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John Oliver on Standing Up to Bullies with Lawyers

We invite you to review HBO’s Last Week Tonight’s overview of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP Suits). We all have a responsibility to stand up to bullies who write checks to lawyers to keep critics silent. We do it for our Republic, we do it for our neighbors, and we do it for our […]

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Fullerton Retaliates, Threatens Family to Cover for Bad Cops

For some lawyers, every problem is a nail. Don’t like what you see? Take it personally and swing a hammer as hard as you possibly can. Damn the consequences and damn the people involved, what matters is your pride and smiting that heretical nail. Unfortunately for Fullerton taxpayers, that’s exactly the mentality of the legal wunderkind […]

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Flory Wins Wheel of Candidates

Well, that was predictable. In fact, after breaking up the FFFF kitty last night, those betting $1 on Jan Flory only got $0.98 back. Everyone knew it was coming. Why? Because Fullerton gonna Fullerton and the house always wins. There was never any real chance that anyone was going to do the right thing. Ahmad […]

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Paulette Chaffee Gets Slap On Wrist for Stealing

Ah, privilege. Raise your hand if you thought that Paulette Marshall Chaffee getting caught on video, TWICE, stealing campaign signs was going to result in justice. *Raises Own Hand* Yup. I really did. I thought that getting irrefutable evidence that the Mayor of Fullerton’s Orange County Supervisor’s wife, a candidate running for office, blatantly broke […]

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Today the Orange County District Attorney’s office announced it had filed two charges of petty theft against former Fullerton Mayor and Supervisor-Elect Doug Chaffee’s wife, Paulette Marshall Chaffee. Paulette was last seen receiving a bouquet of flowers at City Hall from Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald. Pilfering Paulette has her arraignment scheduled for December 18th at 8:30AM. […]

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Fullerton to Build DTF Love Shack Hotel

In the continuing stream of solutions to questions no one asked, one of the last actions taken by the current lame duck City Council tomorrow will be the approval of an “exclusive negotiating agreement” to build a boutique hotel in the Fullerton Transportation Center. As everyone knows, Downtown Fullerton needs three things to be more […]