City Manager Ken Domer Lies By Omission

For those of you playing along at home we know that two of Fullerton’s Finest (Chief Hendricks & Captain Oliveras) have been put on a paid stay-cation (costing us approximately $1,955/day) for their conduct at a Lady Antebellum concert in Irvine. With City Manager Ken Domer putting Captain Bob Dunn in charge of FPD we are now being run by… Dunn & Domer.

It’s too bad this isn’t a comedy. Instead we’re finding ourselves in more typical Fullerton drama that a little transparency might have avoided. Alas instead of openness and honesty City Manager Ken Domer couldn’t be bothered to let anybody outside of the police department know what was happening in our town at the time, the next day or even the day after that.

In fact per a statement to the OC Register by Jennifer Fitzgerald it took Domer at least 3 days to inform his employers (City Council) of any details (if they have gotten any) and it has taken him 4 days to bother to release information to our fair city by way of a press release. It’s almost like he doesn’t know who he works for anymore.

Fullerton Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald said she knows little about the incident, but “what I know of Chief Hendricks and Captain Oliveras is that they are fantastic guys and fantastic public servants and I look forward to the investigation being complete.”

Let us peruse this fascinating bit of PR garbage:

Hendricks Oliveras Press Release

That’s quite a few words to say almost nothing of substance. What happened? How long is the leave? Was it criminal? Who’s investigating the case?

The City will not provide further information at this time, out of respect for the integrity of the ongoing investigations.

In other words “F U. You don’t have a right to know anything at all because integrity of an ongoing case”.

Nothing to See Here

Except no.

We already know from an email from the City of Irvine there is plenty to see here and we deserve details. I’m tired of this mentality that it’s okay to publicly and loudly (Instgram?!) shame societal nobodies when they screw up but when our overlords do the same all of the sudden we need to worry about “integrity” and bury the details behind a wall of BS.

The first bit of BS that we need to knock down here is that this isn’t just some boilerplate investigation that “related entirely to allegations of off-duty conduct”.

This is an allegation of battery against an EMT. By possibly armed off-duty officers. The alleged battery alone falls under CA Penal Code 243(c)(1) unless the injury was serious and then it elevates.

(c) (1) When a battery is committed against a[n][…] emergency medical technician […] engaged in the performance of his or her duties, whether on or off duty, […] and an injury is inflicted on that victim, the battery is punishable by a fine of not more than two thousand dollars ($2,000), by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for 16 months, or two or three years.

Next we have to ask who will oversee this investigation? Why were no arrests made for this alleged battery?

How is the District Attorney involved? Which internal investigator are we planning to hire? Is Irvine being allowed to investigate this case?

These are all pertinent questions especially considering the incestuous relationships we have with other departments. Remember that Irvine’s Chief of Police, Mike Hamel, is married to Katherine Hamel who herself is a Lieutenant under Captain Oliveras and Chief Hendricks.

Is Irvine’s Chief Hamel really going to investigate his wife’s boss? Is this why no arrests were made?

Regarding the “ongoing investigation” angle – that’s the same claptrap the city is still throwing at us over the Joe Felz accident and cover-up that happened 657 days ago. #SorryNotSorry that we can’t trust you and your comrades in obfuscation in the City Attorney’s office to come clean Mr. Domer.

If Fullerton’s City Manager Ken Domer really cared about transparency and “integrity” he wouldn’t hide behind subterfuge and lies of omission. He would tell we the citizenry about what is happening, how it is happening and how we can be assured that another Danny Hughes Felzian cover-up isn’t taking place in our city.

Domer would do well to read his own interview with the OC Register when he said;

You cannot operate local government without partnerships, without collaboration, without openness, transparency.

Ken Domer
(Photo by Brian Whitehead, Orange County Register/SCNG)

I’ll be on with John & Ken during the 3pm hour (1500) discussing this issue. You can listen live on KFI’s website or on your radio at AM640.

12 Replies to “City Manager Ken Domer Lies By Omission”

  1. Hopefully this teachable moment is a time of humility and contrition for Ken. He single-handedly made this worse on himself and embarrassed the City in the process.

    1. Sadly, you’re already wrong. Domer’s energy is being spent trying to hunt down the leakers who prevented him from keeping this scandal under wraps.

      1. Pretty soon we’ll hear all about fake news and biased Google algorithms.

        Sadly, this incident is likely to cause the shoulder chip to grow and the paranoia to increase.

    2. Hey looks like there’s gonna be a chief and captain position open at Fullerton. Hey clogget don’t even think about it your next step is also out the back door

  2. On a personal level, Ken was a likeable enough guy in Huntington Beach.

    Professionally speaking, his biggest flaw was a tendency to assume his own perception and response to any problem was beyond reproach. Drop a problem on the table and Ken had a “plan” before anybody else in the room fully understood the issue. Then he dug his feet in whenever you challenged him on it.

    He needs to be more open to listening and allowing people to challenge his thinking.

    1. Domer was selected Fullerton city manager by default. Nobody else worth a damn wanted the job. Or let’s say, if they worth a damn, they didn’t make the short list!

      1. Isn’t he the same asshole that tried to bankrupt Costa Mesa. Nice he fits right in here. Wtf is city counsel thinking

    2. Nice one guys but I believe Lt Hamel will have the hubby aka Ivine Chief Hamel fix this one Yup sure em glad nobody gives a shit yup thanks Fullerton pd command staff for putting tiny town on the front page again. When is the city gonna wise up and use sheriff for city law enforcement.

  3. Sooooo.

    We pay for these assholes’ admin leave. We pay for an “outside investigator” (read: some unnamed person who can be counted on to whitewash this). We pay a DA who can be counted on to look the other way. We pay some female cop whose husband runs the jurisdiction in which the (alleged) crimes were committed.

    And yet we aren’t allowed to know anything.

    Is it just me or does Dahmer have really shifty-looking eyes?

    1. We all know the “outside investigator” is just an attorney hired to limit the city’s legal liability (along with the public’s access to information.)

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