Six Years Later, Killer Cicinelli Still Trying to Get His Job Back

Don’t let the picture fool you.

Some things, like toenail fungus, never seem to go away. And one of them, apparently, is Jay Cicinelli. He is the disabled, one-eyed Fullerton cop who, on the hot July night in 2011, gently kicked Kelly Thomas in the head with his knee and compassionately smashed his face with a taser. At least that’s how Cicinelli’s lawyer wants you to remember it.

Suddenly I was on the floor looking up at Officer Rubio.

The City fired Cicinelli and his pals Manuel Ramos and Joe Wolfe for violating police department policy. Of course on the witness stand FPD’s genial Corporal Punishment T. Rubio exonerated the behavior Ramos, Wolfe and Cicinelli by contradicting his own department, and thus giving a brain-dead jury ammunition to acquit the three of the criminal charges brought by our useless DA, Tony Rackaukas. Of course Rackaukas had every opportunity to skewer the integrity of Rubio who sure seemed to be committing perjury, but the DA didn’t. The whole episode appeared to be nothing other than a grand plan to obfuscate the reality of what happened to Kelly Thomas.

Anyhow, the actions of Cicinelli and their relation to department policy seem to be key in an appalling effort by Cicinelli to seek reinstatement to the FPD, and to no doubt rake in five years worth of back pay and benefits. Well, this is California and the cop unions have us by the proverbial balls, so Cicinelli’s reinstatement is not only plausible, it is highly possible, proving what little control the people have over their “public safety” employees. Here are the relevant docs. Try to keep your last meal down.

Jay Cicinelli v Fullerton Petition

Jay Cicinelli v Fullerton City Council Response

Jay Cicinelli v City of Fullerton Response



41 Replies to “Six Years Later, Killer Cicinelli Still Trying to Get His Job Back”

    1. That’s because no one on the City Council – like Bruce Whitaker, for instance – made him. It was such an obvious ploy and there is NO way in Hell Rubio would have said that without Gallahad Hughes’ okay. The case was designed to lose.

      Rubio should have been fired OR charged with perjury.

    2. That’s more of a question for Tony Rackauckas and his botched prosecution. Rackauckas could have impeached Rubio with one or two questions. “Officer Rubio, do you make use of force policies for FPD?” Answer: “No.” Then he could have called Chief Hughes to the stand, who does make policy, and can give a qualified opinion on whether use of force policies were violated. The answer, of course, would have been “yes.”
      Whether or not Rubio should have been fired is a non-issue. Would you get fired simply for having a different opinion than your boss?
      Rubio was not eve a use of force expert. He’s basically just a cop giving an opinion.
      Calling Rubio to the stand was a good move for the defense but poorly countered by the DA.

      1. Yes. Absolutely right. But many of us believe Rack The rat didn’t botch it. At least not unintentionally. He absolutely should have called Hughes.

  1. Amazing how the pack of Hyenas that killed Kelly Thomas that night, could ever think they were entitled to their jobs back! If only the 6 gang bangers that shot up Cissy would’ve done a better job in L.A! I’ve always said the Cissy used his taser on Kelly to get revenge on the ones who shot out his eye in Los Angeles 2 weeks into his job there. Go to HELL Cissy & Ramos!!!

  2. These docs are from July 2017. It’s crazy to think Fullerton is still paying for lawyers 6 years after the murder. Will it ever end?

    1. Fullerton residents will be paying for this killing for decades to come. The police department’s reputation will likely never recover.

  3. I’m rooting for Cicinelli to get his job back. Then Fullerton residents can look him in the eye every week and remember how disgusting the Fullerton police union is. Fullerton deserves this.

  4. Cicinelli was found not guilty you trolls!!! Face the facts and recognize that fact that Cicinelli did the best thing he could for Kelly’s life. Ron Thomas as an abusive asshole and didn’t give an F’ about him. Hope Cicinelli gets his job back and all the back pay he deserves!!!!

    1. “Cicinelli was found not guilty”

      So was OJ.

      “Hope Cicinelli gets… all the back pay he deserves!!!!”

      I hope he gets what he deserves too.

    2. Yes, why not? Cicinelli did do the best he could, whcich should be the City’s motto: “We Did The Best We Could.”

      Fullerton is awash in money so why not pay off a previously disabled one-eyed cop who smashed in a man’s face?

      Cicinelli DID do the best he could.

  5. If he gets his job back like he deserves then I guess you will have no say. You trolls can protest all you want but the city will probably just pay out a bunch of money in lieu of brining him back. I guess the city can afford it as the city has been paying out on a lot of law suits!!!

    1. Go FUCK YOURSELF. Call me I’ll tell you something send an email why don’t you. I can BE SURE TO SHOW YOU WHO THE MURDERER IS

  6. I don’t care if Cicinelli gets his job back. I retire in a few weeks will be sitting fat, dumb and happy with my retirement!!! Good luck Fullerton!!!!

  7. If this disgusting one eyed pig gets his job back, I’m liquidating all of my bussiness assets in Fullerton and moving.!

    1. Hey Hak- I can assure that you have no business in fullerton. You are probably jobless, useless, and a fullerton burn out.

  8. This man is disabled, only has one eye, and has anger management issues. That’s why I thought he’d be a perfect addition to my FPD!

  9. It was the best day of my life. With Jay gone there is no more competition. I just have to worry about that crazy female Sergeant.

    1. Go FUCK YOURSELF. Call me I’ll tell you something send an email why don’t you. I can BE SURE TO SHOW YOU WHO THE MURDERER IS

      1. People supporting cops are a gadfly on the rump of civilization. Don’t worry. The one-eyed psychopath will be a jerk to another psychopath and will ve swiftly and violently removed from this earth to his place in the 9th circle of Hell. It’s difficult to get karma working on-time but karma is there. He is already morbidly obese, has one eye, spends his days looking over his shoulder for the people who follow him around, hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in years, and hasn’t met a male who would have sex with him even for pay. What do you wanna bet his obesity causes ED?

        Patience, my darling. He is already living in hell and no amount of money will get him the guy he is looking for to be a true love.

  10. Looks like Barry and Joe were right all along. Funny how prophetic the so called lunatics were. How many tens of thousands of dollars did Bushala invest in that worthless Whitaker and that flat tire Kiger? Maybe Thompson can save us?

    1. What is wrong with you two?

      Follow me! Believe only me! Everyone is a fraud! Everyone is a phoney! Only I can save you!

      No one here is going to bow down to your stupidity. Go away. Forever.

      1. Bigmouth Barry has never talked about ANYTHING somebody else didn’t uncover first. Of course that never keeps Bigmouth from taking credit for things others have done. In fact it is the ONLY thing he ever does and he brays it loudly and often – like the ignorant self-absorbed donkey he is.

    2. “Looks like Barry and Joe were right all along.”

      Incredibly unlikely. Now, repeat after me: the Earth is not flat, the Earth is not flat.

      1. What does the shape of the earth have to do with what Barry discussed regarding Rubios testimony.

        1. Because if you believe the Earth is flat the rest of what you believe is completely compromised as intelligent or informed thought. In fact you are an ignorant motherfucking loudmouthed fool.

          Now repeat again: the Earth is not flat, the Earth is not flat. Disney is not the Anti-christ, NASA is not run by Lucifer. Say it.

  11. At least we finally know the exact reasons why Cicinelli was fired.

    Check out Jay-Cicinelli-v-Fullerton-City-Council-Response.pdf, Page 6.

  12. Thank Pat McPension for doing his old cronies a favor at LAPD and hiring a one eyed man as a cop.

  13. Cicinelli is a Hollywood stand-in for a psycho robotic killer cop. Maybe that’s a career move for him.

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