Paulette Chaffee’s Silence Could Cost Taxpayers

If Paulette Marshall Chaffee receives the most votes in the District 5 Election on 06 November – will she resign the office or allow herself to be sworn in?

It’s not a tough question but Mrs. Chaffee has refused to talk to anybody or answer any questions. I emailed both campaigns asking for comment before posting the original sign theft post. No comments or responses came. Likewise Voice of OC, KTLA, Fox11 and the OCRegister have all tried to get various answers from her to no avail. She has ignored them all. She has also, by way of her silence, manipulated the voters in District 5 by sending mixed signals.

With her signs still hanging all over the district, her mail still hitting voter mailboxes and her husband’s campaign overlapping her own race (which throws a few percentage points at her by sheer name association)  she is, by all visible metrics, still running despite her Facebook and website deactivations.

With consideration of how power signs can be in an election, which I know from personal experience, I opted to do some research.

I started by looking at her 460 disclosure forms and found that she used Cogs South and Impact Signs to print and place her campaign signs. The signs cost her $470.oo to place ($3/sign plus distance charge).


Cogs South are the local go-to for signs and are great people to work with so I also took the liberty of giving them a call. When I asked if a candidate could pay Impact Signs to remove signs I was assured the answer was yes with the only qualifier of it maybe taking a few days. When I asked how much it would cost to have the signs removed, being that that $3/sign cost included post-election takedowns, I was told no more than that cost again. Most likely less.

Even if we assume the same cost per sign again, it would cost Paulette Marshall Chaffee one phone call and $470.00 to have her signs removed from around District 5.


That’s what Chaffee is unwilling to spend to show that she really is suspending her campaign.

She could have called off her post-“suspension” mail piece. She chose not to do that.

She could pay less than $500 to have her signs removed. She chooses not to do that.

This from the candidate who bought a condo valued at 4x the median household income of Fullerton, over $250,000, to represent the poorest district.


This from the candidate who has loaned herself $30,000 to run for council while her husband has loaned himself $500,000 to run for Supervisor.

Add another $50K this last week to that total.

This from the candidate who paid canvassers $400.00/week to walk District 5 to get her name out.


The integrity of votes of District 5 residents aren’t worth that paltry sum.

Chaffee is so committed to silence that the OC Register article states the following:

Kaufman Legal Group, which is handling Marshall-Chaffee’s electoral matters, said it is not authorized to comment.

While it is true that according to the Fullerton Observer Paulette Marshall Chaffee has claimed that she has suspended her campaign, that has no legal relevancy and as a lawyer, and wife of our current Mayor, I expect her to know this much.


Her “suspension” comes with no paperwork or legal duties and is simply empty rhetoric masquerading as a campaign action. The way the laws on the books are written she could die and still win the election per the CA Elections Code:

Even if she dies…

California Code, Elections Code – ELEC § 8803
(b) No vacancy on the ballot for a voter-nominated office at a general election shall be filled.  If a candidate who is entitled to appear on the general election ballot dies, the name of that candidate shall appear on the general election ballot and any votes cast for that candidate shall be counted in determining the results of the election for that office.  If the deceased candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for the office, he or she shall be considered elected to that office and the office shall be considered vacant at the beginning of the term for which the candidate was elected.  The vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as if the candidate had died after taking office for that term.

Thus saying “I’m suspending my campaign” doesn’t mean anything from a legal or practical standpoint.

The voters have a right to know what she plans to do if they manage to check her name more than the opposition considering she refuses to pay the equivalent of one paid canvasser for one week to have her signs removed.

We also need to know from a city financial standpoint.

While the OCRegister claims that “[i]t’s uncertain what will happen if she wins the election” that is simply not true. One of two things would have to happen legally:

  1. She wins and claims the will of the voters needs to be preserved and allows herself to be seated on council.
  2. She stays true to her suspension and resigns her position immediately upon certification and/or swearing in thereby forcing a special election upon the District per our municipal code.

That special election could cost the city $50,000+. Actual cost estimates are unknown currently and are being investigated at my request by the Fullerton City Clerk’s office and OC Registrar of Voters.

Mayor Doug Chaffee said the following at the last Fullerton city council meeting:

“As to my wife, I am putting my husband hat on, she has learned the hard lesson of what’s it like to run for office and she need some care and comfort and as her husband I’m going to give her as much of that as she needs.”

So Paulette Marshall Chaffee won’t comment. Mayor Chaffee won’t comment in his official capacity. Their legal teams aren’t allowed to comment. They also won’t remove her “suspended” campaign from public view.

Why is honesty so difficult for our elected and wannabe elected officials?

42 Replies to “Paulette Chaffee’s Silence Could Cost Taxpayers”

  1. Well Paulette “suspended” her campaign, she didn’t “resign” from it. So she is hoping that she will win. Does anyone know if the Spanish news was called? There are many Spanish speaking voters in district 5 who only watch the news in Spanish. The other day, I received a Spanish campaign flyer for Doug Chafee in the mail. If I didn’t know what was going on, I probably would have voted for him.

      1. Chaffee already did. You obviously were not in the library room that hot August night with no live feed when Chaffee got cold feet and did what he did. I was. I know how the plan was supposed to go down with Tony’s attempt to stack the council. I have written on it extensively on the flatearthinformer. I abandonded all hope in Bushala long ago. He is a developer. He is the father of all high density transit oriented development in Fullerton. You all need to wake up and stop calling other people names.

        1. Just keep saying it: the Earth is a ball, the Earth is a ball, NASA is not Satan…”

  2. Ah, but the high density housing, that’s, that’s where I had him, they laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, with geometric logic, that Tony Bushala was trying to stack the city council with high density proponents, and I’ve had produced that key if they hadn’t pulled the FFFF blog out of action. I, I know now they were only trying to protect some fellow developer… Naturally, I can only cover these things from memory. If I left anything out, why, just ask me specific questions and I’ll be glad to answer them, one by one.

  3. TONY is the father of all high density transit oriented development in Fullerton. He parlayed a half a mill and stacked the council. All he got Fullerton was fireworks as he created the vacuum that gave us Chaffee while he gave his buddy Nelson’s darling Fitzpringle a total pass for 2 election cycles. Why? Well stupid its because FITZPRINGLE never met a development project she didn’t like. Ironically Chaffee was the one that screwed the whole plan up by passing on the DCCSP and thus the reason for his wife and now Doug Himself being the object of his derision. Tony would have no problem with that monstrosity on Harbor pictured on the Chaffee hit piece going in on one of his many properties. History cannot and will not be rewritten. Calling people names changes nothing.

    1. Haha.

      The little psycho-gnome with the Kevlar wig hasn’t scribbled a single thing about Pilfering Paulette. That’s proof that the psycho-gnome has made a deal with the Chaffees to leave them alone.

    2. The density at the SOCO Walk is 20 units per acre. The SOCO Walk are condos (home owners), it actually lessened the density of what was on the property prior to it being built.

      The new apartment buildings going up all over town are all 60 units per acre. No sale, Joe.

  4. No, but I can remember lots of times Inebriano took credit for accomplishments he had no real role in.

    1. Given that fact that the little psycho-gnome has never accomplished anything, that’s all he can do.

      1. This is not true. You guys are name calling liars.

        Joe has made a sign. Several signs. With cardboard.

        By himself.

        You guys need to grow up, wake up, and get with the program. I expect to see all of you outside of a school making little girls uncomfortable to go to class, just like this guy.

        But you probably can’t even make a sign, and if you did, it would be out of normal paper. Loosers.

    1. Poor, sad little psycho-gnome. All alone now that Bigmouth Barry walked away from the Holocaust denier.

      All is not lost. There are hundreds of billions of people online who are just dying to learn all about the flat earth, sky pilot Lucifer, microwave ovens, false flag massacres, pizza store kiddie porn rings and other fun stuff.

      1. You five kids cannot seem to find your way out of Tony’s sandbox. Tony has been excluded from developing all of his properties because he was outfoxed by the players. Chaffee really screwed it all up tabling the DCCSP. He thought he had it rigged lock stock and barrell until the walls came tumblin down when Travis broke his last political axle being run over by 65 votes. It has all been downhill from there. The clowns he installed-Bruce and Greg who are total political failures, and of course the gift he gave Fullerton-Fitzpringle, has delivered nothing in return for the half million he plunked down on the table. Three times with it all on the passline and a 2, 3 and 12 came up with Bruce, Greg and Jennifer.

        1. There are four lights, nitwit. Or fourteen, we can’t remember.


          1. I’m sort of shocked. Joe Embriano, the face of all that’s right and good and true has teamed up with the Chaffees? I guess it must be true. He hasn’t uttered a word against their scampaigns.

            Way to go Little Joe!

  5. I’m sort of shocked. Joe Embriano, the face of all that’s right and good and true has teamed up with the Chaffees? I guess it must be true. He hasn’t uttered a word against their scampaigns.

    Way to go Little Joe!

    1. Chaffee is the mayor from hell and a union goon. Regardless whether you want to admit it or not, Doug Chaffee has done more to save Fullerton than anyone of Tony’s plants on the council, like Travis, Bruce, Greg or Jennifer. While only for his selfish motivation of being reelected Doug Chaffee’s cold feet that hot August night in the library room where we converged on the council with no live feed, Chaffee stopped the DCCSP in its tracks. That one vote he cast is his egocentric self political preservation mode stopped the building of 10 story buildings and the addition of tens of thousands of high density units from going in all over Fullerton. That one vote that Chaffee cast destroyed your grand master flash’s dream of his massive payday.

      1. So inebriano and Chaffee are now allies! I knew it. Two morally bankrupt sociopaths have found each other in the dark corner of Fullerton politics. I guess it had to be. Ever since Bigmouth Barry bolted from the Holocaust denier poor psycho gnome has needed a new boyfriend. Tag, Chaffee, you’re it!

  6. I thought this article was about Paulette? Why are you people coming unglued over Joe? If he’s so insignificant why do you all seem so intent on making such an issue of him?

  7. Nobody was talking about Joe until Joe started talking about Joe and trying to hijack the thread. He’s the one who comes onto FFFF and tries to make everything about him and his funhouse mirror version of reality. He’s the one obsessed about us, not the other way around. You may well be as delusional as he is if you can’t see that.

    1. Crazy Little Kevlar-capped Joe’s website is only visited by similarly brain-dead cranks and froot loops.

  8. Have there been any Paulette sightings at all or has she really gone down her rabbit hole for good? Has anybody even seen her at her fake address?
    P.S. I sure hope FFFFs super-sleuths follow title on her fake “residence” so we can see how long it takes her to dump that dump.

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