FPD Officer on Wrong Side of DUI

We’d like to introduce you to Officer Marc Bastreri — and his DUI in Huntington Beach — a whopping 113 days after becoming a Fullerton officer.

More info to come as we get it.



This is Fullerton’s best and brightest.

Seriously, according to Fullerton’s own Comprehensive Financial Audit Report, as received and filed at council last night, we’re in the black because we’re understaffed and we only hire the best.

Or, rather:

“Expenditures decreased $1.5 million over the prior year due to increased vacant positions as a result of increased hiring scrutiny and the region’s competitive work force with low unemployment.”

We might need to work on that increased scrutiny thing what with alcohol related shenanigans being such a problem at FPD lately.

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48 thoughts on “FPD Officer on Wrong Side of DUI

    1. Yup. Marc is on probation so I would think that without question he’s gone. Maybe Danny will hire him. I here they have an opening for goofy

    2. Because a son has never shown interest in something his father did… right. Bet you’re a great dad/son/troll. Thanks for your comment super valueable

      1. My dad is a police officer, but instead of abusing his connections to get a job in Fullerton, I should go get hired by merit at ANY OTHER DEPARTMENT IN CALIFORNIA.

        1. It would not be the Fullerton way to hire or promote people by merit. If you don’t believe me, check employee complaints. Your gonna love what you find

          1. They’re confidential.

            We can’t check them.

            In fact, we can’t get much of anything unless it’s leaked. Where my leakers at? You know you love it when you do good.

  1. “Expenditures decreased $1.5 million over the prior year due to increased vacant positions as a result of increased hiring scrutiny and the region’s competitive work force with low unemployment.”
    Let’s just fleece the taxpayer for more money and less services.

  2. Another chip off the old block! My Dad worked at FPD (Alex) that’s why I got the job. Alex was a Captain then self-demoted to Lieutenant. Right around the same time he was sleeping with a north court secretary and the chiefs secretary. Wife caught him having lunch with them…… and well the rest is history…. but don’t worry Alex “retired” and went to OCSD to be a jailer and double dip…. #nepotism …

    1. And what do you do? Way to take the surface level and try and ruin an individual – Fullerton’s future looking real bright with people like you harping on the problems and….

      Not bringing solutions

    2. Well ok so the young lad is a drunk and hopefully no longer a cop his dad spent nearly every waking moment trying to fuck anything that stand still long enough. And I mean ANYTHING. I can only wonder how he got through a background to get hired by the sheriff dept

    1. You have know idea of all the shit that went on a Fullerton police Dept over past thirty years You wouldn’t sleep at night if you knew even half of it

      1. Be sure to tell Josh. This web page died for many years. I’ve tried to wake it up the last few weeks again. so far so good. Spill some good dirt on some current employees so we can send Josh on a good hunt.

    1. Yeah and he was serving overseas for the 4 years you walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings you fucking loser. Great joke, great taste, you’re the man. Happy new year

      1. Real shame he threw it all away by being a fucking moron.

        Fullerton doesn’t need to give guns to people who make poor life choices.

    1. Fullerton will always have these issues as long as it has its own police department. Fullerton must contract out police services to the county then let all current employees go through the county hiring process. Then do not hire anyone with sustained complaint from Fullerton or any prior agency. This would cut the playing field at least in half

      1. Do some research on the number of off duty and on duty complaints and incidents OC and LA County Sheriff’s departments have. Fullerton is nothing compared to bigger agencies.

        1. Nice so now we should compare apples to oranges. So just how do we compare a department of 150 to one that has 12 thousand. But you’ve missed the issue entirely. The problem is city hall

  3. “…a result of increased hiring scrutiny”

    So Domer is throwing the rat on his predecessors for lower level of hiring scrutiny? Lat’s as Burt! Burt? Burt?!

  4. I retired from the FPD last year. At my party, I very vividly remember Lt. Alex Bastreri, this kid’s father, telling me how happy he was that his son was hired by the City of Brea as a FIREFIGHTER.

    What the hell happened?

    1. If this true. Which I doubt I’d say he didn’t make probation at the fire Dept. Daddy then helped him get hired as a cop

      1. I know that this comment is true. He was at Brea FD and was let go because he failed to report an injury he had and still went to work.

  5. They say that 30% of Americans have a criminal record. By my count, the number within the Fullerton Police Department is actually higher.

  6. the pigs are so enamored of a DUI bust that they nailed one of their own. The system is so f-ing sick. But the pensions are untouchable.

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