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Trust the System that Can’t be Trusted

Remember when Our Mayor, Jennifer Fitzgerald, had the City Attorney, “The Other Dick Jones™“, repeat the city’s position on the Joe Felz alleged D.U.I. incident? That they’re looking into it, via an outside investigative group without subpoena power that is answerable only to the City Brass, and that any potential criminal charges would be forwarded […]

Chronic Failure Dick Jones Fullerton City Council Jennifer Fitzgerald Law N Disorder

The Weasel Words of Dick Jones Regarding Joe Felz

After tonight’s Fullerton City Council meeting all signs point to City Manager Joe Felz being out of a job, likely from early retirement after he runs out the clock on his vacation time. Allow me to explain. Joe Felz was a no-show at last night’s Council meeting and the City Attorney, Dick Jones, relayed a […]

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“Personnel Matter” is Bureaucrat for “Misdemeanor”

Both The OC Weekly and The OC Register have picked up the Uber-Failus story of Joe Felz. According to The Register the City Attorney, Greg Palmer, said “the incident is a personnel matter but declined to elaborate”. Let us look at that “Personnel Matter” shall we? First we’ll reference our fallen Sappy McTree. According to […]

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City Manager Felz Involved in Potential DUI Accident After Election Night Celebration

We at Friends for Fullerton’s Future can report and confirm that Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz was involved in an alleged DUI accident last night. Coming home from the Downtown Bar scene where several election parties were taking place, Mr. Felz allegedly lost control of his vehicle. According to the internal memo below, outgoing Police […]