A Hamel Timeline and Conflict Problem

Chief Hamel and Wife

Was Kathryn Hamel’s Settlement Agreement, to bypass disclosure laws, the byproduct or possibly even the direct result of inter-departmental nepotism and favoritism?

The following email shows that the Internal Affairs investigation into Lieutenant Katheryn Hamel started on or around August 02, 2018.

This smells of a conflict considering the date of that fateful Lady Antebellum concert (August 24, 2018) in which Chief Hendricks, Hamel’s then-boss, allegedly committed battery against an EMT.


This means that Katheryn Hamel was actively being investigated by Fullerton PD’s Internal Affairs division while her husband, Irvine Police Chief Mike Hamel, was overseeing the investigation of Katheryn Hamel’s supervisor Captain Oliveras and boss Chief Hendricks.

This information forces us to at least consider a conflict of interest between departments which was kept from the public both at the time and since. We knew of the Hamel connection between departments but not that Fullerton’s Hamel was under investigation at the direction of then-Chief Hendricks.

Instead of sending the Chief Hendricks battery case immediately to an outside agency, Irvine PD appears to have been allowed to complete their investigation.

Wait Wut

Will our own City Council publicly ask the new Chief of Police, Robert Dunn, who was in charge during this fiasco, why this was allowed to play out in such a suspicious way? Don’t count on it. After all, they hired Dunn as permanent Chief last night and tried to do it on the Consent Calendar with zero public input.

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  1. Anti transparancy laws do NOT protect police. They protect misconduct. If anything, Hendricks would have benefitted immensly if this information had been disclosed to the public and the Council.

  2. Your KFI News release was a masterpiece. Let’s get this global. The public deserves the truth of ALL coverups and KFI News loved your honest journalism and gave you incredible credit today. Was great knowing at least your doing your job-and well might I add. Thanks Lonnie

  3. This council is losing public trust fast. It’s a disgrace what we witness in those halls these days.
    … What Silva said last night in response to Whittakers concern about Chief Dunn confirmation only being on the consent calendar without public venting process. He said in sorry, it’s my fault,it was my mistake…ok, now let’s vote.
    It seems to be a strategy of his playing both sides and then apologinzing to make up for the unfortunate misdead. We are only twice the victim from Mr. Nice guy. He can be heard many times taking one side an then switching and saying we will make an exception only this time. As far as I’m concerned Flirts vote does not count. She is not a representative of the public and is only a sneaky appointment and self promotion. Her and Paullete pulled a fast one. It’s time for protest this is getting ugly real fast.

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