It’s Official. Fullerton has the Worst Roads in Orange County

Not bad.

Well done, Fullerton.

A recent report from the OCTA lists OC cities’ “pavement condition indexes” and Fullerton shows up at the very bottom.

And the projected future conditions look even worse.

But that doesn’t stop councilmember Jennifer Fitzgerald from shamelessly touting the “success” of her road repair efforts in her campaign material.

Here’s a video of councilmembers Fitzgerald, Flory, Chaffee and Popoff making excuses for the sad condition of our asphalt.


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      1. Fullerton rag,
        Great point! Videos of Fullerton The Beautiful. Beautiful thanks to all the incumbent politicians, particularly, Fitzgerald. Club members ,through denial , marketing themselves to be reelected using tax dollars. We saw recently how Fitzgerald and Whitaker went to great lengths to help Sebourn stay at the city council after 2018. The best video is yet to come and must show these guys as the ones to blame for Fullerton’s steady path to misery.

      2. I think that this slickly produced and taxpayer funded video about the “state of the city” is just begging to be parodied by FFFF that would be a more honest “state of the city” geared toward potential residents that would show them what they can truly expect if they moved to Fullerton.

        Start with them travelling down Orangethorpe or Euclid, or Bastanchury,etc…as their cars literally fall apart from the continued abuse.

  1. I watched the video. Fitzgerald, Chaffee and Flory are just making a bunch of lame excuses for Fullerton’s terrible roads. Chaffee even managed to blame El Nino. Flory thinks the residents won’t tolerate street repair. What the hell is wrong with these people.

    1. I had to pause the video for a few minutes to let my stomach settle after Flory uttered the word “sexy.”

  2. While city o Fullerton’s water pipes rust away and its roads separate into holes and bumps, Fullerton’s snivel servants’ salaries and pensions balloon. If memory serves me right, wasn’t there a scandal a few years ago where our civic leaders contracted with a traffic light company to shorten the time on the yellow light on traffic signals so to generate more traffic violations via traffic cameras. Why cant they use that nefariously got revenue to pave roads and replace Fullerton’s water supply infrastructure.

  3. North Tijuana! that is what they need to renamed Fullerton!
    Most of the city budget is on pensions.
    The roads are horrendous, you have to dodge the potholes Fast and Furious.
    Several months ago there was a leak under the road on Commonwealth, they sent a repair crew and a month ago it was leaking once again, I guess that’s what you get when workers do a half arse job. Do it twice, three times is better
    just to squander precious tax dollars so five workers can chit chat and watch one worker do the job!

  4. It is not my fault for the condition of the roads. I inherited this mess from my predecessors… who I helped elect through my C7 Communications firm.

  5. Fitzgerald has always taken credit for whatever stupid shit Felz cooked up. What do we have to show for it? The worst in the county. Dead last.

    But our safety staff are fat and happy with their new raises, so we got that goin’ for us.

  6. Classic Flory: No fault Government.

    In her first go-round “on council” it wasn’t her faults the roads were getting bad because it wasn’t “sexy.” Now that the roads are shit it’s somehow the citizens’ fault because there’s a low tolerance for road repair.


  7. I think raising taxes to fix the roads is a wonderful idea. The best approach would be a levy on commercial property as commercial vehicles and business traffic are largely responsible for the damaged roads.

    1. I think reducing the pay (and hence pensions) of cops and paramedics masquerading as “fire fighters” is a wonderful idea.

    2. Thank you for the stupidest comment I have ever read. Misdirection of funds and neglect is largely responsible for the damaged roads.

      What do you blame the useless old water and sewer pipes on?

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