Proud Leaders in DUI Enforcement

The Fullerton PD marketing apparatus is still trying to convince the public that some sort of equitable enforcement of DUI exists. Check out today’s promulgation:

This is the very same police department that attempted to cover up a DUI collision committed by its own city manager just a few months ago. Now that we know former police chief Dan Hughes was committing criminal obstruction of justice (according to the OCDA investigator assigned to the case), this propaganda seems even more ridiculous.

One more thing to note: Temporary police chief Hinig is gone, and so Fullerton police are being led by Dan Hughes’ own hand-picked captains Siko and Rudisil. While Hughes’ legacy of corruption and obstruction may become the subject of interest in the ongoing federal probes into the OCDA, it is silly to think that our police department’s age of shame ended with Hughes’ departure.

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  1. I can’t believe Disney is still OK with a criminal running their park security operation. Dan Hughes is pretty resilient. Reminds me of Lee Baca.

  2. I dubbed him Teflon Dan a few years ago. I believe Sieko is now acting chief, but if city administrators are looking to him for permanence, instead of looking to hiring outside of the department, so this not so complacent corruption gets to continue to blossom, they can expect a few protests, bad press, disorderly council meetings which drag on to the wee hours, and the continued belief by many residents of Fullerton, that our police department is rotten from the head down. We are not looking just for outside. That spineless, palpitating, empty uniform, Chief Sellers was from outside of FPD. Picked because he was too weak to do anything about little gang that was actually running the show. It should be required that every potential candidate have a track record of reform, and a decent heartbeat. Maybe this steroid riddled bro club could use with a female Chief, a female with giant ovaries, and the ambition to leave a legacy of having dragged this department out of the blue bog and into the sunlight of public confidence, and citizens oversight with subpoena power.

    Really? no not really! All that above is utter bullshit. As city administrators and police brass have done for decades, they will do whatever they fucking want, and we will continue to take it in the ass. That’s the odds on favorite anyway. My idealism was burried the day those two murdering pigs were found not guilty. I’ll still try to organize enough to make it a tad unpleasant, but Dan’s favorite rimjob will still inherit the throne. He will put in a few years. He will fuck up, and retire to be head of security at Wally World, with a giant pention days before the shit hits the fan.

  3. Does anyone Remember Officer Fred? I can honestly say I liked that guy. He would defuse and deescalate every situation, (I saw a,few at Miki’s) he would do it with humor and never even mildly look angry. If Joey Ramone had a cop brother he would look like officer Fred. Can we make him Chief? This assuming he is still amongst the breathing. Why not?

  4. Sgt Corbett is the one who took Felz home. He owed Danny a favor after he got caught banging his girlfriend. I don’t think his wife is aware of that. I’m sure he and Danny prayed in the chiefs office and made it all better. Sikorsky will do nothing. Remember he’s the one who called out the officers for talking on their recording about how drunk Felz was. Sikh can’t be trusted.

    1. Corbett is still on duty. It’s been half a year. He’s a goddamn criminal and Hinig left without doing anything about it. It’s all in the hands of Siko now. That’s fucked up.

  5. This is some sort of sick humor joke, right? Brilliant satire. It must be.

    These clowns are shameless.

  6. What ever happened to Sgt petropulus? Wasn’t he running that program? He’s probably to busy screwing that female DA. Apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

  7. Petropolus is an asshole. I was giving him free coffee and a whole lot more until I found out he was married. Looser

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