Chaffees in the News

Last night Fox 11 News came down to Fullerton for an investigation into Paulette Chaffee’s sign stealing and carpetbagging.

It’s been a week since Pilfering Paulette was busted interfering in our local election. Since then no comment from either of the Chaffees concerning allegations of theft, censorship, poor choices, or anything resembling acknowledgement of wrong doing.

Notable in yesterday’s coverage, Paulette hung up on the reporter.  Doug? Well, he couldn’t be reached for comment.

Who really wants an elected official word who responds to a crisis by ignoring it?



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  1. It is very FOOLISH to believe Paulette has actually quit. Her signs are still up, she’s on slate mailers, and her name is on the ballot. She’s just gone to ground to avoid publicity and ride it out. She’s still hoping to get elected, pay some piddling fine for a misdemeanor and be D5’s council person.

    I guarantee it. 100%.

    1. I think you’re right. Her chances have been greatly diminished, both by her actions and the fact she can’t really actively campaign from this point on, but she does appear to be holding out hope that she can ride this out. And she is the only candidate on the ballot in D5 with any real level of name recognition so her chances are still better than at least half the candidates running.

  2. She would probably be Doug Chaffee’s Chief of Staff at the County if that run-down empty suit won. Can you imagine the corruption over there with her running things?

    They should be heckled in public from now on like the left bullies do to the Republicans.

  3. I have been busy reaching out to the media all week, looks like Fox 11 finally picked it up. I am trying to get John and Ken to pick it up along with other news agencies.
    Let’s not give up on taking our city back.

  4. Funny how OC Register and its crony blog-rag, Voice of OC, won’t touch this thing with a ten foot pole. They would rather report about Real Housewife’s houses for sale–BIG news!!

    I wonder if we will hear from any of the fellow Fullerton Council, might be the time to speak up and take a stand.

  5. This story is being ignored by the local media – as usual. Voice of OC? I get it. They’re financed by the public employees’ union. And the OCEA is spending big bucks on the creep Chaffee. Norberto Santana is well aware of who butters his bread. He did the same thing in 2010.

    1. and the OCEA Union is supporting Doug Chaffee for Supervisors heavy. He is inline with them on growing that county government union bureaucracy as big as he can.

  6. Holy hill dwellers Batman!

    I don’t know if they have their head in the sand or if Pilferin’ Paulette is just hiding under the covers! That she won’t speak of this at all says a whole lot, as does the silence of the City Council. It is so arrogant to think that this is just going to vanish and that one will not have to be responsible for it, especially for a potential public servant. What this says about our Mayor is a bit unsettling to say the least. If she came forward and acknowledged what she did, that it was wrong and unethical for a candidate and simply let the chips fell where they may, I think Paulette would be surprised at the level of forgiveness people have. Not in terms of voting for her because she is done, but in terms of her character. These folks are peculiar to me, as are a few of the members of City Council because they don’t seem comfortable talking to their constituents-like there is an invisible wall of something. That’s why outsiders of good character need to run for these positions. Good job FFFF.

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