More Grim FPD News; Homeless Man Beaten Senseless

Armed and dangerous.

And by senseless I mean near-death coma and artificial life-support.

Reader DollarBill shares this link to ABC Eyewitness News detailing the story of a homeless man with a history of mental illness, who, when confronted by “probably” six FPD officers at the Fullerton Transportation Center the other day is alleged to have resisted arrest. 37 year-old Kelly Thomas never made it to jail. After being subdued into a state of unrecognizable unconsciousness he was transported to the hospital where he is on life support.

Witnesses refused to appear on camera but claim to shouted to the cops to stop.

Our old friend police spokesman Andrew Goodrich says there will be an investigation (internal, of course) and that any inappropriate behavior will come out. Uh, yeah sure, Andy, whatever you say.

In the meantime you can bet on two things: the DA will do nothing, and the man’s family, including his dad, an ex-Sheriff Deputy will bring suit against us Fullerton taxpayers.

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  1. What is “excessive force?” Sometimes it’s hard to say.

    But when an unarmed man nearly dies at the hands of six cops while bystanders shout at them to stop, things don’t look so good.

  2. The report says two police officers have broken bones. Are those broken fingers from punching the lights out of the suspect? Seriously, what kind of broken bones here makes a difference.

    1. The lack of important details in this story is directly attributable to Andrew Goodrich and the PD’s tight hold on self-condemning facts.

  3. Maybe, while they pull the plug on this poor guy, they can pull the plug on the FPD administration too?

  4. This incident illustrates perfectly the confusion and incompetence of our attitudes towards “the homeless,” who are more likely addicts and petty criminals than guys who lost their jobs.

    Police everywhere let them do whatever they want, per Legal Aid and the ACLU, and then go ballistic when a “homeless” guy finally commits an overt crime.

    I’m sorry for the family’s loss. But with media and PD reports like this, vagrancy in Fullerton is about to get much, much worse.

  5. There was a proposal approved by city council to purchase tasers for all FPD officers.

    Did that not happen? Didn’t the FPD get tasers?

    Why wasn’t this guy tased rather than beaten with clubs? I think the entire purpose of tasers is to avoid or minimize this kind of head injury thing (whether the police action is later determined to be excessive or not).

    1. scary thing is, if they used a taser they may have got confused with their gun and shot him in the back…… then they would ONLY serve 11 months in protective custody for involuntary manslaughter. And we have woman in Mississippi serving life sentences for stealing a loaf of bread. What the heck is wrong with our justice system?

  6. It’s a sad case no matter what for the family. However, none of you were there, neither was I.

    I believe you would complain if the police didn’t show up fast enough if a mentally unstable person was breaking into your car and acting belligerent towards you.

    They have a tough job. Stop and think what they deal with on a daily basis. Yes, they chose that profession. Yes, sometimes they may act in a way YOU do not approve BUT within department policy!

    So when you sit here ready to condemn your local police or some other city’s department law enforcement agency for their “wrong doing” as plastered everywhere by the media (they ALWAYS report the truth -BS) stop and think….
    The police also are the first ones who put their lives on the line for YOU, perfect strangers, before their families! THAT is their job.

    Stop arm chairing and questioning. BTW the police will not release if the man was tased or not until their investigation is complete. Also, tasing mentally ill people does not always work!

    1. Just because it may be within policy does not mean it is right to use force of a police nature on a person with a mental illness.

    2. Actually, police almost never put their “lives on the line.” Thtat’s just propaganda.

      1. I agree police don’t put their lives on the line as much as they would like you to believe. Looks like being homeless in fullerton is putting your life on the line.

        1. No kidding! How many homeless have died in F-town in the last 12 months? 3?? 4??? How many cops ended up in the hospital for a day in that same period??
          Cops do put their life on the line but they often make the situation much worse because of the wrong training. A little verbal Judo would have alerted the officers that their suspect was mentally ill and perhaps they could change their approach.

    3. fisrt of all HE WAS HOMLESS!! not alwayz criminal i work around them especially thomas… rip.. we never had a problem with him never stole never disrespected …..anyone ..he was active but not dangerous…. and second they didn put their lives fisr on this case … and third they did taser him 5 times …. the taxi cabs there saw everything …. and they really didnt need 6 police guyz for one guy that was weak ..and didnt alwayzz eat… and if someone doesnt complain then who will … but u wouldnt understand until it happens to someone u know …

  7. In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

  8. Wow.

    Shocking? No. I’m not shocked. This is standard FPD protocol. Disgusted? Yes, as always.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the same officers who beat me senseless were involved in this heinous act. (At least I hear Tong has been put on indefinite suspension stemming from his long history of misconduct on the job.)

    When will it end?

  9. Let’s see: a homeless crazy guy likely hepped up on drugs resists arrest, breaks several bones of fine police personnel, and suddenly he is a victim?

    So what if there were six policemen. Sometimes these crazies develop superhuman strength and toss around cars.

    While it’s too bad this individual wound up in the hospital, but that’s no reason to question the tactics of the Fullerton police who probably saved innocent lives in that parking lot protecting YOU and your families.

    How about some sympathy for the police with their broken bones?

    1. “Sometimes these crazies develop superhuman strength and toss around cars.”
      Now THAT is some fine FPD fear mongoring! SUPERHUMAN??? ROFLMAO

      1. If the incredible “Hulk” was roaming the streets of Fullerton throwing cars and saying “Hulk Smash” I doubt anyone would be upset about it.

      2. Everyone knows that adrenalin rushes can get people to pick up buses and things. Our fine police force has to face these crazy nuts everyday. Their months of rigorous physical and mental training prepare them for these instances out there on the thin Blue Line that separates us from the animals that want to do us harm.

        Think about that real hard next time you criticize our police force.

        1. The only adrenaline rush that let’s you toss around cars comes from gamma radiation. I learned that from Bruce Banner and the Avengers! Last I checked we don’t have a Sgt. Fury on the police force and no gigantic green dudes either. If this homeless guy was throwing anything around it wasn’t a car and he sure didn’t deserve to get put in the hospital, no matter the offense.

        2. Where are you getting this horseshit, BTB?

          It would be funny if a guy hadn’t been beaten brain-dead.

          I’m more afraid of the sociopaths carrying GEDs and badges than I am of any homeless people. No homeless guy has ever pointed a gun at me.

    2. I’ll give you a dollar every time some crazy “develops super human strength toss[es] around cars”.

      The fact is, BTB has never seen a case of police brutality he didn’t like.

      It’s really shameful the way these porkers come out of the woodwork to defend their own. I wish they showed half as much respect for the rest of the citizenry (those of us who don’t carry a badge that makes us immune to all laws and rules of common decency).

      FPD ought to add a question to their employment application: “are you a sociopath?”.

    3. BTB: What world are you living in?

      “…..likely hepped up on drugs” Thats a stereo type thats run it’s course. Given recent examples, it could very well be the FPD hepped up on drugs! No matter thats a ignorant comment.

      “Sometimes these crazies develop superhuman strength and too around cars”. Show me one example where a “crazy” tossed around a car and I’ll give Joel Swimintiwoski a thousand bucks.

      “Saved innocent lives……” Come on, that is simply bullshit.

      Dump the kool-aid.

    4. I hope one day you get to feel the wrath of your precious police force, then we’ll see which side you back.

  10. Do not support the police!

    Do not give them any donations even if used for a good cause like Christmas for children.

    Never say that there are good COP there!

    If there would be good COP they would be publicly condemn such brutality.

    No money of any kind for any reason for any cause.

  11. I will not rush to judgement. But, you would expect that normally 6 police officers should have the training to subdue one unarmed man without leaving him brain dead! This is a tragedy for the family of the victim.

    This investigation must be thorough and all its findings given out to the public. Anything less is unacceptable.

    The public is waiting and watching Police Chief Sellers.

    If it turns out that one or more officers used excessive force, I would expect them to be fired from the force. At the same time this Fullerton Police internal investigation is going on, the OC District Attorney should also be conducting its own independent review to ensure that justice is being served for all parties concerned!

    1. Looks like you have rushed to judgement Barry. Being a lawyer and all you probably realize that 6 officers may not have been the first there and confronted this guy. Just an educated guess but most likely 1 or 2 and then he started to fight. Then I would guess that several others arrived when the fight was going on or finished. Everyone seems to be basing their opinion on what is reported from the family (who let this mentally unstable person wander around homeless to cause problems) and what little information was given out by PD. I wonder if those witnesses provided a statement the night this occurred or if these “witnesses” who shouted stop were really there or have something important to add besides speculation. Hey Barry what type of injuries should the police sustain before trying to take an unruley mentally unstable person into custody? Should they get stabbed, punched more than 10 times, hit with a few bottles or kicked in groin and then stepped on? What is the threshold Barry? I think I’ll wait to pass judgement until the facts come out but you probably think it will be a cover-up. Again my guess is that there will be a thorough investigation that you may or may not have access to reveiw. Good to see so many people here have all the answers. I would like to see you handle one call on involving a violent subject and how you would handle it. I don’t think you or anyone here will be happy until an officer is seriously injured or killed.

      1. Yeah we want to see a cop injured or killed. Did it ever occur to your thick skull that we don’t want see ANYONE injured or killed?

      2. Hey Goodwrench, what have YOU done to locate the witnesses? Of course I believe FFFF has better investigative skills than FPD. Still you might actually try looking for them for your “investigation.”

    2. Uh, you just rushed to judgment Barry. But that’s ok, we still like you.

      Also, you give the PD too much credit for being able to investigate anything thoroughly. They couldn’t investigate a beating in their own jail.

      The DA doesn’t go after cops very often.

  12. this is becoming such a disgrace, and im just talking about goodrich’s physical appearance. fuck the police. pray for the kid and his family

  13. I guess the good news is Detective neel (President of the Brea POA) wasn’t there to help, he would have just shot him to death.

    The truest comment here was “don’t wait for the DA to do anything”!

    1. Neel was a mall cop for a while. He would ride a bike around the parking lot and help security arrest shoplifters and stoners. When i say mall cop, I mean he was a brea cop and was assigned to the mall. Too funny to make up.

  14. Back The Badge :
    police who probably saved innocent lives in that parking lot protecting YOU and your families.

    Uh, I don’t remember anyone saying he was threatening someone’s life.

  15. Usually when a homeless guy acquires super human strength and fights a gang of cops bystanders start yelling for the police to stop beating the person. No, wait, I mean bystanders usually yell for the police to stop beating someone when they are already subdued yet the cops continue the vicious beating anyway.

  16. Where did all those nasty cop bloggers go? They shut up right around the evening of this event.

    Come back, we miss you!

    1. I love Coker’s line:

      “The fracas continued until Thomas lost consciousness.”

      He was “fracassed” into unconsciousness.

  17. As it turns out according to the family the hospital found no drugs in the man’s body. so tell me what superhuman strength did this poor soul have?

  18. I see that Fullerton now has a third-world police force. Drug abuse, theft, beatings.

    We would be safer if we could outsource to the Tijuana PD.

    1. thats funny!!! I am in Tijuana 1 a month and their POLiCiA would do better for us than FPD.

  19. First, I did not say the police were guilty of anything. Their actions must be investigated first.

    Howver, I did say that normally you would expect that 6 police officers should be trained to take down an unarmed suspect without grave bodily harm to either the victim or the police.

    I have a great deal of respect for police officers and the job they do.

    My dad and uncle were both proud members of the NYC Police Dept both rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

    My dad was in very grave danger on many occasions but never seriously hurt anyone nor put anyone in the hospital in his illustrious career.

    He did however, save a woman’s life when he and his partner were first on the scene of a summer barbecue gone awry when a young woman had recieved life threatening burns over most of her body. My dad’s quick reaction to wrap her in a blanket and take her immediately to the emergency room in his police car rather than wait for a ambulance saved her life.

    I believe many police officers do heroic deeds every day!

    However, if it turns out that one or more officers did use unnecessary force against this civilian because he was being uncooperative with the police, they should be punished accordingly.

    Also for the record, I am not an attorney and I am a charter member of the Save the Fox Theatre Foundation.

    1. Just stop before you get any further behind. And don’t latch on to that Fox-boondoggle. It just doesn’t look good.

  20. White guys get beat by the police ALL THE TIME. I’m surprised it was made public. He was beaten worse than Rodney King and they have to decide if it was excessive force? Really??? If he were of any other race there would be public outrage and news confrences and sued cops. Where’s the civil rights groups for White people? White guys have been beaten badly it’s just not usually made public. I’m tired of Whites being treated like a 2nd class citizens.

    1. i agree with you mostly as to how we don’t hear about the whites but if you notice there isnt much made public on this either. It made news probably cause of who is dad was, but the blacks and Hispanics still get the crap more than the whites. Even in California. I am from the south and if you only knew how bad the whites treat the blacks, its scary. It shouldn’t matter if we are black or white CUZ we are HUMAN.

  21. Back The Badge :
    Their months of rigorous physical and mental training prepare them for these instances out there on the thin Blue Line that separates us from the animals that want to do us harm.

    If you hadn’t taken away the gun rights of the average citizen and created your class of “super citizens” this argument would hold little water. Thanks to the Police “knowing better” than everyone else, they get to carry guns and protect us from all those who would dare cross the “thin blue line” which apparently exists somewhere between paranoia from FPD and the grave for us regular citizens. Clearly this latest story is evidence of this.

    1. Your view is short sighted. If your plumbing broke wouldn’t you call in an experienced plumber? So why not call in those who have been trained with all those months of expert training to protect you and your family and your property.

      I for one, sleep better at night knowing that these fine men and women in blue are prowling the streets searching out criminal opportunities while we sleep safely in our homes.

      Wave you gun around all you want. You will probably end up shooting yourself! I’ll put my faith in the Fullerton Police Department – those who put their lives on the line protecting YOURS!

      1. BTB- I couldn’t have said it better myself.
        We have a problem “men and women in blue are prowling the streets searching out criminal opportunities while we sleep safely in our homes.”

  22. Back The Badge :
    Your view is short sighted. If your plumbing broke wouldn’t you call in an experienced plumber? So why not call in those who have been trained with all those months of expert training to protect you and your family and your property.

    Because they have been shown to:

    1. Bust down the door of the wrong house and point guns at innocent people….
    2. Beat up and rob innocent people.
    3. Beat up and nearly kill innocent people.
    4. Steal from the average citizens because they have guns and the average people do not.

    I for one, sleep better at night knowing that these fine men and women in blue are prowling the streets searching out criminal opportunities while we sleep safely in our homes.

    So your faith is in the “Blue Line” which has proven time and again to fail the original construction of the Constitution?

    Wave you gun around all you want. You will probably end up shooting yourself! I’ll put my faith in the Fullerton Police Department – those who put their lives on the line protecting YOURS!

    It seems that the FPD are the experts at waving their guns around. Thank you for accusing me the “average citizen” as if I am incapacitated to protect myself……….this proves the point of arrogance associated with the “super citizen” Police mentality.

    Lastly….that concept of the Police constantly putting their life on the line. Please find a new rallying cry…’s starting to sound so very, cathartic.

    1. The fact of the matter is the police are professional guardians of YOUR safety and well-being. That professionalism comes from the most rigorous physical and mental training. These are the battle-hardened men and women I trust to protect us from all the gangsters and creeps out there!

      All these accusations are just baseless.

      1. Your kidding right? I never asked the Police to guard my safety. Thanks to the laws in this state backed by the “Police” justifying their existence I am forced as my only option to accept their “safety offering.”

        You speak of physical and mental training. Who measures this? You realize your making this statement after FPD has been exposed multiple times in the past weeks for just such weaknesses. Oh….and I know that I am qualified mentally and physically to participate in any “Police training” that is not the point……you see the Constitution does not demand any physical or mental attributes to enjoy freedom. Please go read it before presenting your case.

        Lastly….battle hardened…wow….I have traveled the world unarmed numerous times and had many “tricky” situations wherein weapons have been pointed at me. Does this qualify me in your little world as strong enough to participate in your little experiment of super citizens? If not what does please tell me?

        The accusations….I am not making any accusation that is baseless. Your logic is flawed. Please re-read the previous posts wherein your officers are caught steeling, beating and pointing guns at innocent people.

  23. Savethefox is right. This started with two officers responding to a call of someone breaking into parked cars. Another interesting bit of news is that there is a police surveilance camera that is active 24/7 and covers this entire area.

    1. My sister runs the cafe at the Santa Fe Depot and was shocked to hear that six Fullerton cops beat Kelly Thomas into a coma. She said Kelly always hung out at the Depot and was generally kind, honest and harmless.

  24. I cannot believe Det. Neel didn’t shoot the guy with his assault rifle at close range….

    I mean, the guy was unarmed. That’s Neel’s modus operandi, isn’t it?

  25. great comments jefferson thomas, this is becoming so tiring, the claims of heroism from pigs about other pigs. It’s just ludicrous. These oinkers get massively overpaid to drive around in a car or work behind a desk pushing paper rarely if ever putting their life or anything else on the line. Many pigs go their entire careers without ever removing their guns from their holsters. Then they have the audacity to call themselves heros and super citizens. Lets see, if pigs were really heros, they wouldnt steal from the taxpayers every time they collect a check, they wouldnt beat up innocent people, they wouldnt point guns at innocent people, they woudn’t participate in unconstitutional activities like DUI checkpoints(also stealing tax money), they wouldnt protect outdated drug laws, they wouldnt write traffice tickets and lie and say it was for safety instead of revenue generation, they wouldnt hire cronies with past DUI convictions, steal ipads and money from innocent people, hold internal investigations that are sealed from the public, and the list goes on. Maybe its time to from an ad hoc posse and get these pigs back in their poke. I know I for one would feel a lot safer. Fuck the police.

    1. So compton, if I hear you correctly, your saying “fuck the police”? I just want to make sure I heard it right.

    2. Good post compton. Of the many activities you accurately point out the police would not engage in if they were actually heroes you left out backing carpet bagging assclowns like Sidhu for public office.

  26. Back The Badge :
    The fact of the matter is the police are professional guardians of YOUR safety and well-being. That professionalism comes from the most rigorous physical and mental training.

    Yep, It’s right here in the Police Academy curriculum:

    Stealing an iPad 101

    Advanced dogpiling 165 pound homeless people

    Graduate seminar in fake testimonials for Police Association solicitations

    1. Nipsey, you are wrong! Fake testimonials are week one. Dog piling is week two. IPad theft is…I don’t see that in our manual. Thanks for the suggestion!

  27. Could the curriculum please add a course in either Google Earth, Zillow or Thomas Guide interpretation to prevent raiding homes next door to the ones they are really looking for? A visual of an address can prove really helpful when the address on the curb is not represented in fresh paint.

    1. No, no, no. For that we send them to Quantico VA and pay the FBI to train them. Nothing but the best for our men and girls in blue.

  28. I am disgusted with anyone supporting the FPD in this particular matter. Apparently, THE BOYS In BLUE have control over our media. I am only finding 3 articles on Google.

    The man was homeless. He couldn’t afford to eat every meal. How much damage could this man have done against any armed police officer? It took 6 cops to ROB this man of his life.

    Homeless people are not bad people. I am 117 pounds and deal with the homeless in downtown riverside everyday. Yes there are many with mental issues, but you can blame the good old Regan admin and their followers for that. I am sure many of those followers work for FPD. Take some time and talk to a homeless person. They are just like us without the luxuries and some just down on luck or have never hadany luck from start of life.

    I am a 33 year, blonde white female. I get harassed by police very often. I have even had them coming to my house offering me medications because they want me to date them. Not just once or twice or thrice…… too many times to count. I am a business owner and I FEAR the BOYS in BLUE. How can we protect ourselves from them? I realize there are many good cops and I’m sorry to say any negative about you. But I don’t trust ANY of You.

    I couldn’t imagine what men deal with from COpS. Especially black and Hispanic men. I get harassed too often by police, and I’m a white female.

    We have to do something about all this. What about the young black man killed by the transit cop in Oakland?? The cop only served 11 months for murder. WTF pigs?? I want to protect myself from YOU PiGS………

  29. The Mr. Goodyear (looks more like Michelin Man) fellow from the P.D. might as well have just said “we are trying to confirm that the defendant failed to do exactly what we told him to do before we went ahead and beat him to death.”

    Time for the city council to demand an audit by an independent source to tell us why we have no leadership in the department and our officers behave like thugs rather than professional police officers.

    1. You shouldn’t make light of this policeman’s weight. Diet is the result of stress and we can only guess at the stress endured by the policeman as he puts his life on the line every single day protecting YOU.

      Many policemen suffer from disabilities defending us and our homes and have to retire with these disabilities. Injuries and stress cause them to die only a few years after retirement, and that’s a proven fact.

      These heroes deserve respect and HONOR. Nothing less!

      1. Thanks officer Goodyear for putting your life on the line every single day, fighting crime one press release and raspberry jelly donut at a time.

        1. Mr. Goodrich has risen through the ranks to obtain the high rank of Sergeant – no easy achievement in a department full of high-caliber mean and women. I have every confidence in this fine FPD officer.

          As they say the cream always floats to the top!

          1. BTB, what do you have to say about the fact that there’s no taser policy to speak of?

      2. Sometimes, cops fall right out of their chair and have to retire early from their injuries. I think Fullerton has had a few unfortunate officers go out that way.

      3. We all choose what type of job we want to get into. I was smart enough to let a job go and get into a new line of work, because of health issues.

  30. Second guessing our fine police force will get you nowhere and undermind the morale of these criminal combatants. Is that what you really want?

    Just think about that next time you pick up the phone for a 911 call: the folks who saddle up to respond will be Fullerton’s finest – risking life and limb to preserve YOUR public safety.

    Can you put a price tag on that?

    1. BTB I thought I told you already IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS CITIZENS TO QUESTION AND HOLD ACCOUNTABLE EVERY POLICE OFFICER, ELECTED OFFICIAL AND REPERSENITIVE. We have what is known as a republic, which means we chose who we have given power to and represent us. They hire the police chief for us and we must question that decision or the system breaks down.

      Unfortnantly I have to think twice when I dial 911 now because I don’t know if I want to have my iPad stolen, have my hand broken, my credit cards stolen, be beaten to near death or perp and the office might be drunk.

      My only wish was that the police in Fullerton were criminal combatants, maybe I could drive down Highland again, or maybe our we would finally see an end to FTT and Baker ST. gangs. Unfortunately what we have is cops harassing soccer moms and college girls.

    2. There is one of those morons right here. Back the badge my arse. Take back the badge is more like it in this case. And if you’re a cop, I’m glad I’m not in your area.

      Undermind the morale of criminal combatants? First it’s misspelled and second it makes no sense, much like you.

      This type of attitude is disgusting.

  31. Back The Badge :
    blah blah blah
    Can you put a price tag on that?

    Yeah, apparently it’s about 80K a year on up, plus benefits plus retirement, with tax incentives for fake disabilities too.

  32. I eat at the Santa Fe Cafe inside Fullerton Depot at least once a week and Kelly Thomas has been a fixture at the depot for a very long time. He’s never bothered anybody, never begged for money, never caused any problems, but I have seen him harassed by FPD cops on many occasions, demanding to know where he got the money for his food (paid for by one of the regulars at the Cafe or even donated by a Cafe worker). The FPD wouldn’t leave him alone and seemed to really enjoy trying to coax him into a violent response.

    While I can’t say what happened Tuesday night, I will say that breaking into cars and being belligerent to the police does not sound like the Kelly Thomas I know.

    Being harassed by “Fullerton’s finest” is something I do believe in.

    Kelly’s always just been one of the many harmless characters that spend time at the Transportation Center. Ask any of the “regulars” on the platform and they’ll confirm my story.

    I’m very sad, and I am distressed by what has happened. I hope the City Council will demand a full and impartial investigation of the police department.

    If Kelly passes, and the officers are found to be at fault, they should be charged with murder.

    Simple as that!

  33. Taser Policy my ass Chief Sellers :
    BTB, what do you have to say about the fact that there’s no taser policy to speak of?

    I’m sure there is a taser policy. Our fine Chief has no doubt institutionalized one. But the need to inform the public is non-existent. Everyone wants to be told what’s going on. Publicizing this will only alert the bad guys and gangsters on how to work the system.

    Have faith! The fine professionals of FPD will know what to do!

  34. I have met Kelly before. I have given him cake at our meetings and coffee. He was not a violent person and 6 cops beat him to death. Oh my, that is not good.

  35. What’s sad to see is that no one stepped in to help Kelly.

    Seeing this happen, I would have stepped in and would have fought the police to get off him.

    People need to stop being afraid of the police. Just because men are wearing blue cop uniforms does not mean they are doing the city any justice. They do it just to get paid.

    Sometimes the common man needs to step in when they see an unfortunate man in trouble.

  36. I didn’t read all of the comments here. I stopped after 15 or 20. I just had to say something to the ones commenting and not even knowing what there is to be known.

    First, the hospital stated there were no drugs in the guys system.

    Second, he was tasered. What I have read stated it was 5-6 times. You can hear it being used in the video.

    I forget exactly what one person said about the police and doing their job. It was just more of the BS that cops put their lives on the line every single day, they were justified, it’s the victim’s fault, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    And this is not the first time the Fullerton PD has had this type of incident. As residents there have stated and surely know more than I.

    This was noting short of abuse of power and if not murder, surely manslaughter.

    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That said, I think it’s pretty clear these cops are in the wrong.

    First, they should be not being on paid leave, second they should be fired, third arrested and hopefully convicted. Receive and serve prison terms.

    Lawsuits and payment goes without saying.

    Lying on the ground screaming for his dad and for them to stop beating him, and 50 bystanders yelling at cops to stop, yet they continue?

    Not only abuse of power, but arrogant abuse as well. They were not worried who saw them. That is scary to me in this country. When did we become a third world nation?

  37. Back The Badge :The fact of the matter is the police are professional guardians of YOUR safety and well-being. That professionalism comes from the most rigorous physical and mental training. These are the battle-hardened men and women I trust to protect us from all the gangsters and creeps out there!
    All these accusations are just baseless.

    You have got to be a kid. Hopefully no adult would be as stupid as you are showing yourself to be.

  38. It took 5 min. to determine what K.T. died from. Hundreds of cases in the U.S. and around the world. Sadly 2 million Schiophrenics in the U.S.

    Mr. Thomas died as a result of “Excited Delirium.” Google It!

    You can’t make a person take his/her meds but you can be there for them. Dad Thomas was not there for his son. Kicked him out of the house, wouldn’t even let him sleep on the porch. Step mom or mom, whichever, wanted nothing to do with him. What a sad situation for all concerned.

  39. There is a web site you can voice your experiences with any Fullerton police officer or any other police dept you have contact with. it is called “Rate My Cop”.
    Be sure to be fair report the officers conduct weather bad or good rate the officer with fairness and integrity.Always show respect when confronted by police you will never win an argument so save yourself the grief remember the pen is mightier than the sword Take a look at the website and you will see how many red lights vs green lights Fullerton police acquired check out officer Hampton no surprise he is red light all the way.But there are also green lights which i commend all of them.

  40. What? Six policemen can not take down a mentally ill man, without beating his head in and causing him brain damage. If a private person would have been hit with a forceful blow by another person in the head the way they did, they would have been taken to jail and charge with intent to do bodily injury or intent to kill. Does the Department not teach these law inforcers in how to handle mentally ill people or to reognize those that are. What I heard and read he was answering the officers questions and they never did say if he was the one messing with the cars. Another fact that they are not talking about. Can we say Cover-Up of some sort. Yes there are good officers out there and bad ones that think they are above the law they inforce and also I think they got mad at this homeless man because they could not taken him down like they wanted to and their emoitions got the better of them, in other words they got mad and went with their feelings and took it out on this man and with the crowd telling them to stop, it gave the officers more fuel and made them more mad. My prayers are for the family and their lost of a loved one. I have in my family member who servce his country, a son and a father that lives with in his parents house, who was diagnose with a mental illness similar to the homeles-man who was beaten. He also had police officers stop him because he was driving to fast, but who recognize he was ill (proper training). These officers not only drove him to a hospital, but also his car and inform his parents as to what hospital he was taken to. I believe proper trained personal does make a big difference. Also ask, “How would you want to be treated, in whatever position you are employed.” Remember what you do to others (good or bad), others will do to you. At whoever hands this man’s life was taken, hopefully justice will be done and all will be account for. For his blood cry’s out to God.
    That is all I have to say…..

  41. 40 or more people witnessed this act of barbarous brutality – and all some of them did was yell

    Please never wonder or criticize why common German citizens allowed the NAZIs to get away with murder. They did so for the same reasons the sheep in Fullerton allowed these 6 animals to do so. Fear.

    Just imagine though, if even for a minute, those 40 citizens grabbed whatever they could and beat the crap out of the drooling thugs with badges.

    A message would be sent that could not be ignored… and Fullerton would be a far safer place.

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