Who Are the Bad Apples?

Bad Cop

Over the years we here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have written about what feels like countless stories on the culture of corruption. A lot of facts, some rumors and a lot of annoyance as the city, police department and union goons do everything in their power to keep all of us from knowing anything even slightly negative happening behind the badges of our betters.

Well, on January 1st, 2019 California law changes to allow a little bit of information to eek its way past the Blue Wall of Silence. Thanks to the usually ridiculous California legislature and soon to be former Governor Jerry Brown, we’ll be able to learn about some of the actions perpetuated by some of the officers around the state. Here’s the law in question.

You’ll want to read section C and the bits about lies and dishonesty. I previously had it quoted it here but it’s too much legalese to blockquote. Basically if it’s proven that a cop lies or falsifies a report you can get the records of those findings.

Yes, of course there is a however. This is union-owned CA.

While it’s true that the taxpayers, and sometimes victims in these cases, will be able to get some details on “sustained” complaints regarding officers you’ll first have to get the police to investigate your complaints and find an officer guilty. Good luck with that one.

How do you get a sustained complaint? You first use THIS FORM to file an honest and accurate complaint against the officer who violated policy and/or the law. Once you have submitted that form, again honestly and with integrity, the police will conduct an investigation.

I want to again stress the honesty here. YES there are some bad cops and yes there are cops who do things that need to be brought to light but we don’t want to waste time and resources on witch hunts. This is a valuable tool and process to be used to maybe get some actual justice when too many in power turn a blind eye to the problems in their own ranks.

Now, if you DO manage to get a sustained complaint because an allegedly rare bad apple done you dirty, well then… that might be the end of it because nobody else is allowed to know about the details.

Basically even though the records relating to a sustained complaint are going to be public, knowing which officers have those sustained complaints against them is not public. What a cute culture of cover-up we live in in California.

We tried to request such a list and the Fullerton Police Department wanted to charge us $250+ to maybe compile one despite us already having a good idea about how many of those complaints exist thanks to Published FPD Reports.

Citizen Complaints

Heck, they even tell us the numbers on disciplines albeit not who was disciplined or why or for what incident.FPD Discipline

This is where we’d like your help. Do you know of misconduct that wasn’t reported and want to file a complaint? Do you know of officer misconduct that led to sustained complaints at Fullerton PD? Can you provide some details and context so we can request the pertinent records from the city come Jan 01? We’re also curious about officer misconduct in other cities related to our current and former officers.

We ask for help from our City Attorneys but don’t work for us – they work for city staff and public safety which therefore means against us.

Remember that a bad one bad apple spoils the whole bunch and our officers shouldn’t have work with bad apples or under the stigma of their actions and since the police won’t root out their own bad apples, we want you to help us manage the task. So please drop us a comment or send us a message and help us bring a little more sunshine into Fullerton. Once we have the names and details we’ll request the data (or if you already have the data please send it to us to save time) and once we have the data we’ll report back accordingly.

One bad apple


24 Replies to “Who Are the Bad Apples?”

  1. Every apple who knows what the bad apples did and said nothing is a bad apple, too. I doubt if there is a single good apple in the FPD

  2. Citizen complaints and reprimands have dropped dramatically over the past 5 years .Yes there are a few bad apples left but hopefully the good apples are having influence over the 2 bad apples

    1. When you have Cheblowski and Rhonda as Captains, Rios, Radus and Katy as LT’s, and Pedram and some of the other stooges as Sgt’s, then you best believe the culture of corruption is alive and well… a few bad apples or 100% of the captains, 50% of the LT’s and 30%ish of the sgts?

  3. IA Jr, Why do you think there is a culture of corruption? What proof do you have? Over the last 7-8 years there have been plenty of FPD removed for many reasons. If you would look at any other agency you would find the same issues! Why don’t you just look at the neighbors to the south? Rhymes with Anaheim! You want to think FPD is the problem and the only dept with issues but you are so wrong. I can only assume you are a current officer, former officer or friends with current FPD officers and you know it’s true, every dept has issue, it doesn’t make it right and especially at FPD but to assume there is a culture of corruption is just plain ignorant! Unfortunately you and many others that leak or give info to this blog were or are part of the past that are bitter and angry and want to blame others instead of looking in the mirror! So sad to think that you just can’t live happily ever after in your moms basement waiting for the next plate of meat loaf! Merry F’ng Christmas!

    1. Name another department that has had their chief and captain charged with a crime? Name another department that tried to cover up
      A manslaughter(in my opinion) of a homeless guy? Name another dept who have covered up DUI’s, false reports and false arrest? Go ahead, I’ll
      Wait? And that’s just the last seven year?….. Merry Christmas you filthy animal (going back to my basement)….

          1. That makes sense change the request until you like the results. You’re like every other news agency out there.

    2. Maybe your right but Fullerton has just honed this to a fine edge. But think about, now ski and radius can approve the false reports instead of writing them. Both are as crooked as they come and Rios as dumb as a shit covered rock

      1. And tell me, what kind of public servant would proclaim them self “kat 5”. This truly a question the citizens of Fullerton should ask them in a public setting. Fullerton , wake up. These are some of the true “bad apples” and now they’re in command positions

    1. I’m confused, is APD and FPD corrupt? Why don’t you ask the 6 or so officers who left FPD to go to APD, which dept is corrupt? (I think we all know what the answer is)

    1. Can say about APD but Fullerton is beyond broken and should be disbanded only your city council will never give up the power and influence of having its own PD without the help of DOJ. And that is where your complaints should be directed

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