Does Fullerton Have a Leak Problem?

Word has reached me that Fullerton might have leak problem – and that problem is that City Manager Ken Domer is quite mad that people would dare tell the public the things he intends to hide from us.

Such things as our Chief of Police and a Captain being caught up alleged Felony Battery on an EMT charges.

Or that one of our now former officers is being indicted for his cover-up work on the Joe Felz DUI incident.

When I first heard the rumors that Domer was hopping mad about the “leaks” coming out I brushed it off as hearsay. Then I heard it again from a different source. And again. And again still.

At this juncture I’m willing to chalk this rumor up as “Credible but without citation”.

If our city management would worry more about what their own staff is doing and the corruption therein and would be honest about it we wouldn’t need to rely on leaks from anonymous sources. And without those leaks, Domer would have nothing to be mad about in the first place.

Ultimately if he is mad it’s because he believes himself to be a part of the Ruling Elite above we the chattel and is more worried about appearances than solving problems.

The funny part for me is that I’ve tried to cultivate leaks within the city to no avail. All of the people who know me in City Hall are smart enough to not tell me anything for fear of guilt by association.

Yet here we are breaking stories of corruption and malfeasance and we get these leaks at FFFF because enough employees are fed up with the nonsense happening in Fullerton and FPD.

I salute the people who have sent us information because one of the last things Fullerton needs these days is a continuing culture of cover-ups. We respect your privacy and value the contribution to improving accountable, intelligent, and responsible leadership in our town’s government.


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  1. Again, that was all my doing. I’m still mad at Joe for dumping on everything my father accomplished. Talk to anyone in Hollywood, even established actors like Tom Cruise, and they’ll tell you working with Stanley Kubrick was the biggest honor of their professional career, and here he hires my dad with no prior acting experience for the role of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t take up the opportunity to participate in the filming of the Moon landing?

  2. What I find mind boggling is that these supposed leaks are all true. No one from the city has come out to discredit them. And the city has taken a stance of being angry that the leaks are made. It’s almost like the city is more mad at the leaker then the perpetrator of the misconduct….. And if the employees of this city were certain such misconduct would be handled appropriately, then there wouldn’t be any leaks.. For example the city Mgr DUI/Hit and Run.

  3. You treat your employees like crap, coupled with low morale and management/leadership that couldn’t lead starving dog to a food bowl and this city manager wonder’s why there’s leaks? He’s either a incredibly naive or a stupid idiot. My guess is the latter….loyalty works both ways moron….

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