What Happened to Fullerton’s Lieutenant Hamel?

The last time we wrote about Fullerton Police Lieutenant Kathryn Hamel it was to share the rumor we had heard that she was on admin leave.

“Word also has it that Katie Hamel, wife of Irvine Police Chief Mike Hamel, has been put on leave but we’re trying to very that information and she would make, at least, #4 currently on leave.”

Today we’re wondering what she did to get fired.

We ask because “Dr.” Hamel appears to have a new career as the Dean of Criminology at the online diploma mill that is California Southern University.

Dr Dean Katie Hamel


We doubt she just walked away from her FPD gig with the total compensation package of over $230,000/year so the likelihood is that she was fired for cause.

Katie Hamel 2017 Pay

Anybody care to share the cause?

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  1. The Fullerton Harpoon

    And perhaps also an Adjunct Professor at Andrew Jackson University, formerly located in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama, seat of higher learning.

    1. Two Women , One Captain Position.

      Perhaps, she is seating at home writing her complain, of why FPD have chosen Rhonda as the new Captain and not Hamel that has more education & experience.

  2. Station 24

    Word around the station is she washed out as Probationary Lieutenant as was being demoted to Sergeant. A back room deal resulted in her keeping the Lieutenant title to make her resume look nice despite multiple internal affairs investigations.

    The bullshit in Fullerton never ends.

    1. Morals, Values & Ethics.

      Why she was demoted? As far as I know , her husband who works for Irvine as a Chief . He is very honest and respectful. I think she has same ideology and values , which crashes with the FPD low morals
      Perhaps, she didn’t want to cooperate with the FPD dishonest policy & FPD demoted her or suspended her to put pressure on her , so she can quit her job.

      1. Anonymous

        Anything is possible. But pretending to be a dean at a fake college doesn’t suggest moral probity.

      2. Alan Valdi

        Or she lied multiple times in an internal administrative investigation and got caught. But instead of being terminated for dishonesty, she was given a sign and trade deal to teach others to be dishonest around the state. Someone should contact her new employer very soon before the lawsuit!

        1. Adjournment.

          I don’t think so.
          She probably didn’t want to sleep with anybody from FPD .
          In FPD only the ones that the only talent that they possess is between the legs. Those are the ones that never get in trouble, never get discipline and they get promoted.
          Hamel , Naaaah she seems to me like a woman with brain.
          Besides who are the seargent of Fullerton Internal Affairs? Can anyone name a few.

        2. Skeptical

          Her days were numbered after her husband went after Hendricks and got him fired. I can’t imagine the department looked too kindly on her after that. The timing suggests retaliation. She’s probably thankful to be out of that cesspool.

          1. The sophisticated citizen

            I was just thinking the same thing!. Retaliation because Hendricks.
            Oh well, Hendricks knew the law!
            No body sent him to act in an unintelligent manner at Irvine City.
            Hendricks was used to treat with guero & uneducated people in Long Beach . Where the citizen doesn’t know their rights, but he forgot that people from Irvine , are sophisticated people that know their rights.
            Come on , as a Chief you have to know how with who you speak .
            Hendricks fault.

      3. Anonymous

        I’ll let you judge Mike Hamel: He was part of Irvine Command Staff when Irvine PD command staff undid an officer’s felony arrest of a Irvine council member ‘s employee and Irvine PD management buried the case and; Mike was Dep Chief when Command Staff failed to notify City Council when their City Manager was involved in a DUI traffic Collision Case in a city vehicle. The CM coincidentally promoted Hamel to Chief. So, You decide?

      4. Debra von Trapp

        Mike Hamel is presently covering up multiple gangrapes by onduty IPD officers. Exactly what “values” are Katy and Mike sharing? Hope they are enjoying the lengthy video his officers made of the 2010 gangrape victim. He probably plays it at roll call and plays it at home to get started with Katy.

      5. Debra von Trapp

        Chief Hamel refuses to allow female victims of gang rape by his officers on car stops to file police reports, even when those officers also include civilian males as participants in the gang rapes. Hamel has “ethics and honesty”? Doesn’t appear so. .Presently he is threatening the victims through the City Attorney if they speak publicly. He needs to resign. Follow OC Superior Court Case number 30-2019-01101624 in Dept. C-66. The next hearing is June 30, 2020 at 9 a.m.. Watch what Chief Hamel does to victims of gang rape by his officers. Two known victims, in 2010 and 2013, are presently speaking out. There is no statute of limitations for rape in California. Hamel is encouraging his officers to keep committing these acts, by his ruthless use of taxpayer money to intimidate victims.

      6. Debra von Trapp

        Chief Hamel is concealing and protecting an active gang rape group among his ranks that removes women from their cars on very illegal car stops, then gang rapes them and videos the rapes. He is neither honest or ethical. Lt. Hamel is not his first wife. Looks like two of a kind found each other and the CA taxpayer is footing the bill. Remember, Hamel has a long history at IPD. Nothing will change and women will never be safe in Irvine until he is removed from his position.

      7. Debra von Trapp

        Chief Hamel of IPD is neither respectful or honest. He refuses police reports requested by female victims gangraped by his officers while onduty during unjustified car stops. No woman is safe in Irvine while he is Chief.

      8. Debra von Trapp

        IPD Chief Hamel is covering up two car stop gangrapes of women by his officers in 2010 and 2013 (there could be more). One victim came forward in 2010. Then-officer Hamel responded to the front desk of IPD with the-officer Julia Engen. When the victim asked to make a report, they both smiled. Engen said “We don’t take reports like that”. They turned and walked away from the victim. The victim tried to report again in December 2018. Now Chief Mike Hamel (Engen now Deputy Chief) directed the victim to IA, refusing to allow her to make a police report. The victim refused to cooperate with IA as civilians were also invloved. She was then relentlessly followed through Costa Mesa and Newport Beach in 2019 by a white female, dark hair, driving a black low profile vehicle that may have been a BMW. The driver looked just like Hamel’s wife’s photo from FPD. Anyone know if she drove a similiar car?
        Follow OC Superior Court case #30-2019-01101624 set for September 25, 2020 at 9:30 am in cxc102 at the Civil Complex Center in Santa Ana. The trial can be viewed on LiveStream by logging in at http://www.occourts.org and following prompts.
        It was Chief Mike Hamel’s decision to go after the 2010 victim by applying for a TRO to make sure that she wouldn’t tell the public that one of the SIX gangrapists publicly confessed, an IPD officer picked up the rape kit but it never made it to the OCSD lab, that the officer was called by a hospital employee and the IPD officer bragged the kit was “Positive for Six”. Also the victim was rendered unconcious when she opened her car door and transported (kidnapped) to the Candlewood Suites by a taxi van in which a man, identified by the victim as 2009 IPD hire Kyle Tanabe, who stood next to officers Michael Bergstrom and Jay Ostrow after Watch Commader Sgt. Bill Bingham ordered the victim to “Get out of the car!”, used an “agent” to render her unconcious when the victim “came to” as the taxi van entered the front parking lot of the Candlewood Suites. Tanabe put her in the seat next to him in the taxi.
        This kidnap and gangrape also included a civilian, Zachary Philip Heitmann, who then attended the Academy and was hired by OCSD in 2013. He publicly confessed in front of group of more than 100 people in 2010, before the victim attempted to make the report to Mike Hamel and Engen in August of 2010. Presently, OCSD has an IA complaint from the 2010 victim against Deputy Zachary Heitmann for threatening her while in uniform at Central in 2016, by walking up to her and stating “I hear you’re causing trouble”. The victim has a receipt from Sgt Hernandez of OCSD IA on November 8, 2018. However, the Sheriff says that IA complaint doesn’t exist. There are witnesses everywhere, and Mike Hamel is trying to use a TRO proceeding to silence her, because his officers “feel bad”. IPD even went after her children. Are the Hamels. capable of murder if they lose the TRO hoax? Did Mike and Katie watch the video the officers made of the 2010 gangrape? Do they still? Do they have a video collection of IPD rape victims?The 2013 victim was forced over by two officers in two cars, then FIVE more Irvine officers arrived to join in on that assault on the hood of an IPD unit, located in the same geographic area as the 2010 gangrape. Where is the District Attorney? Does IPD have a video of him joining in on a gangrape or doing something worse?
        No matter what, these gangrapes are no longer the jurisdiction of the City of Irvine or the County of Orange.
        The 2010 victim has a Criminolgy B.S., worked in law enforcement, had employment at the Public Defender’s office and Superior Court, and is high profile in the tech sector, while yearly engaging as a mentor to grad students in both the UC and Cal State systems, in the subjects of mechanical and electrical engineering, medtech, computer science and business. Too bad Hamel didn’t consider the available technological forensics available to the victims.
        Why are Chief Mike Hamel and the Irvine Police Department falsely using the State of California Court system to threaten the 2010 gangrape victim?
        What did they do to the 2013 gangrape victim and her family?
        How many other gangrape victims of Irvine PD Mike Hamel and his gangrapist employees are there? Did any die during a gangrape? Were they dumped at an ER drugged and victimized? Were any buried in a field off Sand Canyon Ave. by the railroad tracks? (One female deceased at that location comes to mind).
        Will a billboard campaign of questions, street picketing and tv interviews finally bring all victims forward to clean Irvine P.D. out of its Secret Society of Gangrapists?
        Here’s what Irvine Chief Mike Hamel’s gangrapist officer Mike Bergstrom loudly said to the 2010 victim in the courtroom hallway at the last hearing in August 2020 as he walked past her:
        “I’m feeling REALLY GOOD!”

        Really, Mikey? Cameras in the hallway!

  3. No me!

    Better idea,
    Why someone of us, but no me. You guys can just call the FPD & ask to speak with Hamel, she can give us a better answer.
    Anyone has the balls?

  4. This Is Just Speculation

    I believe she made the final decision to arrest the police officer from another department on elder abuse…..when there was none…..and opened up the city to potential liability.

    Standard protocol in a case like that is that you run the case by the DA first to make sure everything is good to go before obtaining a warrant and making an arrest. Word is that when the case was run by the DA, the DA said there wasn’t enough evidence to file charges and she couldn’t get a warrant. She made the decision to arrest anyway.

    Thus the lawsuit. She is listed as one of the named defendants.

    1. The DA makes exemptions to prosecute.

      Police from another department, what’s his name?
      And the DA did not found enough evidence, ah that is depend who did handle those paper in the DA . Sometimes the D.A doesn’t even read the complaints. DA has also some kind of lazy people, and if Hamel mention that the suspect was a cop, worse…the DA, just make a excuse to do not prosecute. then blame it on Hamel.
      Everything depends on who were the friends of this cop.

        1. La Reina del Sur.

          Well , thanks for that .

          You should have told us that this case was no only about Hamel, which it explained all.
          This case involve a big Inept Officer by the name “Murphy”.
          Does anyone knows who is Murphy, is this the same big fat woman with short hair, mad manners , big mouth and bad character? I thought she was retired
          It also included officer Fernandez . Who is he.
          What position does Murphy hold ? Anyone knows

        2. Anonymous

          After the arrests, Bonnie and Roland Wagner were removed from the house, barred from contact with the suspects and placed in residential care, where they later died.

          Casselman said the suspects and their photos were paraded for the media, though evidence against them wasn’t there.

          “The investigation was nonexistent to minimal,” Casselman said. He described the case as “basically a rush to judgment.”

          “Their names have been smeared,” Casselman said. “The case was so poorly documented that the district attorney refused to file any criminal charges whatsoever.”

          1. Elder Abuse Social Service Worker.

            I believe the fact, that the case was so poorly documented, that fact is being an issue inside the FPD for decades.
            Also, they always get the wrong victims. This is not the first time.
            But , who call the police for elder abuse?
            Was any Social Services involved ?
            Or was just a noise neighbor?.
            How incompetents FPD Officers are .
            They should sign their names in the break records of incompetence & wrong victims .
            Starting from the lower rank of cops who arrest Officer Rock all the way to the detective who handle this case.
            Wait, for this kind of situations is usually a family crime detective involved.
            I wonder who was the inept detective.?

          1. Some one , please teach FPD the different between civil & criminal

            It seems , this case was a dispute of a will ,
            A Probate disputes are civil, no criminal ‍♂️ Ay Dios mío FPD So, Pendejos.

            Of course the relatives of Officer Rock his brothers, call Police for elder abuse, to get ride of the brother who was in their way to take possession of the money. Daaaa pendejos FPD .
            Fullerton PD should filed charges against the brothers of officer Rock , who are the ones who act in a bad faith to cause officer Rock Wagner to be in
            So , the brothers of Officer Rock has also so blame, because they were the main mastermind of this mess,
            And the próximo cause that the father of Rock die.
            Sad what money can do, separate families,
            And also , an autopsy should be done to get the records of a medical examiner to determine the causes of the dead of this elder guy. He was old , so the dead maybe many other medical problems that he possible could had had.

            1. Just a dude with not money

              Wow , what a nice family,
              The Wagner Family , calling the police on his brother! They must really hate him.
              Of course the motto was money.
              Poor grandpa!.
              Follow the money , case resolved.
              Good job, Rock Wagner brothers, big mess you guys created.
              Seriously that is why I do not work or have any money , so my kids will not fight for my money.

  5. La Reina del Sur.



















  6. Just saying.

    I don’t get it. This cop Rock Wagner should get a better attorney. He is loosing his case.
    A mean, Officer Murphy & Hamel are accused of a crime in the city of Fullerton. These officers are having a law suit in the same jurisdiction in which they work, and they call the judges on the phone in regular bases, which means they know the judges in the Central Court. So anyone can guess the outcome of this lawsuit is going to end right?
    I have seen so many cases, Judges should recuse themselves whenever from their jurisdiction faces criminal charges.
    This link it will take you to another case which all 4 judges have stepped aside from hearing the trial of a police officer charged with two felonies.
    The judges from Central court should recuse themselves or officer Rock Wagner should ask to transfer his case to a different jurisdiction in order to have a fair trial.

    Case that has 4 judges stepped aside.
    All four judges of the city’s Circuit Court have stepped aside from hearing the trial of a police officer charged with two felonies for shooting a man as he ran from the scene of a burglary.
    In an order of recusal, the judges noted Officer Jeremy Durocher “is employed by the Portsmouth Police Department,” but did not explain further. They asked the Supreme Court of Virginia to designate another judge to handle the case.

    The move comes in sharp contrast to how the Circuit Court bench handled the last high-profile case of a police officer charged in an on-duty shooting.
    Portsmouth Circuit Judge Johnny Morrison presided over the trial of former officer Stephen Rankin, who was ultimately convicted on one count of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 2½ years in prison. He’s scheduled to be released Monday.
    Defense attorney Nicole Belote, who represented Rankin and now represents Durocher, praised the judges for stepping aside from the current case.
    “Out of an abundance of caution,” she said, judges should recuse themselves whenever a police officer from their jurisdiction faces criminal charges.

  7. Another one bites the dust

    This is ridiculous! How could Fullerton keep screwing up? How could Hamel be so easily excused without anybody talking about this, Seriously? This police department keeps making mistakes and covering up all their tracks. How can a city ever trust this department again? Many mistakes were made with innocent people. After making one call finding out Hamel pushed this case for a promotion and had to resign! The parents of the innocent officer arrested by Hamel died right after the innocent Cop was falsely accused of elder abuse. All in the city of Fullerton.

  8. Just saying

    WOW, the law suit is going to set for good amount of money, they have scheduled a conference court meeting in a few days,
    But the plaintiffs have filed for dismiss with prejudice, most likely FPD is going to give them a good amount of money to dismiss the civil case.
    I wonder if there is a single honest cop in FPD .
    I doubt it.

  9. Under Hendricks supervision

    But, this happened during the time that Hendricks was the chief. Perhaps instead the department got better , it got worse.

    Bottom line is that officer Rock Wagner is so lucky, now he got his own Police pension, the money of the will of his mom , plus the money that FPD is about to give him for the false arrest.
    Officer Rock can say thank you to his brothers for calling FPD on him.

  10. Station 24

    I bet she’s compulsively reading the comments on this page. LOL!!!

    What was most obnoxious about Katie is her tendency to use college courses to compensate for lack of police experience. Ask a question and her response sounded like something out of a criminal justice textbook. The majority of her police career was spent sitting at a desk, so we’re not talking about a cop with vast experience in traffic, narcotics, gangs, property crimes, SWAT, or anything like that. Most of her time was in family crimes before taking over as PIO/Community Services Sgt. by far the easiest supervisory role in the whole department.

  11. Anonymous

    “PIO/Community Services Sgt. by far the easiest supervisory role in the whole department.”

    Well, Goodrich did it so obviously any idiot can handle the job.

  12. Anonymous

    this is amazing – every one seams to know what a problem child this lady was! I would love to hear more stories of her manipulative poor management! Did the other cops in this circus jus go along with her orders??In fact the city of Fullerton should be paying attention to where their money goes- to retirement benefits like this? For Hamil? Are you kidding me? Seems like she had a lot of players in place to get away with it this many years. How dare our cities allow this to happen. Maybe they should have stronger step in and handle the whole thing! I’m sure better choices could have been reached and would far outweigh disgusting behaviors that have led to this whole situation. I read Mr.Wagner got Top Cop award AFTER this! Clearly we went after the wrong guy!Someone of this caliber,helping his family? Did you even interview them? Or did you proceed with ego an a raise to be put in place Hamil? corruption at it’s finest and our society thinks this is teaching material!!??

    1. Anonymous

      What a steaming load…..Love all of the speech cliches. Enjoy the journey..Really?? left out the part about using Captains to make that meteoric rise at FPD and suing prior agency…etc/ etc/

  13. Reality Is.....

    I heard full medical stress retirement. 95% plus 50% tax free. She scored. Now she will make the same on a 2nd job.

  14. Valdi

    Who picks and chooses what comments are to be deleted from this thread? Pretty hypocritical to berate 1st responders every opportunity you get Josh and then delete comments that you don’t like.

    1. El Chapo Guzman

      hahahahahaha , I followed the blog comments every day, I counted them.
      Nobody erased any comments.
      Valdi, you probably smoked some mota, it’s ok dude. That was a good joke from you.

    2. Anonymous

      Cat 5 is no first responder.

      Cat 5 is no 1st responder unless you count leaving the desk to respond to another desk

  15. Hit the news Hamel

    Just heard about this on KFI .we want to know about the sign and trade deals – the cover ups have to stop!!! This was just in am news-KFI 640 AM is a broadcast radio station in Los Angeles, California, United States, providing News, Talk, Sports and Traffic programming. KFI AM 640 is the one of the most popular radio stations in Los Angeles and one of the most listened-to news/talk radio stations in the country.


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