Newman Recall?

That didn’t take long. Radio host and former San Diego City Councilman Carl Demaio is starting a recall effort against Fullerton’s own state Senator Josh Newman. Here is Carl on the John and Ken show yesterday discussing Newman’s participation in the massive $5.2 billion California tax hike.

John and Ken reckon that Fullerton is a great place to kick off a rage-fueled recall effort. History says they’re right. It will be fun to see if Newman can be held accountable for his massive error.

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    1. The problem isn’t just about where the money goes but about how top heavy management cost are with CALTRANS. Senator Newman did author a constitutional amendment to ensure monies taxed will go to roads. NOTE: if the recall is successful I will personally see to it the Republicans pay a very high price for that recall.

  1. Newman sure fooled me. This should be fun and entertaining, John and Ken coming to Fullerton, again.

    1. Newman managed to get through the whole election cycle without saying a single concrete thing. You can be all things to all people on the campaign trail. In office you have to vote on stuff.

      1. I wonder if Tony Bushala is going help on this one. He has the money and experience in recalling, but understand and don’t know why he and Newman had a coming to Jesus.

  2. Poor Josh. if only he had listened to his constituents instead of the politicians. Well, live and learn, I guess.

  3. While we are at it. Can we have a 2 for 1? There are a few council members I’d like to see recalled. Lol

  4. As far as I am concerned the more we get taxed the better off we are. There is a great virtue in being taxed. It shows how good and compassionate you are and how much you value your government.

    Taxes are good. More taxes are better. Get used to it: your moral development is coming.

    1. Let us know how you like Russia, or maybe Venzuela, you communist! Tell us all one communistic country where the ” regular people” are prospering and happy and free.

      1. And we are so happy and free here in the land of Fullerton where Fitzgerald has let the streets go to ruin, where she has broken the budget and lied about it, and where she has turned over the city to a lawless band of cops whose favorite phrase has gone from “stop resisting” to “not guilty, your honor.”

        Russia doesn’t seem all that bad.

        1. Send me your address- I am happy to help you pack. Fitzgerald got more road repair done during her term as mayor than any other recent. Don’t forget- it’s more than laying asphalt. We pay enough in taxes already but the ” progressives” would rather redirect funds for infrastructure to entitlements for people who are more and more dependent on those entitlement programs. They just keep growing, instead of helping people become self sufficient. But that’s what communists/socialists count on.

          1. “Fitzgerald got more road repair done during her term as mayor than any other recent.”

            Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

          2. The only thing Fitzgerald got done as mayor is lie about the the disastrous Fullerton municipal meltdown. Well she did hand out some stupid coins with her name on them. So she’s got that going for her.

            BTW, her boss has been a lobbyist for some of those entitlement freeloaders so you’d better run your comments by SparkyFitz in the future.

          3. Probably doesn’t help that the city pays almost 80% of the police and fire departments.

            Oh that’s right, Jennifer signed the pledge to their unions to support their pay raises that is subtly submerging the rest of Fullerton’s needs thst may arise.

    2. Taxes are good and you are a normal rational human being in bizarre opposite world! LOL! Wow! They have you right where the want you buddy!

  5. I supported josh, met him several times, posted about him endlessly, really seemed to be somebody who may have the stones to follow his moral north and not his party leadership. A leadership that did f#ck all to help him in the primary. Without those signs Bushsla put up against the carpet bagger Josh’s political aspirations would have hit their high water mark when he was the MC at aNUFF forum. josh must know that this tax hits the working poor and middle class the hardest. He must know that for things to change people need to see how their government is failing them, and throwing more money at it does not fix shit. I don’t believe he has done enough to be recalled, but unless I see something soon which indicates he is capable of thinking and acting for himself in he very near future, I certainly am not going to burn any calories opposing recall efforts. Jesus man this was your perfect chance to show the people that you were different, opposing this would have benefited you endlessly, and it would have been the right thing to do. who the f#ck advises you? Your popularity with the voters would have protected you from the scorn of party hacks.

    As for Pam Glee Club Keller’s recognition and reward, I find this f#cking offensive. More offensive than my saying “fucking”. Her task force on homelessness refused to even address all those camping tickets that were being issued, to the homeless. I would very much like FFFF to post her wacked defense of the cops at city council years ago. She was more offended at protesters yelling and breaking rules of order, than she was at the gang bang beating death of a unarmed homeless person she claims to give a shit about. She has never done any good for anyone without posting about it on social media. F*ck her and every spineless liberal like her. If you stay silent on the illegalization of the condition of homelessness, in a city that has no shelter, you are not helping. And those f#cking socks and backpacks your little task force handed out, dont mean shit. when the homeless get arrested for unpaid tickets, which many did, all that shit gets thrown out by those cops she loves so much. But that does not matter because Pam already had her photo op. So f#ck you too Josh for being so gullible, there is no way the field was so thin that this fraud was the best choice. You did this to get her soccer mom libs to volunteer for you next time round. Real liberals get their hands dirty, and there is a real shortage of that in Fullerton.

    If you read this Josh, dont fucking reach out to be unless you have something real to say. Otherwise I’m not interested.

    1. On Newman: Josh is VERY clever at talking blithely about alternatives, but I always wondered what he would really do when the chips were down. Now we know.

      FFFF long ago noted Keller’s propensity to play the woman-about-town, gladhanding and taking credit for other people’s work; and running her stupid and incompetent “Collaborative.” Anything she does is based on being able to look like she is performing good deeds. She isn’t.

      Keller is just one of MANY old guard liberals including Sharon and Rusty Kennedy, Molly McClanacan’t, Jan Flory, Vice Buck, and a lot of others who stood by as cheerleaders for the corrupt police department that among other crimes killed KT.

      These sorry bastards are always nattering generalities and abstrations about this or that, but when push came to shove they acted no differently than their pals in e Republican old guard. Many of these people supported the odiously corrupt Jennifer Fitzgerald for re-election. And that tells us all we need to know about them.

      1. Not quite fair to label them all as “cheerleaders” for the cops although Keller and Flory and Chaffee definitely were, and of course Rusty Kennedy gets his pay from them. But the lib old guard was universally eloquent in its silence, a silence that was just as damning as being a cheerleader. So maybe there’s not much difference after all.

      2. I agree with every syllable. Spot on. They even supported Bankhead, and seldom support Jane rands. I’m as liberal as they come, but all I see from my side are selfish, self righteous pragmatists, who when everything is said and done care only about period appropriate door knobs, bike paths, composting and their property values. I belive that their support of the police is based in their unblinking support of unions. Well liberals, unions were created to protect the little guy from the man, if you are the fucking man that shit does not count. Off the top if my head I cant even think of anyone I would support for city council who is registered as a Democrat. Maybe Jesse Latour, if we toughened him up a little, but that’s not going to happen is it?

  6. I would say that Vince Buck did not do much to help, but he also did not cheer for the cops. I had quite a few conversations about this very topic with him. He simply said his fire did not burn as hot as it used to, but he did support some of my efforts from behind the scene, on occasion with sone useful inside info.

    1. His fire did not burn as hot as it used to? Hell this boob is as useless a tool as they come. Apart from advocating bike lanes this tool is nothing. He got his tenure and his government pension. Bought and paid for from the day he took that pathetic TA stipend and lectured pimply frosh on the virtues of big government.

    2. So Vince Buck was kind of not ok with murdering homeless people? I’m glad we finally got to the bottom of that.

      1. He certainly did not cheer lead for the cops. Prove me wrong. That’s all I was saying. I was not nominating him for man of the year, just saying he should not be lumped in with the others. If you can’t comprehend that this was all I was doing, that’s on you.

  7. Went to his “coffee” meet. The council member (duel meet) didn’t know what month it was, this was @ 9 in the morning. Josh couldn’t look any one on the eye, never answered a single question to our satisfaction, a politician. The guy has no business being a “LEMMING” as it is. Recall! I have already signed the partition with 4 people coming to my residence for a signature, wish I could sign more than once.

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