FFFF Ally Appointed to Planning Commission

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It looks like Councilman Fred Jung has appointed a FFFF ally to the Fullerton Planning Commission by way of appointing Jose Trinidad Castaneda III. While it’s true one of our authors poked fun at his failed 2018 candidacy in D5, we’re known to poke fun at anybody and aren’t a hivemind here on FFFF.

What’s important to me personally and gives me hope is that Castaneda endorsed my campaign for City Council back in 2016.

Castaneda endorsed me not once but at least twice (that I saw), which is more than I can say for a certain Orange Juice Blogger who endorsed me and then rescinded said endorsement because politics and “prior commitments” before learning I existed and was more awesome.

JCTIII Endorses Me 2

Here’s hoping that some of the more egregious things I’ve heard about Castaneda are not true and that he is looking to represent all of Fullerton in his new duties.

That Castaneda endorsed me in 2016 shows, if nothing else, that he made some good choices 4 years ago. Let’s hope he keeps doing the same.

16 Replies to “FFFF Ally Appointed to Planning Commission”

  1. From his newly elevated position on the Planning Commission, I really hope he can legislate away my college debt and ban machine guns.

  2. I’ve never heard anything but long-winded nonsense from this individual – a dyed-in-the-wool left and staff apologist.

  3. Don’t judge people so quickly.

    I’ll put money down he’ll be a million times better on important issues facing Fullerton than Chris Garter, Kathleen “bury my head in the sand” Shanfield, and Lobbyist Habsburg ever was!

    Go Jose!

    1. A million times better? Here’s my prediction: no difference, just more self-serving pseudo-intellectual clap-trap.

  4. Chris was a meathead. Perfect example of another Fitzgerald idiot! Don’t be so quick to knock this guy when the last guy was a total loser. Fullerton you forget waaaay too easy.

  5. I didn’t know it was possible for one city to F up so much, but Fullerton is living proof. I was born there and I am ashamed to drive through the streets of what that city has become……Gigantic potholes and all. What a freaking cesspool.

    Seems like the city can never get out of its own way. It’s just one giant cluster F. Self-important self-serving bastards, all of them

    Fullerton needs to be wiped off the map and a restart.

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