Felony Complaint Filed Against Fullerton Sergeant

Here is the actual copy of the Felony Complaint filed by the District Attorney’s office against Fullerton Police Sergeant Jeff Corbett as we mentioned was coming earlier today:

Corbett Complaint Corbett Complaint


The charge is as follows:

118.1 PC False Report by a Peace Officer – Felony

For those who are curious here is what that CA Penal Code is:

Every peace officer who files any report with the agency which employs him or her regarding the commission of any crime or any investigation of any crime, if he or she knowingly and intentionally makes any statement regarding any material matter in the report which the officer knows to be false, whether or not the statement is certified or otherwise expressly reported as true, is guilty of filing a false report punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, or in the state prison for one, two, or three years. This section shall not apply to the contents of any statement which the peace officer attributes in the report to any other person.

My suspicion that it was related to Felz’s accident was spot on, though it looks like it was done without (or around) the Grand Jury. Danny Hughes clearly threw Corbett under the bus and was given a pass.

Who wants to lay odds that this goes to trial or that the “false report” sees the light of day.

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  1. Usually they issue a warrant for your arrest and let you “find out the hard way” with a pair of handcuffs. This courtesy letter of an arraignment leads me to believe a “deal is in place” bcuz there’s bigger fish (Disney Mouse) to fry. Also, if I was Goodrich, Lorraine, Chocek, Hughes or that chick city council member I’d be really concerned and maybe “consult with an attorney and bail bondsman”

    1. If the DA was smart, he’d get in front of this Issue and take the tiger by the balls, but then again, if my grandmother had balls, she’d be my grandfather:

    1. Not a chance. The order came from Danny to corbet via cell phone Unless that conversation was recorded, and it wasn’t, the there’s no evidence and Danny knows it. Even if there was evidence, no DA is ever gonna file charges on a chief Plus Danny’s friends with nearly all of them. You think Danny is bad Your county DA is as crooked as they come

  2. Little Joe is still blathering about “weaponized mosquitoes.”

    I’m more worried about weaponized ignorance.

  3. Google the address and theirs a good pic of ol’ Jeff Corbett… damn you google maps!!… His personalized license plate of “Dans Boy” is conveniently blurred out.

    1. What the hell are to talking about? Corbett has no plates on his truck…that way he never has to pay the toll road on his way back to the 909. BTW next time you see a truck hauling a load of honey pots down the road tip your hat to the driver, chances are the honey pot king just might be Jeff Corbett himself.

  4. Why is the Walt Disney Company still putting up with this behavior from their head of security? Dan Hughes needs to be fired.

    1. Either they don’t care at Disney or all they care about is having an ex-police Chief on staff From what I’ve heard it’s both. It’s suppose to be a terrible place to work

  5. Another possible negative outcome of all this is if all his “cases” were reviewed and those that had convictions asked for an appeal…. they’d have a strong case if he’s convicted or pleaded guilty … ***civil liability as well $$$

  6. Happy birthday Jeff. I see your arraignment is on your birthday 9-18. It doesn’t get any better. Maybe if they file on Danny Boy.

    1. Jeff pleads the 5th…retires with full beni’s.
      Taxpayers loose. Jeff wins…after all, he was a “hero”. In other words – he won the lottery.

      POBArF has to change, or the system gonna collapse. It’s a no brainer.

      1. Actually he was fired. He’s not 50 so he can’t collect anything and if convicted of a felony (offense committed on duty) then he loses his pension and gets nothing!

        So let’s hope this *ucker snitches on Hughes. There’s an incentive to snitch now.

        But yes, he did plead the 5th… lol

        1. But will that leave a captain opening? IA Sgt when this cover up occurred was Tim Petrop. Im glad I got him in at Irvine PD to avoid the sinking ship at FPD

  7. All of this is so disgusting and so f—-ing embarrassing, Never ending corruption at the highest levels, Crime and other bad acts committed by the Mayor, City Council members, Police Chief(s), Captains, Supervisors, Line Officers, Support Staff. At this point who do you blame for this never ending mess in Fullerton? Uninformed voters, The FPOA’s Political Action Committee, bad water a Gipsey curse?

  8. Your right ex-cop. They need to put honorable cops in charge like LT Chlebowski and Sgt Radus.
    LOL, there is no hope for that place.
    They should hire Brinks to patrol the city. Maybe they could get a bid from the same company that’s going to operate the jail.

    1. If you really knew those guys, you would know they are not so honorable. Shitty cops stay and good cops leave, that’s the fullerton way.

    2. You should ask Sgt Radus if he’s ever lied in police report. Another Danny boy ass monkey. I believe ther should still be a D A letter on this that should be discoverable.

  9. And while we are at it, can someone look into the traffic/motor guys? And also the commercial turd? These guys are out of control shaking down everyone in sight, mafia style… Jesus H Christ…

  10. Traffic had about 20 motors in its prime. They only have 3 know. It is run by LT Cleggett. She’s the biggest turd in that department. She was given every detail she wanted. She never worked a day in her life. She was always crawling up a supervisors ass. She should be medicaly retired due to a broken heart. Her girlfriend left her. For some reason the city in its infamit wisdom they allow her to ride a motorcycle. She was caught on video years ago at the Continental downtown having a twosome with cops in a booth. That’s who’s running the show in traffic. So if you have a complaint, just head down to the PD and ask to see the good looking dude named Rhonda.
    No quotas here sir.

    1. Lt Clegett just another Danny boy low life. I here she’s retiring and Danny gonna hire her at Disney. She’s gonna be tinkerbell

  11. You guys should do an expose on the Narc unit and the DET unit. Narcs do not work in the city and only do surveillance for federal agencies and other cities. Completely useless.

    DET is run by Corbetts best buddy and is also a complete waste of time and money. Everyone in those units make 200k or more due to all the overtime they work to arrest tweakers from other cities or people who they set up for bicycle theft.

    1. I’d love to look into it but PD will stonewall any records requests. Any records people want to send us or people willing to talk off the record who can provide evidence would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Word on the street is Acting Chief Dunn is doing everything in his power to get the new chief fired. He wants the position, he thinks because he came from a “Larger Agency” he can handle Fullerton. Friends from Anaheim tell me he is no better than goodrich. We need to clean house.

        1. How do you fit 25 captains into a phone booth? Promote one to chief and watch the other 24 crawl up their ass. That aptly applies to the lower ranks as well. Especially those Lt.s and Sgt who like to think they’re management material…

      2. Not yet but your getting close. Just so you know. The real problem is city council although I would agree that the police Dept has been completely out of control for as long as I can remember. It’s time for citizens to demand that all police services in the city be taken over by county sheriff. It truly is the only way. City council has shown time and again that they can’t handle the power of administering its own police force

    1. Does anyone remember that POS Benjamin Lira that used to beat his kids and his wife on a monthly basis? The same guy that got drunk in San Diego and cried to the deputies to leave him alone…Can someone reach out to him and see if he is willing to come back? Anything pays better than a valet guy at circus circus…

      1. He’s the #1 commenter on this site. Hey Ben does Nevada enforce DV restraining orders? Please don’t beat your kids cause of this post.

        1. Haha.. this shit is hilarious. And you wonder why ur PD is so fucked up. I’ve never been convicted of anything. SD PD downtown enforcement is just as corrupt as FPD DTE. So when you tell the cop to fuck off, they do what FPD does and arrest a sober guy for being drunk in public…

          I’ve never touched my kids or wife. You should ask Tony Diaz and Pippy what really happen. You can’t get arrested for being sober, taking keys away from ur wife to prevent her from drinking and driving unless Lorraine and Tony beg them to file charges so you can fire him.

          I didn’t want to be there anyway and moved out of state. Already in the works but ur corrupt chief couldn’t resist being corrupt which is what netted me 200k plus to walk away.

          17 years with 2 citizen complaints(for BS minor stuff) is something you guys should strive for instead of committing crimes on duty; at least my alleged crimes were off duty… lol “in my GED Cop Oliveras voice”

          Oh, also-when I post I use my name. When I check this site it’s bcuz one of many people tell me “did you see what happen.”

          Lmk when that POS Barry comes to vegas I’ll buy him a beer.

          Oh, and I don’t valet, I have a good job, that’s why all the fired cops try to call me for a job, but I ignore their calls bcuz they’re corrupt like 75% of FPD

          1. Ben Lira for the money shot!

            I’’ll say this much, Lira is more than happy to call a spade a spade.

            F off FPD. Treat people with respect; and respect you will earn. So far, no sale!

            1. One of Oli’s pals came from another department with some DV and other shit in his background but it seemed to be ok with the current department

              Asking for a friend

      2. Benjamin was extremely smart straight shooter but very outspoken. Irish was just an outspoken dumbass. Although I would say dumbass did not deserve what happened

    1. Son, now I didn’t lay this foundation for u to mess it up. I slept on plenty of couches during the divorce for you to grow up and get a job, even after you left LA sheriff for being heavy handed then at FPD you ram a guy on a bike .

  12. Come on now. Danny Hughes is a good Christian man, He’s always taken care of his boys whether through promotion and/or gifting of unearned overtime or some other kind of blessing. I’m sure Danny is working out some kind of agreement with the DA office to take responsibility for this Joe Felz misunderstanding. After all poor Corbett was just following orders. Right Dan the Man?

    1. That’s right I hope Danny does the right thing and gets me out if this mess. It’s like I always say, “Fuck It”.

  13. Happy Birthday Jeff, AKA “Squirrel”. Hope O’ Danny boy bakes you a big fat cake and delivers it right to you in court. Remember to have a great big Mickey Rat smile when the nice deputies take your booking photo and bring extra tissues to get that pesky finger printing ink off your digits. Oh yeah, the boys in green will also get a DNA sample from you and run it through CODIS. Will there be any matches, what else did that bad Danny make you do?
    Sounds like an action packed birthday, hope this one is your best!
    With Love,
    Mickey Rat

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