Chip Chimes In On Chaffee

First Fox11, now KTLA. It looks like the news is starting to take notice of the Mayor’s wife’s pilfering.

Paulette Marshall Chaffee has also moved into Stage 3 in Kübler-Ross model of grief.

We saw denial when there was no acknowledgement. Anger when she suspended her campaign blaming toxicity. Now she’s at bargaining as she’s hired an attorney according to Chip Yost with KTLA:

12 Replies to “Chip Chimes In On Chaffee”

  1. Her defense attorney has no comment.

    The City of Fullerton has no comment.

    Mayor Doug Chaffee has no comment.

    It sounds like we’re going back into cover-up mode.

  2. Com’on folks – this is old news, and was litigated LAST WEEK! Move on! Can’t stay in the past- ONWARD TO A BETTER FUTURE WITH CHAFEE PAULET MARSHAL WHATEVER!!1!
    What, you hate xir or something?

  3. I haven’t heard a peep from Bushala since he tried to buy the City with Kelly’s blood. He seems to have found another reason to be in front of the camera and try to buy off the City again!! All I could think of when I was watching him on Channel 11 was where is his bong and his roosters and what a epic mullet he has!! Bushala is gonna make mullets Great Again!! Chaffee mama is a dummy. She really didn’t know there are cameras everywhere now? LOL

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