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OC District Attorney Spitzer Goes Limp for Perv Cop

In case you haven’t heard by now, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office which is led by Todd Spitzer, filed a peeping charge against Fullerton Police Officer Jose Paez for filming up the skirt of a 16 year old student. Let that sink in for a moment. A 16 year old, who Paez was on […]

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Did City Employees Steal Over $50K of Equipment?

Another day, another story of alleged theft/fraud of city property here in the city of Fullerton finally coming to light. “In late January 2017, Julia James contacted me about some questionable purchases charged to Facility Superintendent Bob St. Paul’s City-issued procurement card.  I asked Tim Campbell to review the purchases for calendar year 2016.  His […]

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A Fullerton Staffing Question

The Fullerton Firefighters are pushing a narrative that they’re understaffed and underpaid on social media, so let’s talk about it. We constantly hear about how underfunded, unpaid, underappreciated, undereverything our Police and Fire Depts are from the “Hero Deserve” crowd and the opposite side likes to point to pay rates, pension spiking, double dipping, medical […]

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Who Are the Bad Apples?

Over the years we here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have written about what feels like countless stories on the culture of corruption. A lot of facts, some rumors and a lot of annoyance as the city, police department and union goons do everything in their power to keep all of us from knowing anything […]

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FPD Officer on Wrong Side of DUI

We’d like to introduce you to Officer Marc Bastreri — and his DUI in Huntington Beach — a whopping 113 days after becoming a Fullerton officer. More info to come as we get it. This is Fullerton’s best and brightest. Seriously, according to Fullerton’s own Comprehensive Financial Audit Report, as received and filed at council last […]

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Another Possible Cover-up by FPD

This involves some rumors. Proceed accordingly. A few months ago an unnamed Fullerton Police Officer was allegedly stabbed in Placentia by an unidentified “Hispanic male”. Four agencies swarmed (Placentia PD, Fullerton PD, CSUF State Police & OC Sheriff’s) and a suspect was picked up, had his info blasted on social media and in press releases […]

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It’s official. Once again, Fullerton is without a Police Chief. This morning, city officials issued a press release announcing Fullerton’s top cop had departed. Per Chief Hendrick’s contract, no disparaging remarks are included in the release, which summarizes some accomplishments in the short tenure of Mr. Hendricks. — Improved Morale — Improved Retention — Improved […]