That alone means very littl4e, but why would the outgoing chief, and Joe’s friend Chief Dan Hughes even get a call to be involved? Why would he speak, perhaps advice Joe, while the incident was still being investigated? Answer: It’s Fullerton kids and that’s how things happen here. This fucking fish has been rotten from the head down for quite some time and these two rotten heads had a nice chat early this morning to make sure it was all sorted.

  5. Isn’t Corbett the one who got caught with a female in the back seat of a department vehicle with a female behind a closed business. Owes his job to Dan who brushed incident under the rug. Corbett uncooperative during investigation.

  6. Dan will help those who help him. He will be a vindictive prick to those he doesn’t like. He will have a Sgt. And a captain (rudisil) lie in an investigation to terminate employment of Officer Paul Irish.

  7. Welcome back boys! Oh how I have missed you.

    How did Imbriano do? 🙂

    I was there last night. He wasn’t drunk. If you think Hughes would chance covering this up, you are nuts. He knew if he did Bushala would come back the next day and open FFFF back up lol.

    I give you credit though. You used alleged this time. You have learned since shutting down to not defame without facts. I’m glad I taught you something.

    Good luck with this.

    Doesn’t matter anyways. Felz only has a few mmoths left.


    1. Haha!

      Always lots of talk about defamation. Number of lawsuits? 0

      Why because lawsuits mean discovery and discovery is baaaaaaad!

  8. Sgt. Corbett?

    I heard of him! a couple of years ago around 2:30am after the bars had closed, an undercover Fullerton Police Sergeant assigned to the Fullerton Police Department’s Narcotics Unit named Jeff Corbett was parked to the rear of a closed medical center located at 401 E. Bastanchury Rd.

    Sergeant Corbett is a close friend and a trusted confidant of Chief Dan Hughes.

    Sergeant Corbett was in a City of Fullerton Police vehicle with a woman who was not his wife. A patrol officer came upon this scene. The old medical offices had been frequently burglarized by crooks stealing scrap metal, feeling a crime was in progress the officer called for back up. Other officers arrived along with Patrol Sergeant Tony Rios.

    The officers shinned their flashlights into the suv and saw the partly clothed occupants climb from the back seat to the front seat. It was at this time Sergeant Corbett was recognized by Sergeant Rios. Without speaking a word, Sergeant Corbett started the city vehicle and was allowed to drive out of the parking lot. The Officers did not pursue or follow the vehicle. The officers did not check to see if the woman in the city vehicle with Sergeant Corbett was ok and consenting. The women in the vehicle is said to work at a downtown bar frequented by Sergeant Corbett. The possible level of intoxication by Sergeant Corbett could not be determined because Corbett was allowed to leave without an investigation being conducted.

    A short time later Sergeant Corbett called dispatch and advised the on-duty dispatcher that he had been in the area of 401 E. Bastanchury and was working. Corbett then called Sergeant Rios and advised him he was working an undercover assignment in the area.

    If Corbett was working at this time in the morning he would clearly be receiving overtime pay.

    It is said that Corbett contacted his subordinates that morning and concocted a story that that entire unit was working and receiving overtime pay when in fact they were off duty hours earlier.

    Sergeant Rios advised his supervisor of what he had witnessed and Chief Hughes was notified. Later that morning Chief Hughes met with Sergeant Corbett for damage control and discussed the incident. It was apparently decided that it would be best for Sergeant Corbett if he was off-duty at the time of the incident. Then the incident could be classified simply as misuse of a city vehicle.

    The undercover city vehicle was promptly sent out to be washed and the interior detailed. (Maybe Sunny Hills Carwash?)

    On previous occasions Chief Dan Hughes has stated in an effort to restore public trust, transparency and confidence any police misconduct investigations involving a Fullerton Police supervisor would be handled by an independent outside investigator. Apparently this case was different, Chief Hughes decided he needed someone he could trust, and Captain George Crum would conduct this investigation.

    Sure phone records and dispatch recordings could prove Sergeant Corbett called dispatch and Sergeant Rios and lied to on-duty police personnel. Interviews of Corbett’s staff could establish where Corbett was drinking prior to the incident. Obtaining video from the bar may have been able to determine how much Corbett had to drink prior to driving a city vehicle and his level of impairment. Interviewing Sergeant Corbett’s female companion may have determined if she had consented to being in the city vehicle with Sergeant Corbett.

    Few at the police department know exactly how thorough of an investigation was conducted or if the investigation was manipulated to suit a predetermined outcome.

    It’s been rumored that prior to interviewing a newer officer who witnessed the incident, Captain Crum said to the Officer something to the effect (you have a long career ahead of you, think about what you are about to say, sometimes we may think we see things that we really didn’t).

    What is clear is that Sergeant Corbett received a 40 hours suspension for misuse of a city vehicle. He was not demoted or reassigned. He was able to keep his position and his ability to generate unprecedented amounts of unquestioned overtime more than 50k in overtime per year.

    It is clear to many employees at the department that if Sergeant Corbett did not have a special relationship with Dan Hughes. Sergeant Corbett would have been fired for his conduct and made a “Brady” officer due to his lying.

    If and when Corbett asked his staff to say they were working overtime at the time of the incident wasn’t Corbett attempting to conspire to commit embezzlement of public funds?

    When Corbett drove out of the parking lot surrounded by on-duty police officers was Sergeant Corbett committing the crime of 148 PC delaying, resisting or obstructing the lawful duties of a police officer. Did the DAR’s of the Officers present record the voices of officers yelling at Sergeant Corbett to stop and submit to the lawful detention?

    Sergeant Corbett certainly demonstrated knowledge that his city vehicle was surrounded by on-duty officers when he called and advised police dispatch that he was on-duty. Do these records and recording still exist?

    Was this incident ever presented to the Orange County District Attorney for review for potential criminal prosecution?

  9. Where is the video of the foot pursuit and Felz being taken into custody at gun point? Come on Danny?? Where’s your transparency??

  10. Chief Dan Hughes is a stand up guy. He’s all about Transparency and Honesty. I want to thank Chief Hughes in advance for releasing to the public the video of the field sobriety test of City Manager Joe Felz given by Sgt. Corbett. I just hope and PRAY chief Hughes will release it so all you haters will stop saying bad things about our beloved chief.

  11. If you haven’t already heard, Chief Danny Hughes is retiring from our police department. We will be hosting a “WALK OF HONOR” ceremony to recognize his 33 years of service with the Fullerton Police Department on Thursday November 10th beginning promptly at 3:00 PM, to the front of our police department. Chief Hughes started his career as a cadet on July 25th 1983, and will work his last day with us on November 11th 2016. Please join us to take part in thanking him for his dedicated service.

          1. Jury spoke loud and clear. Not guilty. All the cops got paid off for violating of their rights and are living the high life now. They know they did the right thing.

  12. Dear City of Fullerton Clowncilmen and Clowcilwomen. The next time you select our next Chief of Police please spend a little bit extra and do a background check.
    Even if he sez he was sent by god he just might be the devil in disguise.

  13. Awesome lol. Some Fullerton cops are running this page now. This is gonnna be good. Really good. Nothing like disgruntled cops. Bushala paying you clowns?

        1. Possibly. I love it when the rats turn on each other. When the chips are down true character emerges. Ha!

  14. At the very least, someone could write a few nice words for the fallen tree, taken down in its youth by recklessness. How we will miss that promise of that fine, young tree.

  15. It’s short notice but I can try.

    Ode to a Fallen Tree

    City Property? You were more to me
    oh poor run down sapling tree
    We paid good money for your install
    only to hear of your untimely fall
    beneath the tires of an alleged Subaru
    driven by the alleged drunk you never knew

  16. This just in, and we have not yet verified our source as being legitimate. But according to someone claiming to be an insider, Joe looked really nervous during the initial stages of the investigation, so the field commander called an audible on the spot. Pam Keller was summoned within minutes to give Joe a hand job. Dan Hughes was not involved in this decision, nor did he witness Joe complete, but it is said that he has privately promised to promote this quick thinking FC on this way out.

  17. Pull the tapes and bar tabs from the three places he was at
    X amount of drinks devised between the time he started and stop will let you know how tossed he was .

  18. Ironically Sgt Corbett was the man in charge at accident and made the call to Chief Hughes. Rumor is Felz was so drunk he could barely stand or speak. Everything is on video from the body cameras of more than one officers that was at the scene. If those gone missing or earased?? Party on Felz!

    And yes Sgt Corbett visits his girlfriend constantly on duty, she lives off of Deer-park

  19. Now that I look at the picture of that parkway and front yard I have to think about the water regulations, especially in light of the remark in another post about the millions of water pumped into Laguna Lake – 150,000 gallons A DAY for who knows how many years. And somehow Fitzgerald and Whitaker never had to answer for this obscene incompetence during their comfortable re-elections.

  20. To Ez. I seriously doubt if Feltz had to pay for a single drink that night. Most of these places even comp mine, and least the first one, and I’m a nobody.

  21. Jenny having her atta’girl party at slime bar is vile.
    Joey partying with PissOff and Jamit Demarco
    Is vile.
    Danny having his gang drive the drunk home is vile.
    Jenny needs to be recalled.
    Joe needs to be jailed and fired.
    Danny needs a walk of shame straight out of here. No pensions, no special treatment.
    And if you think this is the first time Joe Failz has driven drunk you are wrong.

  22. Do you think Felz even cares? He can’t get in trouble for DUI anymore anyways. He’s fully vested in his retirement and leaving anyways. He’s prolly hoping to get a paid vacation anyways lol

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