18 Replies to “Help Identify a Thief in Fullerton”

  1. With all that campaign money you think she could hite someone else to do that.

    On the other hand, she is an attorney and knows that even if she hired someone else, she would still be implicated in the crime.

  2. uhhh, that looks like it could be Paulette the carpetbagger herself taking the sign down. She have a white Jeep Cherokee?

  3. That is Paulette Chaffee stealing the sign.

    This needs to be reported to the FPD, what are the odds they can’t identify her?

    Thief’s are not look at too kindly when they’re running for office.

    1. Typical Paulette move too. Just like the Quirk-Silva’s, CAUGHT! They can’t help their own power hungry, greedy selves. #LimousineLiberals

  4. It’s good to see her down here in the 5th district helping us common people clean up our neighborhoods.

  5. We shoulda seen this coming, when she stole Baxter’s Chaffee sign out of his trash can where he had emphatically tossed it when Doug refused to speak up for Kelly Thomas.

    I guess this woman just feels she has the right. And her huge financial advantage and name recognition isn’t enough, for the carpetbaggerette.

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