The Scam

Disillusioned Ex-Hippy has just written a nice piece about how the Voice of OC got conned into publishing a completely one-sided story on the defeated Trail to Nowhere, replete with the same falsehoods being printed by Saskia Kennedy and her mother, Sharon, who are responsible for the editorials of the Fullerton Observer.

The narrative is simple: poor, underserved Latinos are fighting City Hall to get “nice things.” Of course it was lapped up by Voice reporter Hosam Elattar who took the bait and the hook along with it. The whole thing is a genuine and popular uprising of hard working folk taking time away from their jobs, etc., etc.

But there’s a problem with this story, one that we already know about. And that is that the ongoing “protest,” such as it is, was ginned up by D5 councilman Ahmad Zahra to embarrass his political opponents on the Fullerton City Council. And this little scheme has been aided and abetted by the Kennedy clan every step of the way.

So get this.

On October 4th the Fullerton Observer is inviting people to show up at Independence Park that afternoon to talk about ways to improve Fullerton. No mention is made of protest signs and walks along the railroad tracks with narration provided by one Egleth Nunnci, Zahra’s loyal, go-to Latina foot soldier. Anyone seeing this message might believe they were going to discuss improving Independence Park and would hardly expect to hear the propaganda that has nothing to do with Independence Park. Neither would they expect a photojournalist (and maybe even a reporter) to be in attendance to report on a political protest, with signs handed out for fun.

What a sad, albeit sort of funny little scam, but just the sort of small-scale chisel Zahra watchers have come to expect. Now, it’s likely that nobody seeing that message even showed up, and that the trail hikers were all Zahra brand crisis actors. Nevertheless, the willingness to deliberately mislead citizens like this is pretty reprehensible even for the self-important and self-righteous Kennedy family.

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    1. Self-righteous is right, and don’t forget pig-headedly dense. Almost militantly stupid.

      Old Ralph was self-righteous as could be but he wasn’t nearly so dumb as his progeny.

      1. Yeah but old Ralphie would never let integrity get in the way of his narrative, either. He’d brush off some deception and claim it served the greater. good. The distaff side of the family does seem to be especially nuts.

  1. How is the trash Observer still around? Only retired teachers read it because it makes them feel good about taking a gravy pension from the public. Who subscribes or advertises with this socialist editorial nonsense?

    1. “How is the trash Observer still around?”

      People read it. I suspect a lot more people than read this blog.

      1. Don’t be too sure about that. Poor Skashia is now running political press releases to look like that sorry affair is a real news source instead of a Fullerton propaganda mill for looney libs.

        FFFF once got over 50,000 hits one day.

  2. “the ongoing “protest,” such as it is, was ginned up by D5 councilman Ahmad Zahra to embarrass his political opponents on the Fullerton City Council.”

    Fiddle faddle. Protests and public interest are normally organized. That’s how you get things done. Informing the public, building consent. There’s no such thing as a protest that is not “ginned up.”

    It seems more like jealousy. It’s clearly trail coverage here 24/7, but you have ZERO public support. Blogging is the least you can do. It’s also the most you’re willing to do.

    Maybe you need to buy a support gin and start manufacturing since NOT building a class 1 trail is so incredibly important to the Friends for Bushala’s Interests.

    I don’t think anyone here has the energy.

    1. And are political protests advertised like that? Undo you brain knot. Fortunately nobody was fooled except the Voice reporter.

    2. Blogging in the only thing Mr. John? You might be best served understanding the long history of the city you call home. Bushala has put his money where his mouth is – unlike you Mr. John – making sure Fullerton stays accountable to the taxpayers. If he has a problem with the trail, it is probably because it is not what it seems. Why don’t you ask him rather than assuming you know better without knowing any of the history of the city?

      1. “Bushala has put his money where his mouth is – unlike you Mr. John – making sure Fullerton stays accountable to the taxpayers.”

        Accountable? He is pursuing his interests and he’s welcome to. But he doesn’t represent me as a taxpayer, that’s for fucking sure.

        But thanks for confirming FFFF = Bushala.

        1. Even if this statement were true it doesn’t add or detract from common sense and reason we use to talk about the useless Trail to Nowhere, whose advocates can’t help but embroider it with untruths and outright lies. Just like the ones used in the grant application.

    3. Tony Bushala has done more for Fullerton by accident than you ever could on purpose. What this blog has always done is shine a light on the hypocrisy, fraud, political corruption, political correctness and general ass-clownery perpetrated by the never-ending parade of incompetent boobs, miscreants and human toilets that have turned Fullerton a complete laughingstock. Your childlike devotion to the government apparatus is endearing if not fucking stupid. You’re a clown, Hoogerbooger. Always remember that, Clown.

      1. A cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

        This rabid anti tax bullshit is a cancer on our community. This anti trail nonsense, which turns away money to realize a leg of the bicycle plan is a great example of ideology making things worse. At least for the true believers. I continue to believe this is more about private interests getting their way for reasons that are not public.

        1. Bushala was fighting for Kelly Thomas against a rogue police force when you and you useless boohoo natterers were hiding in fear behind your drawn curtains. Oh, no, that’s too scary. We love our cops. We don’t know why that man died.

        2. “A cancer on our community”? JRH loves to use hyperbole! Taxes are already high across the state and in Fullerton but it simply not enough for profligate angry elves like JRH who love to squander other people’s money to pander to a constituency. I used to think JRH just wasn’t using his brain. Now, I question whether he has one at all!

        3. I can’t force you to agree with me Johnny. I can’t force you to be right. You’re about as full of hot air or $hit as the liars you defend and the stupid “values” you trumpet. Dumbass!

    4. We can’t help noticing how the anonymous pseudonymed replies share the same trollish quality. I respect and listen to people with opinions opposed to mine but those who hide their identity as they carp and backstab … not so much. Thanks, John.

      1. Poor little snowflake. Read these pages and you might learn something you’ll never find in the Fullerton Observer.

        1. Are you guys aware of the bully effect? When people see someone get treated unfairly and name-called you instantly feel sympathy for that person and are drawn to their side. I know little about Bushala. Maybe he is responsible for taverns bringing great music and cameraderie to Fullerton. Maybe not. But when I see idiotic anonymous namecallers and bullies supporting him (or maybe he is one of them) I, like most people’s default position is against him. So even though I doubt I and the namecallers will ever be on the same side of an issue, if that should ever happen, do us both a favor and keep your mouths shut. Thank you.

          1. “I, like most people’s default position is against him”

            Speaking for “most people?” How typical. Try just speaking for yourself, if you can.

            Since you “know little about him” (nevertheless it’s basis of more pontification) you might try to find out from someone other than Sanskia Kennedy and her mother who have used their squalid little rag to slander him.

            The comments about taverns and great music and camaraderie makes no sense at all. I, like most people don’t know what you’re babbling about.

        1. For the boohoos its ALWAYS “we.” But they’re mostly just a small gaggle of uninformed ideologues hoping to waste somebody else’s money so they can feel good about some dumb abstract idea.

  3. What do you want from Skaskia. She just stood up babbling about the Phase III along property the City doesn’t even and won’t own. She’s babbling about people in DTF (somehow, God knows) using the Trail to Nowhere to get to the Hunt branch. She’s so dumb she doesn’t know the right of way ends at the bridge over Harbor – and
    on the wrong side of the tracks.

    Maybe she really is that stupid. She’s repeating Alice Loya’s lies that even the City has given up on.

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