Fullerton’s New City Motto: “Not Guilty, Your Honor!”

It was like getting hit with a broomstick all over again…

Earthly human Friends, you may or may not care care for the proposed motto in the title. If not, feel free to share your own in the comments thread.

All I know is that the line of criminal defendants is getting even longer and the list of uncharged miscreants longer still.

Of course to the Old Guard, like my former mistress, everything is just copacetic in Fullerton and the real problem is not a busted budget, lying councilwomen, cratered streets, broken water mains, occasional landslides, a hit-and-run city manager or even a conga line of bad cops.

No. The problem is a lazy, ignorant and cheap citizenry that expects honest cops, decent roads a competent $200,000 city manager and a truly balanced budget.

When I was on Earth used to complain about the conditions at Casa Flory and then BAM, out came the broomstick. Well Fullerton humans, I can already see the backswing…

9 Replies to “Fullerton’s New City Motto: “Not Guilty, Your Honor!””

  1. Cost of living and cost of housing has doubled in the last ten years, and the quality of living is half as good as it was ten years ago. Inverse correlation between what the person living in Fullerton is paying and what they are getting . Why can’t the good people of Fullerton have ethical civic leaders who fight for affordable housing, honest cops, and at least a satisfactory infrastructure . Is this asking for too much from civic leaders?

    1. “Is this asking for too much from civic leaders?”

      It is if they were elected by the “public safety unions.

      1. You are right. While city services to the good people of Fullertons shrivel, Fullerton’s police, firefighters, employees of Fullerton’s parks and recreation(former Fullerton city manager Joe Felz long-time employer) pay and pensions have ballooned. And when this balloon soon pops, Fullerton’s public employees will keep their exorbitent pensions and benefits and the rest of Fullerton will have even less as rhey will be taxed more so our public servants may sustain their comfortable lifestyle .

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