This is Why Chief Hendricks Resigned

Today the City of Fullerton put out a Press Release stating that Fullerton Police Chief David Hendricks was resigning. They extolled the virtues of his employment and when I called to ask about the resignation I was told that I was making an assumption that the Chief was resigning owing to his current leave of absence and possible criminal prosecution.

Let us clear a few things up here for the record.

First and foremost the City, per their Public Information Officer, agreed to waive the contractual requirement that Hendricks give 45 days notice upon his written resignation. It allowed them to appoint Acting Chief Dunn as…. Interim Chief Dunn, a distinction without a difference, unless you happen to have a pension stored at CalPERS.

Second, despite the Chief being on leave for over 2 months, this was announced on a Friday when City Hall is closed. Want further details? Too bad, you’re gonna have to wait until Monday when everybody is focused on Tuesday’s Mid-Term Election. This is government document-dump obfuscation 101. You don’t release information in this fashion unless you’re trying to bury the news and avoid answering questions.

Why did the City agree to waive the 45 day requirement? Why was this done now being that we already have an acting chief? Why didn’t the city work to fire Hendricks for contract violation owing to the ongoing investigation? What is the status of that investigation?

No clue. No responses. No answers. Gonna have to wait until Monday folks, sorry.

Let this be an abject lesson that City Manager Ken Domer does not believe in transparency contrary to his public and private statements. I had high hopes for Domer, but alas he is proving himself to be just another bureaucrat working to keep the bureaucracy funneling money into his and his cohort’s retirements. Don’t expect our tired and constantly campaigning City Council members to ask any of these questions or work to make things more transparent.

Fret Not Friends!

We want answers and I’m sure you want answers as well and thanks to an anonymous source from the great beyond we have some details that the city will never tell us because reasons.

Here is the redacted (for privacy) and highlighted (by me) highlights of what really happened at that Lady Antebellum concert back in August and why our Chief decided to resign with no notice.

We’ll leave the conclusions to you.

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        1. I wonder if the Hamel’s are involved.

          The wife of Irvine Police Chief is Fullerton Police Lieutenant Katy Hamel. With Hendricks and Oliveras gone, this expedites her next promotion

          1. To the contrary. She has lost her ass kissing support now. She literally has NO support due to her lack of personal skills and complete lack of police skills. Complete lack of police skills, she is a well spoken joke.

          2. This thing wreaks of Katy. There is no doubt she did this. What Fullerton needs is a good old fashion doj investigation. She’s not called kat5 for nothing For all you dumb asses. Category 5 as in death and destruction follow wherever she goes

        2. No, it looks like a number of officers in the Irvine PD did their job in a professional manner. You know, in the way police officers should act, unlike the way many in the Fullerton PD have acted.

            1. Perhaps, but we don’t know who in the IPD leaked the report.

              If this had happened in Fullerton, at least in the past, Hendricks and Oliveras would have had a Felz deal pulled – driven home, tucked into bed, and the two EMTs told to keep their mouth shut.

                1. No it isnt. Many times they are NOT FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION.
                  Pending prosecution can be jeopardized.
                  Cases/reports are released to the court, defense, DA, at the same time.
                  This may cause the case to get tossed.

                2. Not while it’s pending This was criminally leaked. Also I believe chickenshit DAs office is waiting until after election to drop the bomb that there’s not gonna be prosecution in hicks case. Just watch. So predictable and so easy to figure out the players in this mess Let’s face it, the players aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed

        3. No it’s personal agenda. Who bennifits from the resignation that has access to Irvine pd documents ANSWER : Irvine chief hamel’s Wife Fullerton pd Lt Katy hamel. There is no doubt

  1. Confrontational, uncooperative, and unprofessional?

    Used physical force multiple times?


    Oh, right. No one. Friday off.

      1. 1st Irvine pd never should have anything to do with incident other than first response. The investigation should have then been turned immediately over to sheriff Dept. Big fuck up here Irvine chief !

  2. He probably was drunk at the time he resigned. He’ll say he was impaired and because of bias, he was forced to make the wrong decison. He’ll sue for his job back and retroactive pay. The present city council will once again side with the guilty. I say again, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. What a fuckin joke! This guy was chief? I know Oliveras was a piece of shit and this only confirms it… Oly should leave also and stay in his piece of shit Fontana home and stay away from the OC and Fullerton… good luck providing medical insurance for your little one now!

  4. from the information given it appears the wife’s injuries were minimal and she was reasonalbly in control of her facilities. If a person with minimal injuries wishes to refuse medical treatment he should able to refuse treatment and walk away. Why should it be any different for one to make this decision for his significant other, unless he is not in control of his facilities. But it seemed he was in a state that was not unreasonably incompacitated, and seems the medics were acting above their authority to decide whats best for ones refusing treatment. For an incident so petty as this I can’t understand why he would resign. The force used against the entitled medic antaganist if was reasonalbe as the medic acted forcefully first without a reasonalble reason for doing so. In drunken Fullerton bloody battered people can be seen on weekends being sent on their way by the our local police … a more professional and reasonalble approach to this party atmosphere… (unlike the approach of the former arroagant FPD , detain & provoke. ) … but one all in all it the chance one takes as anything can happen where there is lots of achohol present.

    1. Hendrix was a dirty corrupt piece of shit when he was in Long Beach Fullerton should be glad he’s gone this could not have happened to a nicer guy paybacks a bitch Hendrix

    2. If the woman HAD declined treatment, gotten up, and walked away, it would likely have ended then and there just as you described. But she did not do that. Even a spouse does not get to make decisions for another adult. Hendricks (should) know this. And to engage in a physical altercation with the EMT’s is assault (or battery – whichever) much less putting his hands on another police officer, which if it was done by someone to him would result in their immediate arrest. Both men should have been fired. Although I suppose putting them on leave for a couple months and then allowing him to resign gracefully may keep the lawyers from getting involved which is unfortunately almost always a good thing.
      As far as FPD “sending drunken people on their way” every weekend, this concerns me. Imagine they stop on drunken lout, tell him to “go home”, and on the way he takes out a family of five. Our city then gets sued for 100M for letting this obviously incapacitated person go. IMHO anyone drunken in public should be arrested. Maybe we should impose a $500 surcharge so these folks can help pay for the cost of their “upkeep”.

  5. Just to reiterate, sending bloody and battered (and obviously incapacitated) people on their way is not a professional and/or reasonable policy in that it exposes the city to liability. Anything that needlessly exposes the city to liability should not be done. Suppose one of these “bloody and battered” folks unexpectedly goes into coma or falls and injures themselves or suffers some further medical issue after being sent in their way? Or my example above, they plow through a red light and kill someone. Open and shut case against City of Fullerton.
    There is no faster way to lose money than get sued. Even if you prevail, it’s costs tens or hundreds of thousands or worse to do so.
    These people put themselves in this situation. If they get arrested it’s on them. Maybe if this is fine enough, Fullerton will lose its reputation as a place where you can get away with this crap.

  6. Great job FFFF and major, major kudos to whoever sent the police report. This is beyond outrageous and every single person in Fullerton needs to see this.

    Who the hell does this completely disgusting, ill behaved unprofessional asshole think he is?!?! Who the fuck treats another member of their profession this way? This guy is a complete and total scumbag, a raging, power tripping douchenozzle of the lowest order. He needs to be tarred and feathered as does any dipshit in our city government who makes excuses for this assclown! Fucking ridiculous!!! What is wrong with our city leaders?!?! Every one of them needs to answer for this. The city manager especially. We need to wake up as a whole city to this bullshit and tolerate it no longer. I support the cops and FPD, by the way as I have nothing but positive, professional enteractions with them.

    1. “I support the cops and FPD, by the way as I have nothing but positive, professional enteractions with them.”

      One of the lucky ones. No false arrest, no stolen wallet, no sexual assault, no fart in face, no stolen laptop, no milk money stolen, no made up”evidence”, no deliberate misidentification, no suffocation. I congratulate you on you good fortune, sir!

      1. Things have changed quite a bit over the past 7 years. These rookie cops are acting professionally and by the book. Only a few bully cops still in the department…. as far as police interaction and medic interation with drunken raves… a little common sense must be in the equation. “Even a spouse does not get to make decisions for another adult.” ?? a spouse feels a great deal of responceablilty to be a protecter for their significant other. Being detainded by a medic, is a form of kidnaping. A person who is coherent should and does have the choice to walk away. As far a spouses and siblings, no hired county worker has authority to detain a person at the scene who is coherent and not a danger himself or others, Hendrix was completley in his right to walk away with his wife as long as she was not in grave danger and she agreed with his assertion to leave with him. The man behind the curtain ( wizard of Oz ) may not be correct. In society we give too much credit to doctors etc, who make the calls for us which may be are demise in the end. Just look at 9/11 and all the firefighters dutifully being heros by obeying orders and walking up into the inferno when they should have stayed put instead using their God given common sense and the people in the building where most of the people there had listened ( to strangers exerting authority and telling them to stay put while they should have been exiting the building. Hendrix was acting professionally as he was not mouthing off but simply stating no please don’t detain us My wife and I will handle our own problem, ,thank you! I’m sure the medic has already been repremanded for his action.

            1. thank you. Sometimes it takes 3 year old to point out the obvious. They aren’t given enouph credit.. in my opinion.

        1. Guess what, Bub (streets of Fullerton)? Chief Hendricks exhibited an extreme lack of self control, discernment, emotional intelligence and professionalism as an off-duty Chief of Police to not only EMT’s, which is unbelievable, but the Irvine PD. He is as dumb as the day is long. Of course, it’s hard to do that if you’re hard-wired as a complete asshole, which is what the police report, in my opinion evinces. This guy makes (made) hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and is in charge of the police force in the beloved town I live in. No public servant of this level should behave this way, yet look at Chief Hendricks. It’s beyond appalling!!! He’ll probably get some grace and get to hold his huge pension that he absolutely does not deserve. People need to wake the fuck up and realize we have a voice to hold public employees account. Thank you FFFF.

  7. His listed occupation, public safety, employer Fullerton police department. Its difficult to know without having the details what transpired but the medics were aware of his occupation yet exsurted their authority over his wishesto detain and treat his wife. wether she felt the same way is not clear.

    1. You’ve got this all wrong.

      He pushed a woman. Twice. Then he grabbed a cop. After that, he acted like a generic asshole.

      Not sure why you’re insisting on focusing on the behavior of the victim. It’s not relevant.

  8. Every officer on the scene stated he was clearly intoxicated and swaying side to side.

    Only a bootlicking douchenoodle would think that his badge somehow compensated for impairement and his therefore impaired judgement when attempting to make decisions for his wife’s wellbeing.

    You’d probably let him drive away from the scene owing to that shiny trinket on his chest too.

  9. Kelly was murdered for doing less than this scumbag. Cops assume the most privileged class in just about any community. They are anything but public servants. If you dare to question a cop, film a cop or not perfectly comply to a cop, you are at risk. Thanks FFFF for once again informing the public. Thanks for your service Chief, now go fuck yourself.

  10. A Sexual Excuse is the equivalent of a Sexual Caboose! If you slam your female partner’s head into a cement wall,
    you might be a redneck! If you twist their hair and make them fall down …you might be a redneck. If you slam their head into the license plate of your pick-up truck…you might be a redneck. If you think her sister looks better in cover-alls…than you do in a bikini…..they might be a redneck.

  11. Just wondering why only portions of the report were published? I prefer to make decisions based on all of the information. Please publish it all and let people come to their own conclusions.

    1. No. We’re not going to publish anything that increases the likelihood of burning our source.

      If you want the whole document, take it up with your government that hid it from you in the first place.

      1. So a government that witholds information is worse than a media outlet that cherry picks and witholds information?

        1. The government gave you ZERO information and lied to you about why the Police Chief resigned. I published pertinent information that was redacted to protect the source and innocent involved. So yes, to answer your question. Obviously yes.

          1. Self righteous Ferguson, go fuck yourself. That shiny trinket is a matter of well earned pride for 99% of us cops. We take pride in things that little scared bitches like yourself were too afraid to earn. We see more shit than your toilet ever will you hippie little fuck. Go hide inside your house at night and trim up that bitch beard while we work and chase down the shit bags.

            1. “We take pride in things that little scared bitches like yourself were too afraid to earn.”

              Grand theft, assault, perjury, kidnapping drunk driving, false reports, pill addiction, petty theft, sexual assault, murder? Stuff like that?

              1. Said 99% of us do dick face. Learn to read. I’m sure in your chosen profession, if you have one, there are some bad ones. Same in mine. I’m out, got shit to do….you fucks all grab your keyboard and drop your shorts as usual and start fisting yourselves.

                1. hahaha hahaha hahahah

                  When you stop protecting dirtbags AND stop hiding behind POBAR AND stop acting like mercenaries bankrupting every town you work in I might start to care about whiny tough guys like yourself. Don’t you have somebody’s dog to shoot out of fear for your life?

                2. Wait, did you say 99%? Obviously you know nothing about the history of the FPD. Yes, you “got shit to do”: Larceny, burglary, planting evidence, committing perjury, arresting the innocent and laughing about it, farting in people’s face, assaulting citizens, etc. Say, did I forget anything? Now go work on that high school diploma.

                  Of course if you meant to say 19% then I apologize.

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