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Independent Person Wanted, Inquire Within

According to the City of Fullerton’s website the City Attorney is looking for an “independent person” to investigate the activities of our City Manager, Joe Felz. Here’s the PSA: Now in the first place, the idea of of our mush-mouth City Attorney employing anybody not willing and able to deliver the right verdict on the […]

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The Culture of Cover Up?

You, know some people have the remarkable habit of speaking a whole bunch of words without saying anything. Fullerton City Attorney Richard Jones has been doing it for years and years as compliant councils sit there silently during his mind-numbing droning. In the clip below, from last night’s Council meeting, he explains why the public need […]

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The Weasel Words of Dick Jones Regarding Joe Felz

After tonight’s Fullerton City Council meeting all signs point to City Manager Joe Felz being out of a job, likely from early retirement after he runs out the clock on his vacation time. Allow me to explain. Joe Felz was a no-show at last night’s Council meeting and the City Attorney, Dick Jones, relayed a […]

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Taco Tuesday. No, Wait, That’s Not Right…

Here’s a tidbit from Tuesday’s upcoming Fullerton City Council Closed Session Agenda. The Closed Session is where the council secretes itself away from public scrutiny to discuss lawsuits and personnel and real estate deals. #2 deals with the replacement of of our recently departed PoChief, Danny Hughes, who was last seen applying his fingerprints all over […]

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Under New Manangement

  Friends for Fullerton’s Future is now owned and operated by a brand new collection of miscreants, malefactors and truth-tellers. Sure, some of our old Friends will still be here. Some new ones, too. In 2013, the previous proprietor of this esteemed institution decided to shut it down – after thousands and thousands of posts […]