Fullerton Observer Fails at Local Journalism

I’m glad to see that Woodward and Bernstein over at the Fullerton Observer have decided to deviate from their usual city council puffery in order to run a twopart summary of the Mueller Report. Lord knows not enough people are covering THAT story in the media. It sure shows the local journalist chops at work in the local media to… rehash what the entire global media establishment won’t shut up about.

Observer Mueller

Normally I wouldn’t take time out of my day to poke fun at the Observer but I need to point something out for the sake of clarity. If you search for the Observer on Google or go to their About Us page they ask for money from people in order to… wait for it:

Protect local journalism –”

I’m pretty sure this website has broken more local news in Fullerton in the last few weeks alone than the Observer has in a decade and we got hit with an ethically and legally dubious Cease and Desist letter from the “City Prosecutor” for our efforts.

When we were being threatened by City Hall where was the Observer? They’ve been silent on the whole issue because of course they have been. They likely won’t report on anything critical of the city we’ve published without us identifying our sources but no source info is needed for that Cease and Desist letter and yet still radio silence.

Sadly, as has been the case for far too long, if the Observer isn’t crying about the liberal cause-de-jour they’re spending their column space blowing smoke up the skirts of city bureaucrats and avoiding any issue that might shed light on how things actually function in our local government. It may be a bad look to call one’s staff “journalists” if you function more as a local government PR firm.

Maybe after the city follows up on their anti-First Amendment threats against this blog, and one of our contributors, the Observer will have raised enough money to “protect local journalism” in order to actually write about the issue. But don’t hold your breath.

Maybe the Story is Down Here

33 Replies to “Fullerton Observer Fails at Local Journalism”

  1. I thought that Latoor Guy was running the Observer now, but it smells like Sharon Kennedy is still calling the shots.

    1. Would love to hear perspective on the Fullerton police officer involved shooting of a 17 year old female that resulted in her death a couple days ago. FPD , Anaheim has issued a very limited statement. And, very little details have been released. Only witnesses have been interviewed. The FPD police officer, per the statement , still had not been interviewed. Interesting to see what FPD officer was involved and what exactly led to a altercation on the freeway with a 17 year old female that called for the officer to shoot his gun……

    1. The Observer doesn’t care about what the city government does to journalists. That’s bad.

    2. But who needs the Observer when we have FFFF breaking important Fullerton news. FFFF should be ecstatic that they are getting stories nobody else gets.

  2. The fist picture of murder victim Kelly Thomas printed by the Observer was a mugshot. It set the stage the police wanted for treating the victim as if he were the criminal. Having said that, Jesse La Tour is a friend and a good guy. He was not a part of the paper back then,

      1. And was beaten to death by a cop who should not have been a cop. For possibly pulling car handles from a third hand account. I have caught homeless trash pulling my handles and looking in the back of my truck, all I can do is yell, not kill them. Then I am not a cop.

    1. Or.was Miller? Apparently, Miller has two “kills” under his “tool belt”.

      17 year old girl waving, pointing, toking on a gun? Okay, turns out to be a vape.

      But, but, but, he feared for his life.

      Go get’m Gary!

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  5. Please cover the FPD officer involved shooting in which a 17 year old female was killed. Especially since there’s been such a lack of transparency starting with the press released statement. And, even more so since there’s mention of her waving around vape and not a handgun .

  6. VP? But who is responsible for the lack of security at Disneyland.

    Dan Hughes is the Vice President of Security and Emergency Services at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. He is responsible for the oversight and execution of Security Operations, Security Investigations, Intelligence, Backgrounds, Community Watch, Guest First Aid, Fire Department, Emergency Preparedness, and Emergency Response services related to all areas of the resort.

  7. No response, no action, no plan?
    If Micky would have shown up for work drunk Disney Dan would have known exactly what to do.
    Who recommended him for that job anyway?

    Maybe he was drunk that day too.

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