Adan Ortega Takes Racism & Grifting to San Fernando

Adan Ortega
If you don’t look like him, he can’t represent you.

It didn’t take racist grifter Adan Ortega long to find a new city to help him keep him aboard his little crony gravy train.

You’ll recall that Mr. Ortega was removed from the Metropolitan Water Board of Directors by Fullerton back on 02 February. Now, according to their agenda for 01 March, Ortega is going to be appointed back to that very board by San Fernando.

Adan Ortega - San Fernando
He took his little grift to a town known for getting pounded…

Not even a month went by before he managed to get back on the board that allows him to so easily peddle his municipal lobbying firm “Ortega Solutions” to unsuspecting entities. And just like that the grift keeps on grifting.

That he also peddles in racism & the San Fernando City Council is a-ok with that is further evidence that porn is still the moral and ethical bright spot in the San Fernando Valley.

This just goes to show that Fullerton was right to remove him because representing Fullerton’s  interests was never his agenda – the same as representing San Fernando won’t be going forward. I guess the taxpayers of San Fernando better hope those evil “white people” in Pasadena look out for their best interests because Ortega will be too busy looking out for his own.

8 Replies to “Adan Ortega Takes Racism & Grifting to San Fernando”

  1. Pretty shameful. They couldn’t even find one resident to represent them? Did they even try? Is somebody getting ousted for this little creep?

  2. That scumbag left town pretty fast. I’m sure he will represent the people of San Fernando as well as he represented Fullerton.

  3. Another con man exposed! Ahmad supported this shady moron. Water seeks its own level. Is San Fernando hiring more self righteous idiots? We have one more dipshit named Ahmad we would like to unload. Send inquires to Jennifer Fitzgerald at Pringle & Associates.

  4. Hummm, there is no pay for this position right? Then what’s his angle? Why was it soooo important for him to hop back on? Especially after saying he didnt want to get involved in politics again?
    Move on Adan the gig is up!

      1. Of course he’s peddling hard. If we cleaned out the lobbyists and grifters from the NGOs and the opaque agencies we could fill Angel Stadium.

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