Suspect Dies in FPD Custody

This afternoon an alleged crazed would-be-intruder was taken into custody on Valencia near Magnolia just south of the airport.

While details of the incident are emerging, video of a door-cam from a victim shows the apparent individual punching a front door while a woman screams in the background.

As images in the news report below show a large number of Fullerton Police Officers on top of the suspect, with words like “taser” and “officer injury” included in the report, one cannot help but recall the ghost of Fullerton’s past.

This event follows a mass casualty event involving 9 victims and an alleged DUI in Downtown Fullerton this weekend.

We will follow this report with additional information as it is received.

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  1. And, this city doesn’t have a major drug problem, crisis on its hands…..wake up Fullerton community. Only going to get worse with the lack of transparency from leadership of this city from Fullerton City officials to Highschool district officials and administrators. Maybe the drugs in his system killed the guy…..never okay for anyone to terrorize the community, neighbors, a woman in her home. And, btw, week number ?? Fullerton’s been headline news…. but, whose counting.

    1. “Maybe the drugs in his system killed the guy”

      yeah, right. The immediate excuse for the bad cop defense lawyer to the gullible jury. It’s much more likely that some fat cop sat on the dude’s head and suffocated him in an envelope of lard.

      1. You sound just like GetoutFatass…. hmmm. Or, just another person with deep root , disgust for police officers that needs to be processed out with the right people! Good luck with that !

    1. Yes,
      don’t get high on drugs, harass, and threaten people, kick their door in,
      Thank you FPD, FFD, Paramedics
      Appreciate your help ‼️
      We don’t need these people roaming our streets.
      Sorry, not sorry.

      1. Before you celebrate keep in mind I’m sure the “suspects” family is fielding tons of lawyer requests to represent them. I’m sure within the next couple of days the family will hold a press conference with their attorney… Regardless, the job of police work these days is to limit liability. Ultimately this will hurt the tax payers of Fullerton.

        1. Hope the neighborhood he has been repeatedly terrorizing with his drug meth induced violent behavior and woman whose door he broke down , heard screaming in video all sue the family!

        2. The family of the meth induced violent offender should be apologizing to the community of neighbors and Fullerton PD. Lawyers should be lined up trying to represent the woman whose door he busted down and home he violently entered and the neighborhood who endured years of his drug induced behavior.

          1. People, people. Let’s just all take a breath and accept that the only way to solve this is for everyone to sue everyone.

  2. Incompetence at its finest. The guy is obviously on something, which means the taser won’t do anything. There’s like 10 officers on him-two are sergeants by the way. Another case of suffocating a suspect. Are they all on admin leave?

      1. Agreed, I should have been more specific as a “drugged” out person will continue to fight once the cycle stops, versus normal joe blow saying, ok fine I’m done

  3. Meth is a evil , helluva drug. Guy was like Superman . Nothing was going to calm him down. Officers were trying to keep the neighborhood, community safe. He kicked down the door of a woman’s home. Did you not hear the video of her screaming. Had someone in that home had a gun they probably would have rightfully shot him. Thank God the guy on meth didn’t actually hurt anyone. Officers did the best they could given the circumstances. For anyone who doesn’t like the way it was done FPD is hiring. Go put on a uniform and put yourself in those same situations they face everyday.

    1. Great job FPD. Keyboard warriors are always so brave on here and know exactly what to do because they have been involved in so many fights. Lol. Buncha pussies on here.

      1. So two Sgt’s, 5 officers, about 900lbs is ok to just sit on a guy? How about the Corporal just watching and an officer walking around holding a taser? Did you flunk out of Katy’s academy class? Then you have PIO Radus saying “three officers deployed taser.” Who says that even if true? And what if it turns out to not be true, bcuz we all know Jon likes to lie

        1. So a guy drugged out on meth …. with a known history of drug induced violent behavior , outbursts that even his own family can’t control so even they repeatedly call the cops to help them is okay ?? Police officers, the neighborhood , community he’s neen terrorizing and the woman whose door he broke down are all just suppose to deal with it? Are you for real ? Please let us know what neighborhood in Fullerton you live in because that’s where we will provide a “safe place” for all of Fullerton’s drug users who repeatedly go on binges and violent outbursts. I’m sure you and your neighborhood would be more than patient to accommodate them all……..don’t worry we will all wait for you to provide a drop off address. Also, since you clearly are a expert on how it should have been done please go apply for a FPD position. Their hiring!

      2. Oh brother, another apologist for cop incompetence.

        Let’s see 8 years since they butchered Kelly Thomas. Well, I guess we should be grateful there haven’t been more. Carry on you brave centurions! Treat yourselves with a dozen glazed donuts and week without a proactive foot patrol.

        1. Two totally different situations. Until a meth’d out violent drug offender is terrorizing your neighborhood and breaking down and entering your home……LOL! FPD is hiring! Go apply now , get hired, train…. THEN come back and vigorously type on your keyboard how youve done it better! You are also welcome to use your neighborhood , home as a “ safe place” for drug users to get drugged out in their drug of choice and let them have violent outburst while you and your neighbors , family let them do their thing! We will wait for your neighborhood address to so the city can start directing drug addicts, violent offenders to your neighborhood. Just make sure not to call FPD. 🙂

          1. Oh no, another “you couldn’t pass the physical” moron. But at least you acknowledge Kelly Thomas was killed for no good reason.

          2. “Go apply now , get hired, train….”

            Train??!! Train on what, donuts and beer? Look at the three fat asses in the middle of the picture.

            1. Seriously? In the bigger picture of all this that’s all you can focus on? I’d say in this situation dealing with a violent , out of control man drugged out on meth who was a danger to not only himself but to the community their weight worked in their favor. His own family couldn’t control or contain him. They needed police help. They called police because he was out of control in the neighborhood and broke down a woman’s door. That type of physical force and behavior induced by drugs he a whole other level of crazy. The most fit person couldn’t have controlled or contained the meth’d out drug addict. Since you are a physically fit person and expert on controlling , containing violent, outbursts from out of control drug addicts PLEASE go volunteer your services!

              1. Maybe if the FPD wasn’t so full of out-of-shape doughboys they could restrain these people without, you know, KILLING THEM.

                The in-shape Fullerton cop is the exception, not the rule. We need physical fitness qualifications to remain a cop.

                Their weight worked in their favor – if by favor you means squishing somebody to death.

                1. This guy had a repeated history with drugs and violent behavior. FPD was called out many times at the request of the family and numerous times facilitated situations with no occurrences. They either let the family take over or safely helped to get him somewhere. Earlier in the day , per a phone call and request of the family they did just that. Went, checked it out , and let the family take responsibility for him. The family could not control their meth’d out family member. They used non lethal methods. Didn’t work. He assaulted , injured 3 officers, terrorized a neighborhood, and violently broke down a woman’s door. FPD acted appropriately after attempting all other methods prior.. How about the drug addicts meth in his system played a part in his death. Since when do we sympathize with violent drug addicts violently terrorizing a neighborhood, resisting arrest, assaulting a home, and injuring 3 officers? We are now going to excuse and coddle that kind of behavior? Everybody’s else’s fault mentality? Poor guy was just trying to get high on drugs…leave him alone. Really? At the expense of who? The community? Kids? Women , families thinking their safe iin their homes ? And, while physical fitness is a part of what qualifies somebody to become a police officer…. it’s not everything. The guys choices, lifestyle , meth, drugs in his system unfortunately were his demise.

                2. I remember how the fat slug Ramos was “injured”: a scraped elbow, most likely because he was so fat he toppled over. And of course the fat slug Goodrich lied about broken bones and hospital trips.

                  I wish, as a taxpaying citizen of Fullerton, I could talk about a cop without using the term “fat slyg.”

                3. Man, your issues with police officers run deep. There’s many outlets of help to process your deep seeded hate, disgust for them. And, if your a boohoo, need to be coddled safe spot kind of person there’s places that cater to that mentality of processing too. Good luck to you! Lol!

                4. You okay there GetoutFatass? All that hatred, name calling running through your veins and heart….whew.

                5. Speaking of “running deep” the reason so many cops can’t run at all is because they are seriously overweight. So why isn’t there a rule to disqualify these lard asses from remaining cops? I mean, really, Hero gotta be able to move around just a little, right? Just piling on a ton of blubber on a perp doesn’t seem like it takes much “training”.

  4. Can I tell u I have never regretted leaving Fullerton two years ago, that city is a cesspool. I was born there 60 years ago, it is nothing like it used to be. But is anything?

    1. Wind resistance, see when your that overweight and a police officer, you have do whatever it takes to cut the resistance when said fat officer runs. Officer milkshake needs to hit the gym and not the donutshop

  5. I already see the police being blamed again. In some folks eyes the police are wrong no matter what. You folks who stir the pot are just as much a issue as he scumbags who start the issue.

        1. Judging by the large amount of comments you’ve made here, you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time caring about what idiots have to say.

          I don’t think that bodes well for your self worth.

  6. Sounds like the suspect maybe should have been 5150’d the first time FPD responded but either due to laziness or fear of lawsuits because the situation was borderline it didn’t happen. Officers are averse to 5150ing people because it can eat up hours of time, and in the end, 99% of the time the guy is back out within 12 hours.

    Based upon the video, it doesn’t look like officers are going overboard in controlling the guy. I think there’s a definite link between suspects high on meth or cocaine and/or in a state of excited delirium being tased and dying.

    1. Good to see you, CCCB.

      From the report, it sounds like this guy was 5150’d after the first encounter earlier in the month. Not sure of the circumstances concerning the early afternoon encounter, but armchairing it, it’s pretty clear this guy did not belong on the street.

      Hopefully some lessons learned here for the future. Better tools, policy, better decisions, whatever. Clearly a disturbing tale.

  7. “Hopefully some lessons learned here for the future. Better tools, policy, better decisions, whatever.”

    Oddly enough, that’s what all the do-nothing folk of Fullerton said after KT was murdered by the police – 8 years ago.

    1. Actually, they appear to have significantly altered things, at least in this case.

      On the portion of the incident shown on the news:

      Nobody is punching the suspect. Nobody is kneeing the suspect in the head, torso or anywhere else on the body.

      Nobody is putting full weight on the suspect’s torso.

      Their knees are mostly on the suspect’s extremities.

      They seem to be attempting to control, not harm, the suspect, who is clearly still struggling and not cooperative.

      They attempted less lethal force (40mm sponge, tasers) to bring him to the ground rather than tackle, etc. (I’m assuming here, as not shown on video). I assume they tased, then grabbed him once on the ground.

      The officers are calm and controlled.

      I’d also like to point out that the standing corporal is breathing heavily and when he turns his head, looks like he took a punch to his right eye as it is already swelling shut, indicative of a decent fight before more officers and cameras showed up.

      I was always quick to 5150 someone if I had any inkling at all that they might harm themselves or others, and I would get needled about it by other officers. I always told them that I’d rather err on the side of caution rather than have the person’s death on my conscience of they later killed themselves, or the guilt I would feel if they harmed someone else. But I was a rarity. Sitting in the hospital for hours babysitting someone cuffed to a gurney who would be released before I finished my shift seemed like a waste of resources, and a lot of officers seemed to go out of their way *not* to 5150 someone. If it was someone I had observed the same behavior in multiple times, had repeatedly 5150’d him in the past and he’d never been held longer than 12 hours….even I would be more inclined to not 5150 him as long as he was under the care and control of family, and only with their agreement, as seems to be the case here.

      If I had to speculate, which is what everybody here loves to do and is doing, I would say the most likely cause of death was a heart attack triggered by a justified tasing in combo with drugs and/or excited delirium. Second most likely cause, which I think is unlikely, is a head injury if he struck his head when he fell to the ground after being tased. Third most likely, and highly unlikely, is airway obstruction as a result of the fight with the officers (i.e. Kelly Thomas).

      1. Most of all of that makes sense, it does look a lot more controlled on the side of FPD and is nothing like the KT incident which started with an allegedly false crime being reported and an officer escalating issues. This looks significantly more restrained and the video of him at the woman’s door sets a pretty problematic stage for FPD to get upon.

        From all accounts he “died in custody” insofar as he was arrested and being transported to the hospital. My guess for the cause of death is the mix of chemicals in his system interacting poorly with the drugs given to him to sedate him. That death, IF there was blame to go out to anybody but the user/family, would seem to fall on the doctors/paramedics who okayed and administered the drugs and not the officers who subdued him.

      2. “Nobody is punching the suspect. Nobody is kneeing the suspect in the head, torso or anywhere else on the body.

        Nobody is putting full weight on the suspect’s torso.”

        Did you watch a video or are you divining all that from a single still photo? There’s at least one cop head with no visible body to make that sort of assertion. And what happened before and/or after?

        1. Um….I posted two video links.

          Since press/cameras were on scene, I suspect that if anything inappropriate occurred after they were on scene it would have been captured on video and featured in the stories. I don’t know what happened leading up to the start of the video…..but the suspect is clearly having no problem still resisting officers once the press started filming.

          My judgement that nobody was putting full weight on him comes from the perspective of having been in many similar pileups and, with that perspective and the positioning of everyone, just doesn’t seem to have occurred.

          I also stated in my post that I was only speculating. Some people hate cops. You seem to be one of them. Save the criticism until we have a definitive cause of death from the coroner.

          1. Those videos are a few seconds long and show virtually nothing the still photo doesn’t show although I did catch the rotundest cop laughing at the end of the clip.

  8. “Actually, they appear to have significantly altered things, at least in this case.”

    And yet the result is the same. Therefore I must humbly contend that the altered things are a distinction without a difference.

  9. This guy hopped on meth had a history of drug use and violent behavior. His own family repeatedly called the police during his outbursts because on many occasions they were not able to control him. People hopped up on meth are like the Incredible Hulk x 1,000. He had a history of violent outbursts in his neighborhood, with neighbors, and with his own family. That again his own family would rely on police to help with. His own family warned police his meth induced behavioir would cause him to attack. He did…. his neighborhood and a neighbor woman who thankfully wasn’t hurt or killed. He was a danger to himself and the community. For everyone sympathizing with this repeated violent drug offender, drug abuser by his own CHOICE and knocking FPD for trying to control this guys violent outburst and keep the community SAFE …..put yourself in that screaming , terrified woman’s shoes. Nobody wins in this situation. But, damn if people are going to by their own free will choose a life of drugs then there’s consequences that go along with it. Had FPD stood by and done nothing and he hurt or killed someone then what ?? FPD in the past yes, hasn’t always gotten it right. In this situation they did. Thank god!

  10. Damn that Corporal’s eye got bruised and swollen quick!! He looks dazed.

    Good job Fullerton PD. Videos look great. Suspect on his side the whole time just as trained. Drugs blew his heart into pieces. His choices led to his own death.

    Keep up the good work Fullerton PD.

  11. I read the police statement. My conclusion is that they killed him. He probably died on the spot the same way Kelly did. Autopsy report will be made public I hope.

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