Fight a Paramedic, Win a $100K


Remember when Chief Hendricks left Fullerton after his run-in with some paramedics at a Lady Antebellum concert?

It looks like we hired a PR firm to polish the turd of a Press Release and even the consultant admitted that Domer slobbering all over Hendricks looked bad since we were paying Hendricks to leave (emphasis added):

Hendricks Draft Notes

“We’ve had a chance to look at the draft releases and to read your summary of where things stand. We are concerned that if there is an quotation in the release from you – and the settlement with the Chief is made public later – this could come back to hurt you and diminish your credibility, since people will wonder why you spoke so effusively about a person who was effectively paid to leave.”

But how much did we pay him? Over $100K, that’s how much.

Hendricks Dollars Value

Most people who get charged with battery get a perp walk and not a golden handshake. It must be nice to live on that side of the government. This, for obvious reasons, was left out of the press release.

16 Replies to “Fight a Paramedic, Win a $100K”

  1. These crooks spend our money to protect their own images from the consequences of their failures. No wonder they can’t fix the roads.

    1. Open your eyes!!! This is what is wrong with the city!!! Big payouts to these pieces of shit employees!!

      1. The roads are broken because we didn’t raise taxes in 1992.

        Not because we’ve paid over $100,000,000 in lawsuits since then.

        We knew we were stupid and would get sued, you just refused to pay for it. Now? Consequences.

  2. To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut,

    “The town was called Fullerton by those that liked it, and Full-of-it” by those that didn’t.”

  3. He wasn’t the cities first choice for chief…or the second…or wait that’s right he wasn’t a choice at all! In fact what happened was he was just some guy smooshing with Katie Hamel and her brother Crum. They got him the job and then Hendricks promoted Katie in the middle of her IA!

  4. What a classic! And don’t forget: WE’RE ALSO PAYING A PR FIRM FOR THIS SHIT.

    How about a PRA on all invoices from “JP and team.” Also, let’s find out who approved their contract.

  5. Thanks to Lonnie we now get to see that the City Manager does nothing real. It’s a fake job that is the apogee of the do nothing bureaucrats in city government. My God, dumbdass Domer has a PR firm tell him how to comment on issues! Why not just use the JP PR team to do the nothing job that dumbass Domer does? Bring out the guillotine and save the pension fund.

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