Another Possible Cover-up by FPD

This involves some rumors. Proceed accordingly.


A few months ago an unnamed Fullerton Police Officer was allegedly stabbed in Placentia by an unidentified “Hispanic male”. Four agencies swarmed (Placentia PD, Fullerton PD, CSUF State Police & OC Sheriff’s) and a suspect was picked up, had his info blasted on social media and in press releases — only later to be cleared and released.


This is where all four agencies left things and no new information has been publicly presented.

Here are the relevant news stories.

Per CBS (22 Sept):

The Fullerton Police Department, Orange County Sheriffs Department and Cal State Fullerton Police Department, made an extensive search of the area.

Officers detained and later arrested a parolee named James Carrera, a 19-year-old Placentia resident. Carrera was booked on an assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Police did not know if the officer was targeted but they said Carrera was out on parole for weapons violations and possibly knew the officer.

Per OC Register (23 Sept):

The victim was released hours after being treated at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to Fullerton Police Lt. Tony Rios. He said the injured officer was at home recovering the day after the attack and is expected to return to duty in the next few days.

“I spoke to him this morning and he seems to be doing well,” said Rios. “He’s a strong young guy and he should be back soon.”

Per KTLA (23 Sept):

Investigators described the attacker as a Latino man in his late-teens or early-20s, of thin build. He had short, black hair and wore a baggie, black T-shirt.

Rumors lately have it that the officer made up the “Hispanic Male” and has been put on admin leave with nary a word or apology by the cites or agencies involved. Apparently now we’re hiring Leopold “Butters” Stotch’s mom at Fullerton PD:


Alas, that might turn out differently because ultimately Mrs. Stotch confessed. Instead we now actually know, thanks to diligent records requests, that the officer in question is one Nathan Roesler.

Roelser Got Stabbed

Officer Roesler has been an FPD officer for a less than a year.  He was previously a cadet.


We have been able to verify that officer Roesler’s official PD email account has been disabled.

After another public records request was put in, three officers were said to be on leave as of 26 November 2018.

There are three police officers currently on administrative leave, one with a start date of 8/25/18, one with a start date of 10/15/18 and one with a start date of 11/1/18.

We believe the first one listed is Captain Tom Oliveras of Lady Antebellum fame, the second or third being Roesler. We’re still trying to figure out the third stooge and what prompted that bit of discipline. Word also has it that Katie Hamel, wife of Irvine Police Chief Mike Hamel, has been put on leave but we’re trying to very that information and she would make, at least, #4 currently on leave.

This is the face of modern law enforcement and the Orwellian “some animals are more equal than others” world we live in where an officer can falsify a report, a man can be arrested based on that false information and instead of openness and transparency the entire government locks down to protect themselves and their own. We’ve had to know where to look and put in numerous records requests in order to get this much information out to the public and we still only have a part of the story. This obfuscation of the truth is all by design and a result of the heroes’ unions and politicians that enable such lying, such coverups and such violations of the public trust. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about these cases.

UPDATE 4pm: The following just came back from another Public Records Request:

1809220039 245 – ASSLT W/DEADLY WEAP – Report Taken – 9/22/2018 15:23 Sat – 1404 N KRAEMER BLVD, PLACENTIA, CA, 92870

Being that a report was taken, and we now believe it to have been a false report, we will wait to see if the DA or Placentia PD chooses to prosecute.

UPDATE 4:15pm: After a quick phone call, the office of the Orange County District Attorney has just confirmed to me that Placentia sent the DA the case, with defendant Nathan Roesler, to them on 28 November 2018 and it is in review and proceeding normally.

21 Replies to “Another Possible Cover-up by FPD”

  1. I guess we’ll have to wait until the DA files charges before we know more. Maybe we can get rid of the Fullerton PIO and other PR staff and just let the DA do all of Fullerton’s press releases.

    1. I opted to just call the DA’s office and see if they had a case with the officer’s name. They confirmed they do have such a case and one would assume that confirms the story. There is no other reason that comes to mind for Roesler to be a defendant in a case sent over to the DA from Placentia.

    2. Also, have the County Sheriff’s Dept take control. Cities that contract do not have the same problems and costs of FPD. The savings would be staggering. Maybe the council could bring
      the roads up to snuff with the savings and a more trusting community??

  2. FPD is such a joke!!! They are one unorganized gang. The Mafia are more organized and smarter than FPD!

  3. Didn’t the DA put out a press release awhile back about this case, stating they charged an FPD officer with filing a false report? It’s easy to check the OCDA website. Every release they put out is archived and easy to find.

      1. What about the case involving the FPD cop who arrested a guy in downtown? His report said the guy was fighting and resisting arrest. Turns out that wasn’t what happened and the cop got charged with filing a false report. Didn’t something like that happen? I can’t keep track of all the cases!

  4. What is needed for an officer to be charged with filing a false police report? Its seems like there would be a lot of those considering human error? Where can I find the laws or laws books online? What happens with current cases and laws changing in Jan? What happens when the recording does not match with the police report?

  5. What could be the connection between Fullerton and Glendale?
    What kind of crazy would call in a bomb scare to a school?
    Maybe, just maybe, a crazy ex-cop who worked in both cites, someone with Fuc-ed up hair, someone with a mail order PHD who would like to be known as “DOCTOR EVIL”.

    Bomb threats investigated at schools in Fullerton, Glendale
    Authorities are responding to separate bomb threats at schools in Fullerton and Glendale.

    Troy High School in Fullerton received a bomb threat by telephone around 1:45 p.m. Monday, police said. The call said there were multiple pipe bombs on campus. Officers and a bomb-sniffing dog were sent to search the campus.

    By 2:30 p.m., Fullerton police said the campus had been checked and was deemed safe. Students were returned to class while detectives investigated the source of the threatening phone call.

    In Glendale, threats were made to Verdugo Woodlands Elementary and Franklin Elementary shortly after 1 p.m., police said. The threats were made in separate phone calls a few minutes apart.

    Police were responding to both campuses. Both schools released students early. The pick-up location for Franklin remained the same, while at Verdugo Woodlands, parents could pick up children at Lot 34, 1726 Canada Blvd.

    Glendale police said their sweeps at both schools did not turn up anything dangerous on campus.

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