Friends for Fullerton’s Future on the News


You may have heard that the City of Fullerton sent this blog, and me specifically, a Cease and Desist letter owing to some of the recent posts here, here & here by FFFF contributor Lonnie Machin.

Well KFI news picked up the story and has been running a few segments on the hour and the half-hour rotating in and out since yesterday. Here’s a sample of what’s been airing:

If you happen to have recorded a copy of the other pieces which aired let us know.

7 Replies to “Friends for Fullerton’s Future on the News”

  1. Congratulations getting this out there and heard! City Hall, FPD, and FUHS/Administration needs to be turned upside down so this community can finally have clear and transparent answers to all the lying, hiding, and covering up.

      1. Anaheimer, you might be on to something. Fullerton had 26 water wells in service for the past 50 years. I read somewhere that six of those wells have recently been closed. Reason? The OCWD found a chemical in the ground water called TCE. Can’t have that in the drinking water. It’ll make you crazy, and stupid. Very stupid.

        But, how do you explain Anaheim electing a guy like your mayor Clownshoes Sidhu?.

  2. Constant abuse of power and weak leadership in Fullerton and other municipalities. City Staff and PD need to learn that they are not above the law and need to be held accountable.

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