Grand Jury Subpoeneth

Numerous officers within the Fullerton Police Department are receiving Grand Jury Subpoenas like the one pictured below.

Probably not a coincidence that the lucky recipients are, reportedly, the same officers on scene when former City Manager Joe Felz ran over the tree in November 2016.

You know what, I’d really hate to be former police chief Dan Hughes, or former Sergeant Jeff Corbett, right now!

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    1. Lt Rios should have a nice talk with the grand jury, being that he was the first supervisor at scene when corbet got caught on duty in the back seat of a police car doing the hanky lanky. Sgt Rios now Lt Rios threatened all the young officers that were there. Hey tony (Rios) I believe the term is threats made under color of authority. Better invest in soap on a rope buddy

  1. This is so fuckin awesome.. Don’t forget Mike Chocek is subject to this investigation also….Can’t wait!

  2. The irony-read OCR article on CSUF sgt arrested for being DUI on duty….Why didn’t they call Hughes? Lol….

  3. Felz was factually wrong which was proven. The officers were charged with a crime based on opinion and ultimately exonerated based on facts.

      1. The fact is that homeless guy might be alive today if he had just followed simple instruction.

        1. That’s the whole point; he’s a homeless guy who can’t even comprehend what the officers said; therefore “they” (the officers) should have recognized that and acted accordingly. But they didn’t, “he” didn’t listen and now someone’s dead… Was it all worth it? Hughes and his cronies would say yes (and they actually did behind closed doors with the officers)….. shouldn’t of happen, period! Criminal?-no, and the courts/jury decided that… should it of happen?-hell no

          1. His comprehension level you speak of is your OPINION. The FACT is his comprehension level was never a factor per the DA’s case and investigation. Nor was it the night of the incident for the officer. He did not meet the criteria of a 5150. Being different and homeless does not make you automatically mentally ill per the criteria officers go by. The bottom line is they were there LEGALLY to investigate a possible crime in progress. The homeless guy should have just followed instructions, as should all people when they are contacted by the police. It’s that simple.

              1. I met kelly several times (while working). He was mentally ill; the hospitals didn’t want him even if you 5150 him, Mental Health (with an office next to FPD) wouldn’t take him, FPD jailers didn’t want him (bcuz liability to constantly watch him every 15 min), the county jails didn’t want him(deputies at intake would give u a hard time) and sadly his family didn’t want him either… let the man RIP, and change the broken mental health system

                1. Dan Hughes and George Crumble literally said “that’s what you get when you fight with the police” and the residents of Fullerton wonder why their PD is so messed up-officers groping girls pulled over, Officer texting another officers wife dick picks, Sgt having sex on duty, officers stealing, supervisors covering up “their boys” and promoting their boys, captains hiring their sons and his friends and promoting them, keeping an officer et go by lapd for too many shootings who gets arrested for beating up a boy at his home, .. the entitlement is unreal

            1. to anonymous : watch the video carefully and you will pick up something that DA Racaucus brought up. Kelly was …cooperating. Ramos was not acting professionally , Kelly had no choice but to answer at his infantile leval of talk. If you watch carefully you will see Ramos a few seconds after threatening with his fist, either pinching or poking Kelly on the shoulder causing him to jump up. This ” fight” was provoked. …And I’m sure you know that as an insider… Kelly never layed a hand on any officer, he swatted once to deflect the blows of the batton, ( so sick) He never did act aggressively he was in self defence from the start. This was a settup to rid the city of a “nuciance.” There is a reason all those bully cops were removed off the streets, Hughes had no choice.

              1. Hughes had a choice especially when he told all the cops they did a good job. He is a lying sack. Kelly was a bully and if he did what he was told he would be alive today. He had a choice. The cops are off the street not because they were bad cops, but because they had a department who do not back up their police officers. Its do as i say not as i do. Crooked Hughes. He is getting his now!!

              2. Haha nice try streets of Fullerton. That theory was a major failure for T-Rack. He tried the “stretch a mile out of a inch” theory. Why do you think he had to try the case himself, everyone with any sort of brain knew he had no case. Just accept the cold hard facts and the reality of it all. Theories based on emotion have no place in the court room. Thats why T-Rack look like a fool and my good friends are free.

                1. T-Rack tried the case in order to lose it. With friends like Porky Ramos and Porky Wolfe you will go far in life.

        2. Police officers are well trained and completely capable of subduing someone without killing them. Especially multiple officers. If we can bring Pablo Escobar to justice without killing him, I think it can be done in the case of one pathetic homeless guy.

  4. Things are looking bad for Danny and Joe. And what did Fitzy know and when did she know it? Hic.

    1. If Danny was still Fullertons police chief at the time of the crime (obstruction of justice), could he lose his pension if the GJ confirms that the officers who 1st showed up we’re doing their jobs, but Danny instructed Sgt. Corbett to take City Manager Felz home instead of taking him to the city jail?

      The truth usually finds its way to the surface.

      1. I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. He was only a few days from retiring when he committed his felony.

  5. Karma… Should add George Crum, Lorraine Jones and Timmy Petroupulos to this investigation also!

    1. When the oaths are sworn lots of skeletons may tumble out of Danny’s closet. The real question here is how serious is Rackaukas? Is this just another prolonged end run?

      And without FFFF all this would have been covered up forever. Sure hope this blog fires up again.

      1. The older officers and supervisors are going to lie but a few of the younger ones won’t and that’s when the shit hits the fan. With exception to the new chief. They should fire everyone at and above the rank of sgt

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